25+ The Burbs Quotes That All Old-School Movie Buffs Will Love

Tom Hanks, Bruce Dern, Carrie Fisher, Wendy Schaal make a spooky comedy.

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'The Burbs', directed by Joe Dante, is a comedy movie was made and released in 1989.

Joe Dante worked with Tom Hanks, Bruce Dern, Carrie Fisher, Wendy Schaal, Rick Ducommun, Ricky Butler, Corey Feldman, Henry Gibson, Gale Gordon. They all made this a masterpiece of the late '80s.

The film revolves around suburban environments and a few of their bizarre inhabitants. It was on DVD and later on MCA Universal Home Video in 1999. 'The Burb' movie quotes by Joe Dante in the presence of beautiful actors like Ricky Butler, Rick Ducommun, Wendy Schaal, Corey Feldman, Henry Gibson, Gale Gordon, and others are all the more hilarious. The story follows Carol Peterson, and Ray Peterson, the members of a family who first doubt their next-door neighbor of being involved in a cult and include Mark Rumsfield and Art Weingartner to reveal Dr. Werner Klopek and his dirty doings. Check the list below for funny quotes from 'The Burbs'.

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The Burbs Funny Quotes To Laugh Uncontrollably

A few basement movies can make things fun too.

Joe Dante has made this film into a mad-house full of funny moments. These quotes from the movie 'The Burbs' will definitely prove the same and make you laugh.

1. "Safety is my middle name."

- Art Weingartner.

2. "Ray Peterson: Infra-red night vision scopes? What are we going to do next, tap their phone line?"

Mark Rumsfield: That can be arranged."

3. "Carol Peterson: Where are you going?

Ray Peterson: I can't walk anywhere without you asking me where I'm going... I'm going to Paris, France, okay? I'm going to Banff, Canada, alright? That's where I'm going.

Carol Peterson: Are you taking the dog?

Ray Peterson: Yeah, yeah, I'm taking the dog for a walk."

4. "What have you got in the cellar, HERR Klopek."

- Mark Rumsfield.

5. "Apparently their last house, it only... burned to the ground."

- Art Weingartner.

6. "I'm only trying to take a nap. I'm only laying here with my eyes closed trying to keep some goddamn sleep."

- Ray Peterson.

7. "Mark Rumsfield: Come to think of it, I don't recall ever seeing a moving van...

Uncle Reuben Klopek: That's strange since it was parked outside all day!"

8. "Oh no! You guys can't leave. This is the best part. I called the pizza dude!"

- Ricky Butler.

9. "All I did was write, "I know what you've done". That's all. I didn't sign it."

- Art Weingartner.

10. "He's got the best lawn on the block. And you know why? Because he trains his dog..."

- Mark Rumsfield.

11. "I've been blown up, take me to the hospital...Take me to a hospital, I'm sick."

- Ray Peterson.

12. "Now they know that we know that they know that we know."

- Art Weingartner.

13. "In Southeast Asia, we'd call this kind of thing bad karma."

- Mark Rumsfield.

Most Absurd Yet Entertaining The Burbs Movie Quotes

Never seen anything weird that can make you laugh and question at the same time? 'The Burbs' movie and its quotes will bring these two concepts under one roof. It's pure art for comedy! You'll be laughing the house down, maybe even with your neighbour, too.

14. "Ray, there's no doubt anymore...This is real. Your neighbors are murdering people...They're burying them in their backyard. Ray... this is Walter."

- Art Weingartner.

15. "Ray Peterson: You had a dream a plane was gonna crash, so you took the bus to Las Vegas.

Art Weingartner: If I had been on the plane it would have crashed."

- 'The Burbs'.

16. "Nobody knocks off an old man in my neighborhood and gets away with it."

- Ray Peterson.

17. "Garbageman 1: The question here is garbage. Who picks up this mess?

Mark Rumsfield: Who picks up this mess? Well, you're going to pick up the mess, because you are a garbage man.

Garbageman 1: I pick up garbage from cans, not from the street!"

- 'The Burbs'.

18. "Yeah, the old guy who's sitting here is buried in that house, Sherlock."

- Art Weingartner.

19. "I've never seen that. I've never seen anyone drive their garbage to the curb, then bang that hell out of it with a stick. I've never seen that."

- Ray Peterson.

20. "About a 9 on the tension scale there, Rube."

- Mark Rumsfield.

21. "So they keep to themselves, can you blame them? They live next door to people who break in their house, and burn it down while they're gone for the day."

- Ray Peterson.

22. "I know you're in there, old man!... Your dog just took his last dump on my lawn! I find one more - just one - I'm going to catch him!"

- Mark Rumsfield.

23. "You were up at the crack of dawn watching a dog poop."

- Carol Peterson.

24. "Art Weingartner: Wait, hold it, garbies! Garbies, garbage men!... Wait, wait, hold it. What are you doing?

Garbageman 1: Emptying garbage.

Art Weingartner: Into the garbage truck? What are you, out of your mind?"

- 'The Burbs'.

'The Burbs' Sayings That Can Make The Best Photos Quotes

Quotes from 'Burbs' can make some fun T-shirt taglines.

Events, celebs, community, all people all these make the quote-printed T-shirt a trend. Check these 'The Burbs' sayings to print on your t-shirts and prove you are an old-school movie buff right away!

25. "I'm not going to listen to this, I'm not going to hear this now."

- Ray Peterson.

26. "That was very cool dude."

- Ricky Butler.

27. "Mind your own business! mind your own business."

- Reuben.

28. "I'm going to go do something productive. I'm gonna go watch television."

- Ray Peterson.

29. "A soldier's way saves the day."

- Mark Rumsfield.

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