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30 Sam Elliott Quotes From The Award-Winning American Actor

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Samuel Pack Elliott was born on 9 August 1944 in Sacramento, California.

Sam Elliott is an American actor who is best known for playing gun-slinging cowboys in movies. He has received several awards, including the National Board Of Review award.

Elliott is a versatile and classic actor who has been nominated for an Academy Award, two Primetime Emmy Awards, two Golden Globe Awards, and two Screen Actors Guild Awards. Samuel Pack Elliott's movie 'We Were Soldiers' was based on the first significant battle of the Vietnam War and the soldiers who fought on both sides.

Sam Elliott's filmography includes nearly 100 credits in both the film and television fields. Sam Elliott came in prominence for his portrayal of gruff cowboy characters in different western films and series (he also played a caretaker in 'Ghost Rider). In 1991 Sam Elliott, for his television film 'Conagher', earned a Golden Globe nomination for Best Actor. Sam Elliott received his second Golden Globe nomination for Wild Bill Hickok's supporting role in the miniseries 'Buffalo Girls'.


Sam Elliott Movie Quotes

 Steve Oedekerk and Sam Elliott at the World Premiere of "Barnyard" at Cinerama Dome

Are you ready to discover the best Sam Elliott quotes? From caretaker quotes to sldier quotes, these are some Sam Elliott movie quotes, that you will enjoy reading. This list includes Sam Elliott 'Big Lebowski' quotes and quotes as the caretaker in 'Ghost Rider'. Enjoy these quotes from the famous actor with an iconic voice!

1. "Any man that's got the guts to sell his soul for love has got the power to change the world. You didn't do it for greed, you did it for the right reason. Maybe that puts God on your side."

- Sam Elliott as the caretaker, 'Ghost Rider'.

2. "Henry Nash: Captain, hadn't you better get down?

Capt. Bucky O'Neil: There ain't a Spanish bullet made that can kill me!"

- 'Rough Riders'.

3. "Making movies is never going to get better than working on a Coen brothers project."

- Sam Elliott.

4. "I haven't given up my faith in the law, it's justice I'm having some doubts about."

- Sam Elliott, 'Avenger'.

5. "A strong man stands up for himself, a stronger man stands up for others."

- Sam Elliott, 'Barnyard'.

6. "Sgt. Ernie Savage: Beautiful morning, Sergeant!

Sgt. Maj. Basil Plumley: What, are you a weatherman now?"

- 'We Were Soldiers'.

7. "Mr. Lebowski called himself, the Dude."

- Sam Elliott, 'The Big Lebowski'.

Sam Elliott 'Roadhouse' Quotes

Continue to find the best quotes from the actor born in August right here. In this section, you will find some interesting Sam Elliott quotes from his movie 'Roadhouse'. We recommend reading the quotes in the voice of the actor himself.

8. "I'll get all the sleep I need when I'm dead."

- Sam Elliott, 'Roadhouse'.

9. "Sometimes you eat the bear, and sometimes, well, he eats you.”

- Sam Elliott, 'Roadhouse'.

10. "A woman who can threaten your life before breakfast is the only sort of woman worth having."

- Sam Elliott, 'Roadhouse'.

Famous Sam Elliott Quotes

Here are some famous Sam Elliott quotes, in his iconic voice. Can you continue reading to find your favorite quote among these actor quotes?

11. "Even after nearly 50 years in this business, I still feel like I’m lucky every time I get a decent job, but an opportunity to work with people of that ilk."

- Sam Elliott.

12. "I'm picky, very picky. I wanted to be an actor since I was nine years old, and I figured that was only one way to ever have any longevity, and that's to be careful about what kind of work you do."

- Sam Elliott.

13. "I think I might have been a more interesting actor, had more of a career earlier on, if I had more formal preparation."

- Sam Elliott.

14. "I did one film that I'm proud of. That was 40 years ago. Since then I've stayed busy."

-Sam Elliott.

15. "I read a lot of scripts. Most of 'em go to other actors."

- Sam Elliott.

16. "I love the fact that I'm having an opportunity to make people laugh and you actually get to hear it."

- Sam Elliott.

17. "I was single-minded on what I wanted to do since I was like nine or ten."

- Sam Elliott.

The Best Sam Elliott Quotes

Are you enjoying these Sam Elliott quotes? Find the best Sam Elliott quotes for each day here.

18. "I've spent my entire career on horseback or on a motorcycle. It boxes you in, the way people perceive you."

- Sam Elliott.

19. "Before you try to hurt my feelings... Please keep in mind I don't have any."

- Sam Elliott.

20. "When you are dead, you don't know that you are dead. All of the pain is felt by others. The same thing happens when you are stupid."

- Sam Elliott.

21. "You know, when I was your age... you broke a tool, you had to craft a new one with your own bare hands."

- Sam Elliott.

22. "I'll do anything. I'll shave my head for the right job. I'm partial to my facial hair, I guess, but I also enjoy doing something where I look totally different."

- Sam Elliott.

The Most Famous Sam Elliott Quotes

Find some of the most famous Sam Elliott quotes for a good day here. Which of these Sam Elliott quotes is your favorite on this day?

23. "I think anytime you can affect people in general, in a positive way, then you're a lucky individual."

- Sam Elliott.

24. "You ever look at the taxes on your check and try to figure out when the government worked those 40 hours with you."

- Sam Elliott.

25. "The opportunity, number one, to work with Ang Lee is an amazing thing for me."

- Sam Elliott.

26. "I'm not a hunter, but I've been around guns all my life. I'm a great shot."

- Sam Elliott.

27. "The guy is a lawyer by trade who operates outside the law. It’s an easy thing to identify with for me."

- Sam Elliott.

28. "I understand lost love, and I think that can destroy a man more than anything if it was a deep love that is lost somehow."

- Sam Elliott.

29. "My security comes from the fact that I’ve never done a job for money."

- Sam Elliott.

30. "It's kind of weird being remembered for one part for so many years."

- Sam Elliott.

At Kidadl, we have created lots of family-friendly quotes for everyone to enjoy every day! If you liked these Sam Elliott quotes from the American actor, why not take a look at these 'A Star Is Born' quotes for a different day, or these Tom Hanks quotes to continue reading great quotes from another iconic American actor?


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