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99 Thought-Provoking Tears Quotes

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Sometimes, life is pretty hard, and as humans, we all make mistakes.

It is common for humans to feel sad about things. Some people even cry about it, and it's okay to cry; sometimes, tears are not necessarily from a broken heart, but from a pure heart with unspeakable love.

Crying never makes you weak. You are a sensitive soul and those delicate raindrops dripping are a basic way to help you let go of heavy clouds, your own ingratitude, and deep contrition and pave the way to future happiness. Tears of unspeakable love and deep contrition can be long trials of grief. Like a summer rain on the blinding dust of the Earth, happiness can your sadness, if you just let go.

Here are some quotes on basic ways to deal with sadness, which will motivate you to be strong and even if your life is falling apart.

Thought Provoking Tears Quotes

Spiritual tears are a language God understands. These thought-provoking tears quotes will help you learn the depth of love.

"Heaven knows we need never be ashamed of our tears, for they are rain upon the blinding dust of earth, overlying our hard hearts. I was better after I had cried, than before - more sorry, more aware of my own ingratitude, more gentle."

- Charles Dickens.

“When someone is crying, of course, the noble thing to do is to comfort them. But if someone is trying to hide their tears, it may also be noble to pretend you do not notice them.”

― 'Horseradish,' Lemony Snicket.

“But a mermaid has no tears, and therefore she suffers so much more.”

― 'The Little Mermaid,' Hans Christian Andersen.

“Tears are words the mouth can't say nor can the heart bear.”

― Joshua Wisenbaker.

“Tears shed for another person are not a sign of weakness. They are a sign of a pure heart.”

― 'MI VIDA: A Story of Faith, Hope And Love', José N. Harris.

“Cry. Forgive. Learn. Move on. Let your tears water the seeds of your future happiness.”

― Steve Maraboli.

“Don't cry over someone who wouldn't cry over you.”

― Lauren Conrad.

“The sea is nothing but a library of all the tears in history.”

― Lemony Snicket.

“We need never be ashamed of our tears.”

― 'Great Expectations', Charles Dickens.

“When a stargirl cries, she sheds not tears but light.”

― 'Stargirl', Jerry Spinelli.

“Beauty of whatever kind, in its supreme development, invariably excites the sensitive soul to tears.”

― Edgar Allan Poe.

“Smiles and tears are so alike with me, they are neither of them confined to any particular feelings: I often cry when I am happy, and smile when I am sad.”

― 'The Tenant Of Wildfell Hall', Anne Brontë.

“Listen to God with a broken heart. He is not only the doctor who mends it, but also the father who wipes away the tears.”

― Criss Jami.

“The tears of the world are a constant quantity. For each one who begins to weep somewhere else another stops. The same is true of the laugh.”

― 'Waiting For Godot', Samuel Beckett.

“If I can see pain in your eyes then share with me your tears. If I can see joy in your eyes then share with me your smile.”

― Santosh Kalwar.

“A broken heart bleeds tears.”

― 'Life, The Truth, And Being Free', Steve Maraboli.

“My eyes were glued on life

and they were full of tears.”

― 'Atop an Underwood: Early Stories And Other Writings', Jack Kerouac.

“He wept, and it felt as if the tears were cleansing him as if his body needed to empty itself.”

― 'Messenger', Lois Lowry.

“My body needs laughter as much as it needs tears. Both are cleansers of stress.”

― Mahogany SilverRain.

“Man cries, his tears dry up and run out. So he becomes a devil, reduced to a monster.”

― Kouta Hirano.

Best Tears Quotes

These tears quotes are a moving and thought-provoking collection about tears and happiness.

"Count your age by friends, not years. Count your life by smiles, not tears."

— John Lennon.

"When I look at my life and its secret colours, I feel like bursting into tears."

— Albert Camus.

"There you go...let it all slide out. Unhappiness can't stick in a person's soul when it's slick with tears."

— Shannon Hale.

"Sadness isn't sadness. It's happiness in a black jacket. Tears are not tears. They're balls of laughter dipped in salt. Death is not death. It's life that's jumped off a tall cliff."

— 'Blackbird Singing: Poems and Lyrics, 1965-1999,' Paul McCartney.

"I have laughed

more than daffodils

and cried more than June."

— Sanober Khan.

"too much happiness always overflowed into tears of sorrow."

— 'The Hundred Secret Senses', Amy Tan.

Famous Tears Quotes

(Reading these tears quotes is the perfect way to remind yourself that long trials of sadness will soon end.)

Quotes about sadness can be a great way to express how you feel. These words of wisdom will help encourage and empower you as you work through your tough times.

"The bitterest tears shed over graves are for words left unsaid and deeds left undone."

— 'Little Foxes; Or, The Insignificant Little Habits Which Mar Domestic Happiness', Harriet Beecher Stowe.

“It is such a secret place, the land of tears.”

-Antoine de Saint-Exupery.

“I have nothing to offer but blood, toil, tears and sweat.”

-Winston Churchill.

“My eyes were often full of tears (I could not tell why) and at times a flood from my heart seemed to pour itself out.”

-James Joyce.

“Tears are a safety valve of the heart when too much pressure is laid upon it”.

-Dale E. Turner.

“Breathing is hard. When you cry so much, it makes you realize that breathing is hard.”

― David Levithan.

“There must be something strangely sacred in salt. It is in our tears and in the sea.”

― Khalil Gibran.

“She didn't mind a little rain. At least no one would see her cry.”

― 'Monster High', Lisi Harrison.

“If tears of sorrow are the echoes of things lost, what then are tears of joy?”

― 'Tempus', Tyra Lynn.

“But the absence of tears wasn't the same as an absence of feeling.”

― 'Mine Till Midnight', Lisa Kleypas.

“You may think this strange, but Mrs. Beamish was glad to hear Mr. Dovetail cry, because tears can heal a mind, as well as laughter.”

― 'The Ickabog', J.K. Rowling.

“Here is to the nights we felt alive, here is to the tears you knew youd cry, here is to good bye, tomorrow is going to come to soon.”

― Eve 6.

“You can embark on new and steeper versions of your old sin, you know, and cry tears doing it that are genuine as any.”

― 'Peace Like a River', Leif Enger.

“If you choose to be sad then you will be sad but there times you don't know why you're sad. Tears start flowing from your eyes.”

― Ann Marie Aguilar.

“He wipes tears off my face and then snot. He uses his hands. He loves me that much.”

― 'Hold Still', Nina LaCour.

“You would think there's a natural limit to tears: only so much the body can give at one sitting before it runs dry.”

― 'The Trick Is To Keep Breathing', Janice Galloway.

“The moment you realize your eyes hurt not because of rubbing them, but because of the tears you wasted, on him.”

― A. Kamalei.

“Eyes so young, so full of pain ... Two lonely drops of winter rain ... And no tear could these eyes sustain ... For too much had they seen.”

― Shaun Hick.

“Ceaseless as the interminable voices of the bell-cricket, all night till dawn my tears flow.”

― 'The Tale Of Genji', Murasaki Shikibu.

“When you feel sadness inside, wipe it away by cries and tears!”

― 'My Ancestor Was An Ancient Astronaut', Toba Beta.

“Lips that have tasted the salt of tears always give the sweetest kiss.”

― 'The Cherry House', C.J. Carlyon.

“I stood there in the shadowed doorway thinking with my tears. Yes, tears can be thoughts, why not?”

― Louise Erdrich.

“The queen smiled as she lay her head upon the pillow. When I kissed her cheek, I could taste the salt of her tears.”

― George R.R. Martin.

“Aura," he whispered, "I wish I could wipe away just one of your tears. Then I'd feel like a person again. Like I'm something more than a bunch of light.”

― Jeri Smith-Ready.

“How do you want us to tune the lens and our eyes are filled with tears”

― Ahlam Mosteghanemi.

“Our tears are precious, necessary, and part of what make us such endearing creatures.”

― David Richo.

“Tears never were worth the effort of crying them.”

― Mary Balogh.

“every loss, every mistake, was seared into her soul, creating a different kind of tattoo, one made from rage and abandonment, heart break and tears.”

― Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl.

“Truth about tears is that , most tears are the result of a delusion.”

― Pop Samuel.

“Jennifer Merrick had stored all her tears inside her, and her pride and courage would never permit her to break down and shed them.”

― Judith McNaught.

“Tears are a form of communication - like speech - and require a listener.”

― Erica Jong.

“Do not feel sad for your tears as rocks never regret the waterfalls.”

― Munia Khan.

Inspirational Tears Quotes

Reading these quotes will help encourage and empower you on your journey through life. Check out these amazing quotes that are sure to get your day started off on the right foot.

"I am grateful for family and friends who patiently watch me try to hold in the tears, give me a hug, or tell me they are thinking of me and the rest of the family."

– Karin Schwan.

"I am fated to journey hand in hand with my strange heroes and to survey the surging immensity of life, to survey it through the laughter that all can see and through the tears unseen and unknown by anyone."

-Nikolai Gogol.

"Tears of joy are like the summer rain drops pierced by sunbeams. "

-Hosea Ballou.

"The tears of the night equal the smiles of the day."

-Henry Davidoff.

"Tears are the symbol of the inability of the soul to restrain its emotion and retain its self-command."

— Henri Frederic Amiel.

"Heavy hearts, like heavy clouds in the sky, are best relieved by the letting off a little water."

— Antoine Rivarol.

"Beauty of whatever kind, in its supreme development, invariably excites the sensitive soul to tears. "

— Edgar Allan Poe.

"Tears are powerful orators for mercy. The tears of a sinner are a reviving spirit to the soul. "

— Henry More.

"If it were possible to heal sorrow by weeping and to raise the dead with tears, gold were less prized than grief."

— Sophocles, 496-406 BC.

"The tears of the world are a constant quantity. For each one who begins to weep somewhere else another stops. The same is true of the laugh. "

-Samuel Beckett.

“For your every tear, know that I'll always be here. To bare one pain, we both will share, know I'll never disappear.”

― Anthony Liccione.

“The place in her, though, where her tears should have come from, was rough and dry. No, she didn't find any tears in herself to cry for the storyteller.

The storyteller didn't exist anymore.”

― 'The Storyteller,' Antonia Michaelis.

“There was no point in tears outliving eyes, so she let them fall.”

― 'A Year Of Marvellous Ways', Sarah Winman.

“People are not always very tolerant of the tears which they themselves have provoked.”

― 'The Captive / The Fugitive', Marcel Proust.

“Shall we mourn here deedless forever a shadow-folk mist-haunting dropping vain tears in the thankless sea”

― 'The Silmarillion', J.R.R. Tolkien.

“Like a girl, a baby running after her mother, begging to be picked up, and she tugs on her skirts, holding her back as she tries to hurry off—all tears, fawning up at her, till she takes her in her arms… That’s how you look, Patroclus, streaming live tears.”

― 'The Iliad', Homer.

“The truth is that there are such things as Christian tears, and too few of us ever weep them.”

― John Stott.

“Crying defies scientific explanation. Tears are only meant to lubricate the eyes. There is no real reason for tear glands to overproduce tears at the behest of emotion.”

― 'Insurgent', Veronica Roth.

“I would rather wear honest tears than the most beautiful and elaborately faked smile.”

― Tyler Knott Gregson.

“Something came out from my heart into my throat and then into my eyes.”

― 'Voyage In The Dark', Jean Rhys.

“Unshed tears leave a deposit on your heart. Eventually, they form a crust around it and paralyze it, the way mineral deposits paralyze a washing machine.”

― 'Follow Your Heart', Susanna Tamaro.

“What is it about tears that should be so terrifying? the touch of God is marked by tears...deep, soul-shaking tears, weeping...it comes when that last barrier is down and you surrender yourself to health and wholeness”

― 'The Cross And The Switchblade', David Wilkerson.

“Sometimes we have to soak ourselves in the tears and fears of the past to water our future gardens.”

― Suzy Kassem.

“Tears have always been easier to shed than explain.”

― Marty Rubin.

“That's what tears are for, you know, to wash away the fear and cool the hate.”

― Laurie R. King.

“Crying in the rain. No one sees your tears and your pain gets washed away.”

― Elizabeth Bourgeret.

“Her only weapons were her tears.”

― 'Taiko: An Epic Novel Of War And Glory In Feudal Japan', Eiji Yoshikawa.

“When the heart is down and the soul is heavy, the eyes can only speak the language of tears”

― Ikechukwu Izuakor.

“I clench my teeth as tears come. I am fed up. I am fed up with tears and weakness. But there isn't much I can do to stop them.”

― Tris, 'Divergent,' Veronica Roth.

“These men are worth your tears. You are not worth their merriment.”

― 'The Poems Of Wilfred Owen', Wilfred Owen.

“Tears are God's way of cleansing the heart.”

― Rebecca Barlow Jordan.

“Nick shook his head and found to his surprise that he did have tears left after all. He wasn't surprised by a talking cat. The world was crumbling around him and anything could happen.”

― 'Abhorsen,' Garth Nix.

“The end of a delusion is invariably sadness or tears.”

― Pop Samuel.

“When the heart is dry the eye is dry.”

― 'Les Misérables - Anthology', Victor Hugo.

“I am so happy that I made someone cry today - don't worry I'm a writer. It's when they make me cry that it's a problem.”

― Tina Smith.

“Even our tears of repentance need to be washed in the blood of the Lamb.”

― 'The Pursuit Of Holiness,' Jerry Bridges.

“Mother Earth cried so much that she has pool of tears more than the land of happiness.”

― Santosh Kalwar.

“How many times must hope die before tears were too deep to bear?”

― Jodi Thomas.

“The memories were so vivid that the book dropped from my hand and my eyes filled with tears.” 

― 'Flood Of Fire,' Amitav Ghosh.

"My drops of tears I'll turn to sparks of fire"

- William Shakespeare.

“Thanks to the human heart by which we live,
Thanks to its tenderness, its joys, and its fears,
To me, the meanest flower that blows can give
Thoughts that do often lie too deep for tears.”

- William Wordsworth.

"There is a sacredness in tears."

- Washington Irving.

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