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66 Tina Turner Quotes

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Eight-time Grammy winner, Tina Turner is an American singer and actress.

With several hardships in her life, Tina Turner changed the course of her life into stardom. Thus, Tina Turner's quotes show how she became a self-made superstar.

Tina Turner often talks about pain and heartbreaks in her songs. She adheres to her true self in every aspect. She has showcased her true creativity and wit in her interviews, including the very recent documentary highlighted by 'Oprah Daily'. Her life is truly inspiring, and these 66 Tina Turner quotes will graze you through her life's journey!

Famous Tina Turner Quotes

(Tina Turner quotes showcases her struggles and how she overcame them.)

Tina Turner believed in herself from the very beginning of her life. Here are some famous Tina Turner quotes to show how she climbed the ladder of success.

"The real power behind whatever success I have now was something I found within myself—something that's in all of us."

- Ebony, 1986.

"I am a practicing Buddhist. I have been for 25 years."

"Jazz developed from African culture, gospel music, and blues to lift up the spirits of oppressed people, and now it brings joy to people the world over."

- 'Happiness Becomes You: A Guide To Changing Your Life For Good.'

"I’m not wise, but the beginning of wisdom is there; it’s like relaxing into – and an acceptance of – things."

"I believe that a lot of how you look has to do with how you feel about yourself and your life."

- Woman & Home Magazine, 2016.

"Oh what's love got to do, got to do with it/ What's love but a second hand emotion/ What's love got to do, got to do with it/ Who needs a heart/ When a heart can be broken."

"I never felt loved, so I decided it wasn’t important. Not to me. I think I put up a kind of a shield against it. I told myself, “If you don’t care about me, that’s okay, I’ll go on."

"My legacy is that I stayed on course…from the beginning to the end, because I believed in something inside of me."

"My greatest beauty secret is being happy with myself. I don’t use special creams or treatments – I’ll use a little bit of everything. It’s a mistake to think you are what you put on yourself."

- Woman & Home, 2016.

"This is what I want in heaven... words to become notes and conversations to be symphonies."

"You must love and care for yourself because that’s when the best comes out."

"I don’t want to be dragging myself on stage, year in year out, until someone else tells me it is time to go. There are certain birthdays that make you revalue your life."

"Movies are movies: they take you back in time, and how it still is for some."

"I'm pleased with my life, with the journey."

"I have a simple, childlike view of life, and I want to keep it. That's why I never got into that Beverly Hills world. So many pretentious people. They just aren't real."

- O, The Oprah Magazine.

Empowering Tina Turner Quotes

Being a woman celebrity has its perks. Facing several challenges in her life, Tina Turner shone through all. Here are some empowering Tina Turner quotes!

"I believe that if you'll just stand up and go, life will open up for you. Something just motivates you to keep moving."

- O, The Oprah Magazine, 2005.

"I was a victim; I don't dwell on it."

"I don’t have a problem with being black in a white country or being with my people."

"Physical strength in a woman – that's what I am."

"Jazz music itself is an example of changing poison into medicine. African Americans created jazz, a great medicine for people’s hearts, out of the poisonous experience of slavery."

- 'Happiness Becomes You: A Guide To Changing Your Life For Good.'

"I never had that thing about being black. If the whole world was like that, maybe there would be more harmony and love."

"My heartfelt wish is that you and I, and everyone around the world, will continue expanding our hearts and minds while celebrating our differences and ridding ourselves of any form of discrimination. This, I believe, is a basic requirement for peace, both within ourselves and in our societies."

"You take everything I’ve made the last 16 years. I’ll take my freedom."

"People think my life has been tough, but I think it's been a wonderful journey. The older you get, the more you realize it's not what happened, it's how you deal with it"

- Marie Claire South Africa, 2018.

"But I believe we have a higher level of mentality within us, but we have to use the power in the right way."

"Rather than emphasize differences, we should be looking for similarities. Our differences are ultimately superficial, and the best thing to do is celebrate them."

- 'Happiness Becomes You: A Guide To Changing Your Life For Good.'

"I am attracted to myths."

"I didn’t have anybody. Really, no foundation in life, so I had to make my own way. Always, from the start. I had to go out in the world and become strong, to discover my mission in life."

- 'My Love Story', 2018.

"I am strong. I lived through a divorce, separation from my family. I never let it break me down. I'm not an alcoholic. I've never smoked, I've never done drugs. I've floated through the disaster of my past clean. I arrived here undamaged."

- Daily Express.

"So when it came to role models, I looked at presidents’ wives. Of course, you’re talking about a farm girl who stood in the fields, dreaming, years ago, wishing she was that kind of person."

"By honoring each other’s ethnic, religious, and cultural backgrounds, we become stronger and happier, brightening the cosmic masterpiece of artwork that is our world."

- 'Happiness Becomes You: A Guide To Changing Your Life For Good.'

"I never said Well, I don’t have this and I don’t have that. I said, I don’t have this yet, but I’m going to get it."

"I never put a lot of praise on myself because of my relationship with Ike. I was just happy when I started to like myself—when I divorced and took control of my life."

Tina Turner Quotes About Success

Turner's journey to fame was never a cakewalk; she has her take on it. These Tina Turner Quotes will show you how she views success in her life.

"If you are unhappy with anything...whatever is bringing you down, get rid of it. Because you’ll find that when you’re free, your true creativity, your true self, comes out."

- Ebony, 1986.

"The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their own dreams."

"As long as I have people’s attention, I can’t stop. You can’t put the public on hold, because they might not be there when you get back. I have a pathological fear of stopping."

"You take your problems to a god, but what you really need is for the god to take you to the inside of you."

"They’re still in good shape, but I’m not flashing them anymore. I’m an old lady. I leave all the flesh to the kids."

"You wouldn’t believe that I still have the bikers with the caps to the side at my door, ringing the doorbell."

"First of all, I’m happy that I’m healthy."

"People often ask me when am I gonna slow down. You know what I tell 'em? I'm just gettin' started."

- Interlude at 'Proud Mary.'

"You sing with those emotions because you’ve had pain in your heart."

"I want to tell people how to live spiritually. After you’ve bought all your houses and your clothes, you want something bigger."

"There comes a point where it is just undignified to be a rock ‘n’ roll star."

"King of the jungle, / The lion he roars, / But the lioness calmly / Soothes his soul."

- 'Delilah's Power.'

Tina Turner Quotes About Life

Coming from a struggling background, Turner learned several lessons throughout her life. Believing in the spiritual world, here are some Tina Turner Quotes that explain her take on life!

"I had a terrible life. I just kept going. You just keep going, and you hope that something will come. This [life] came."

- New York Times.

"I want to breathe in the Spiritual."

"I don't want to act just to be on the screen doing anything and looking any kind of way."

"Rising from the ashes of my earlier life, I learned that our thoughts, words, and deeds are unified through spiritual practice. They are made whole within us. And when our thoughts, words, and deeds are aligned with our most positive intentions, magic happens."

"You asked me if I ever stood up for anything. Yeah, I stood up for my life."

- Vanity Fair, 1993.

"At every moment, we always have a choice, even if it feels as if we don’t. Sometimes that choice may simply be to think a more positive thought."

"I like me very much. When I look in the mirror and my skin glows back at me, I think, ‘Wow, that sure is pretty.’"

- O, 2005.

"I need that on stage. I need a burst of life. That's entertainment for me."

"In today’s world, you can be the kind of woman you want to be. Of course, I’ve aged a bit in the face, but not enough to worry about it. I’ve common sense enough to know that if I’m nearly 70 something has to give."

"Whenever I drink champagne I either laugh or cry…I get so emotional! I love champagne."

"I’m self-made. I always wanted to make myself a better person, because I was not educated. But that was my dream – to have class."

"I believe in prayer and in strong belief."

"It’s every man for himself, every woman, every child. A new breed ferocious and wild."

"Don’t worry if you think you’re the only one facing challenges. If the people around you don’t seem to have problems, that just means you don’t know them well enough to see their troubles, or they’re very good at hiding them. Problems are inescapable for all living beings."

"My mother and father didn’t love each other, so they were always fighting."

"My career always took me away from home, I was always away from home and I just wanted to be at home."

"I heard stories from my mother's mother who was an American Indian. She was spiritual, although she did not go to church, but she had the hum."

"Some of us are livin' in an earthly heaven, / Lord, some of us are livin' in hell. / Yeah, we're livin' in hell, / Right here."

- 'That's My Purpose.'

"I will never give in to old age until I become old. And I'm not old yet!"

"Getting over a painful experience is much like crossing monkey bars. You have to let go at some point in order to move forward. Sometimes you have to let go to see if there was anything worth holding on to."

"For me the goddess is the female of God, She is powerful if different."

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