50+ Terry Bogard Quotes That All 'Fatal Fury' Fans Will Love

'Fatal Fury' is an iconic game that has millions of followers across the globe.

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If there is a game that instantly brings joy to the face of gamers, it definitely is 'Fatal Fury'.

SNK developed this iconic fighting game series in Japan. The first version of the game was released in 1991.

After its release, the game started gaining popularity and became famous among gamers all across the globe. This game can be played in aside range of gaming consoles and platforms like Windows, PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, and others. A total of 11 games were released under the 'Fatal Fury' series, which is still played today. The latest release from the series came in 1999. The game features a fight between two players who choose characters and then battle it out amongst themselves. Terry Bogard is one of the main heroes and the protagonist of this game. This main aim is to take revenge against Geese Howard, who killed Terry's father. During a fight, it is often seen that Terry asked his opponents, 'Are you okay?' It is believed that it is a common way of Terry taunting his opponent. If Terry is able to hit a move correctly, he shouts 'Buster Wolf'. The champion uses a mixed fighting style, including street fighting, boxing, kickboxing, kung fu, and karate. So what are you waiting for? Take a dive into your nostalgia as you read through this article. Win or earn your respect in your team with these special quotes of power. They can really kick back any comments from snarky opponents too.

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Best Terry Bogard Pre Match Quotes

Our power collection of these quotes by Terry Bogard will be loved by you and your team.

You will find Terry Bogard quotes, quotes from 'The King Of Fighters', Athena quotes, Andy quotes, and Rock quotes in this category. You can share one or two of these quotes with your special person. These quotes can also help you take a stand as a big-brain gamer, even in the big leagues!

1." Terry: Hey, Ryo! How's my favourite Invincible Dragon?

Ryo: Doin' fine! Looks like you've sharpened your fangs a bit, Legendary Wolf! But I've been training for this day, too! You won't get by me easily!"

-'The King Of Fighters XIII'.

2. "Geese: Terry Bogard? ...Someone with some backbone, finally.

Terry: Geese! I'm gonna beat you and chase you out of South Town!"

'The King Of Fighters XIV.'

3. "In the final bout, I'll show off everything I've got! OK!"

-Terry Bogard, 'Capcom vs SNK 2'.

4. "Things are getting messy here. Take Mai with you and haul your hinder back to Japan to safety."

-'Fatal Fury 3'.

5. "Terry: I've heard of a totally strong demon warrior... You must be him, eh?

Akuma: If we do clash, I do foresee your death... Do you not fear me?"

-'SVC Chaos: SNK vs Capcom'.

6. "Terry: Hey, are you okay man? You look like you've seen a ghost!

Duo Lon: Oh, don't worry about me. Your own safety should be a much more pressing concern.

Terry: Now we're talking! OK, let's fight! No holds barred!"

-'The King Of Fighters XIII'.

7. "It's been a long time since I fought. I have too much power, get ready to be hurt!"

-'Fatal Fury 2'.

8. "Terry: I know how to please the crowd pretty good, but you've got me totally beat in that category!

Athena: D-Don't be silly! Your performance always get the fans fired up!"

-'The King Of Fighters XIII'.

9. "Terry: Cheng. See Hon Fu gets to a hospital! I'm going after that Yamazaki clown!

Yamazaki: Terry Bogard. It's about time we meet. This clown is going to show you his bag of tricks!"

-'Fatal Fury 3'.

10. "Athena: It's such an honor to fight the world-famous Terry Bogard!

Terry: Oh, stop. I'm nothing special. I'm just happy if I can get in a good fight."

-'The King Of Fighters XIII'.

11. "Terry: Damn it, I've been looking for you! I'll now take revenge for my father's death!

Geese: Stupid boy! How about a man to man fight to the death! I cannot lose."

-'Fatal Fury'.

12. "Chin: Tung must look upon with Pride all the way from Heaven. Hohoho!

Terry: Yeah! No, wait a minute! Master Tung isn't dead!

Chin: Oh? He isn't? I heard he died peacefully after he overexerted himself."

-'The King Of Fighters XIII'.

13. "It's been quite a while since my last fight. I'm ready to maul!"

-'Fatal Fury Special'.

14. "You sure have a terrifying presence, but don't you find your scowl leads to early ageing?"

-'Fatal Fury 3'.

15. "Andy: You and Joe are so harsh! Are you trying to agitate me or something?

Terry: Breaking your opponent's pace by taunting him is all part of the game, bro! I thought you were raised in the streets!"

-'The King Of Fighters XIII'.

16. "Terry: Glad to see you, Geese. Now I'll knock ya silly.

Geese: Oh boy, Terry Bogard. This'll be fun!"

-'Real Bout Fatal Fury'.

17. "Terry: Come on, I'm all fired up already! Let's fight! Come on, come on!

Ryo: You will make worthy opponents for Kyokugen! Time to fight!"

-'The King Of Fighters XIII'

The Coolest Quotes By Terry Bogard

The game 'Fatal Fury' is available in different versions and variants.

Enlisted below are some of the coolest quotes from 'KOF' that will always make you want to play the game. You will also find Athena quotes, Andy quotes, a win quote, quotes by Kim Kaphwan and Wolf quotes. If you thought you can't take a stand and make the right move in this power game, then these quotes will make you a force feared among the KOF gaming community. Get cool and free with your team as you say these quotes. You can even share one or two of these with your non-gamer friends too and power em' up with these quotes!

18. "HEY! Today's humiliation's tomorrow's fuel for victory!"

-'Garou : Mark Of The Wolves'.

19. "Till we meet once again, be cool, fool!"

-'Real Bout Fatal Fury'.

20. "Ash: Look, you can't beat me... Just save us both the time and energy and call it a day. What? What's so funny?

Terry: It's just funny hearing a runt like you acting all cocky. I was just thinking about what happened to kids like that in South Town. Maybe I'm just getting old."

-'The King Of Fighters XIII'.

21. "Say what? It's no fluke. This is why I'm here every year."

-Terry Bogard, 'The King Of Fighters' 98'.

22. "Don't take it too hard - you awakened the wolf in me."

-Terry Bogard, 'The King Of Fighters' 98'.

23. "Terry: Yo, Karate Girl! Have you been training properly?

Yuri: You know it! I've got all your moves totally figured out!"

-'The King Of Fighters XIII'.

24. "That's the look. A look like that, and I know you'll be tough one day."

-Terry Bogard, 'The King Of Fighters XI'.

25. "Kain: Terry, the legendary wolf... You're as good as I thought.

Terry: Now you know, one can't live by strength alone.

Kain: Yeah, one needs compassion. But it breeds conniving, bias. A lone wolf like you should know of what I speak. These days, no one has it... The vision to really live!"

-Terry Bogard, 'Garou : Mark Of The Wolves'.

26. "Tell your boss: After KOF, I'm coming after him!"

-Terry Bogard, 'The King Of Fighters 2003'.

27. "Boy, you sure love to fight, huh, Joe?! Okay, let's end this and move on!"

-Terry Bogard, 'Fatal Fury 3'.

28. "Benimaru: My kick is more powerful than a stun gun! Are you ready to get zapped!?

Terry: Come on, man. Those weak taunts won't faze me. We're not in kindergarten anymore."

-'The King Of Fighters XIII'.

29. "Another one bites the dust. Who's next?"

-Terry Bogard, 'Real Bout Fatal Fury 2'.

30. "Rock: I've really been waiting for this: the semifinals!

Terry: Hey! You made it all the way here? Good job, Rock! If you win, maybe you'll know your mother's secret."

- 'Garou : Mark Of The Wolves'.

31. "Terry: Hey! Katera man!

Ryu: Karate! It's Karate! Furthermore, I'm not some two-bit Karate guy.

Terry: Oh, sorry about that. I guess I'll have to learn more about Katera."

-'SVC Chaos: SNK vs Capcom'.

32. "Terry: Geese! You're alive!

Geese: Hmph! I'm immortal! Now it's time I even up our accounts.

Terry: Oh. We'll even things up all right. For good."

-'SVC Chaos: SNK vs Capcom'.

33. "Just a second! That's all it takes! Time enough for the wolf to swallow you!"

-Terry Bogard, 'The King Of Fighters XI'.

34. "Iori: Get lost... Unless you're looking to become a dog without any teeth...

Terry: Hey, I'm now the one who's following people around here... You're acting a lot more like a stray dog than I am, Yagami!"

-'The King Of Fighters XIII'.

35. "Even though it took only a few seconds, good fight!"

-Terry Bogard, 'The King Of Fighters' 95'.

36. "Alice: Terry! I practiced a lot before I came, so let's have a proper fight.

Terry: Oh, hey. It wasn't enough just watching, so you finally decided to have a go at fighting yourself?"

-'The King Of Fighters XIV'.

37. "Alba: Well, let's see this strength that' legendary.

Terry: It's no legend! It's very real and still in the making!"

-'King Of Fighters : Maximum Impact 2'.

38. "Terry: Man, you're thin! One punch and Snap!

Dhalsim: Do not worry, friend. My body tempered by yoga's mysteries will not break.

Terry: OK! Then no guilt here. Let's go, bean pole."

-'SVC Chaos: SNK vs Capcom'.

Post Match Quotes In 'Fatal Fury' By Terry Bogard

A lot of quotes are said by the characters after a fight, and here are some of the finest. You will find quotes after Terry's battle vs. Andy, vs. Geese, vs. Mai, vs. Kim, and Wolf quotes.

39. "Guess you weren't hungry enough! Too much time spent educating your boys, maybe?"

-Terry Bogard, 'King Of Fighters XII'.

40. "Grant: What kind of freak are you? Don't you ever let up?

Terry: I'd love to but my enemies just won't leave me alone.

Grant: I hear ya! Goodbye, legendary one."

-' Garou : Mark Of The Wolves'.

41. "The qualifications for this tournament should have been a lot more difficult!"

-Terry Bogard, 'Capcom vs SNK 2'.

42. "You'll never defeat me with guts only."

-Terry Bogard, 'Fatal Fury 2'.

43. "Did you think you could beat me! Go home!"

-Terry Bogard, 'Fatal Fury'.

44. "Hey! You told Mai about the scrolls in the first place! Stop always getting on my case."

-Terry Bogard, 'Fatal Fury 3'.

45. "Terry: I don't know what this scroll stuff is all about, so just get your sorry carcass out of here!

Yamazaki: Why not drop by Delta Park if you need to know more about the scrolls. That is, if you dare!"

-'Fatal Fury 3'.

46. "Trying to master the Orochi power! Geese, that fool! When next we meet, Geese... You'll pay for my father's death!"

-Terry Bogard, 'The King of Fighters EX: Neo Blood'.

Terry Bogard Win Quotes

As an iconic fighter, Terry is an absolute winner, and thus here are few quotes said by him after winning a bout. You will find quotes after Terry's battle vs. Andy, vs. Geese, vs. Mai, and Kim. All Terry Bogard quotes pack a kick.

47. "I'm axin' you if you could do me the favor of stopping your bleeding over my new shoes."

-Terry Bogard, 'Fatal Fury 3'.

48. "Don't waste my time with your weak skills, scrub!"

-Terry Bogard, 'Capcom vs. SNK'.

49. "If you don't put your heart into it, I can't get warmed up!"

-Terry Bogard, 'The King Of Fighters XIV'.

50. "Your Kyokugen training does not reveal its rewards."

-Terry Bogard, 'The King of Fighters 2001'.

51. "Now you know my power. Next time, prepare yourself!"

-Terry Bogard, 'The King of Fighters 2001'.

52. "The qualifications should've been a lot more difficult!"

-Terry Bogard, 'Capcom vs. SNK'.

53. "I'm down for a rematch anytime! Hell, I wouldn't mind going at it again right now. How about it?"

-Terry Bogard, 'The King Of Fighters XIII'.

54. "Nine wild wolves? Shinsen-gumi? So you're a wolf like me, eh?"

-Terry Bogard, 'Neo Geo Battle Coliseum'.

55. "Let's fight! Disappointment sprung me to true might!"

-Terry Bogard, 'Garou: Mark Of The Wolves'.

56. "Your confidence is backed up by your strength! But you won't beat anyone here while you're drunk on your own power!"

-Terry Bogard, 'The King Of Fighters XIV'.

57. "I'll beat Geese easily with my skill and technique!"

-Terry Bogard, 'Fatal Fury'.

58. "Don't come round here no more, no more. Doo wah."

-Terry Bogard, 'Fatal Fury Special'.

59. "Dream time's over! Smell the coffee!"

-Terry Bogard, 'King Of Fighters R-2'.

60. "If you're angry, then claw your way back! That's how I got this far!"

-Terry Bogard, 'The King Of Fighters XIV'.

61. "You can't beat the 'Legendary Wolf!' "

-Terry Bogard, 'King of Fighters R-2'.

62. "Clear my way to Victory Road! Have you already forgotten just who won here?"

-Terry Bogard, 'Neo Geo Battle Coliseum'.

63. "Impersonators are old now, pal. Get a life!"

-Terry Bogard, 'Garou: Mark of the Wolves'.

64. "Enough psycho-babble, bud. You've hit the wall!"

-Terry Bogard, 'The King Of Fighters 2002'.

65. "That was a good bout, but it looks like I was a little better!"

-Terry Bogard, 'The King Of Fighters XIV'.

66. "You must respect the power of my fatal fury!!"

-Terry Bogard, 'Capcom vs. SNK'.

67. "It must to be rough working all the time, Mary. I don't think there'd be anything wrong with it if you just enjoyed a tournament for once!"

-Terry Bogard, 'The King Of Fighters XIV'.

Other 'Fatal Fury' Character Quotes

The game 'Fatal Fury' comprises of many powerful characters, and here you can take a look at some of the famous quotes said by other characters of this game.

68. "I will never forgive you!! You disrupt my plan of attack. I'll beat you like your father 10 years ago!"

-Geese Howard, 'Fatal Fury'.

69. "That's the best you got? No wonder I blew you away."

-Joe Higashi, 'The King Of Fighters 2002'.

70. "Blue Mary: Could you show me what is the power of the 'King'?

Alba: Lately, meetings like this are becoming bothersome."

-'The King of Fighters Maximum Impact Regulation A'.

71. "Mai : Okay, pal. Hand over the scrolls. I know you have them in your slimy clutches.

Yamazaki: Sorry, hon. If you want them, you'll have to hop on over to Delta Park. Good luck, toots."

-Mai Shiranui, 'Fatal Fury 3'.

72. "I saw right through you like... well, something transparent."

-Joe Higashi, 'The King Of Fighters' 96'.

73. "Try to overpower me with your size? It's not what you have but how you use it!"

-Blue Mary, 'King Of Fighters XI'.

74. "Yamazaki: It's just like you, Geese. Never one to be truly out of the picture.

Geese: Shut up and get back here, pansy! That weasel. I'm gonna decorate my study with his hide!"

-'Fatal Fury 3'.

75. "Hey, Andy, tell me about the scrolls. If you try not to, it's Knuckle Fest '95 time."

-Mai Shiranui, 'Fatal Fury 3'.

76. "Sorry about your nose; I can recommend a good doctor!"

-Joe Higashi, 'The King Of Fighters' 95'.

77. "Come, my dear, you must know the legendary Geese Howard, the disciple of your Ancestors!"

-Geese Howard, 'Fatal Fury 3'.

78. "You've gotten a new partner? Aren't you the lucky one! I'll show you..."

-Blue Mary, 'King Of Fighters 2003'.

79. "Mai: Well, Geese, I'll serve you up really nice.

Geese: You'll regret coming this far. But I'm kinda happy, Ms. Mai!"

-'Real Bout Fatal Fury'.

80. "Joe: It's all over. Now be a nice guy and hand over the scrolls! Or do I get tough?

Yamazaki: All right! If you want the scrolls, hustle over to Delta Island. If you dare!"

-'Fatal Fury 3'.

81. "Ash: Ummm... Have we met? Sorry, I can't remember for the life of me. You must've been too weak for me to bother remembering! I guess there's not much you can do about that, huh?

Billy: Wipe that smarmy look off your face, girly boy! Talk like that gets people killed where I come from!"

-'King Of Fighters XIII'.

82. "I won, so guess WHO is going to be WHO's partner?"

-Blue Mary, 'King Of Fighters 2002'.

83. "He is strong, but he can't win against the next guy even he uses his Thai style boxing."

-Geese Howard, 'Fatal Fury 3'.

84. "Fight to the death! That's the way of the Ninja. Prepare for death."

-Mai Shiranui, 'Fatal Fury 2'.

85. "Geese: Holy cow! You disturbed my plan again!

Joe: He's a big man! You used to be the best fighter in the world, but now I'll be number one!

Geese: Stupid boy! How about a man to man fight to the death! I cannot lose."

-'Fatal Fury'.

86. "Everyone knows their limits. You just got more than others."

-Blue Mary, 'King Of Fighters 2001'.

87. "Oh, man! My grandmother with arthritis is more of a match than you!"

-Billy Kane, 'Fatal Fury Special'.

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