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Up To 55% Off: 10 Best Amazon Prime Day Toy Deals

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This July, Amazon Prime Day is back! On July 12-13, Amazon is marking down thousands of items, which you can make huge savings on baby and toddler essentials.

Whether you're expecting your first child and are in need of baby essentials, or you're looking for a gift for one of the littlest humans in your life, we've compiled a guide to some of the best discounts available. From pacifiers and bottle warmers to play mats and changing bags, you can save up to 36% on baby gear.

Still not found what you're looking for? Browse our top picks for the best deals on baby and toddler gear this Amazon Prime Day. Sign up to Amazon Prime for regular deals and faster delivery.

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Best For Mini Tech Lovers

Amazon Glow With Tangram Bits

Amazon Glow is a hi-tech video calling and interactive entertainment system designed to help kids stay connected with loved ones who live far away. There's a 19-inch projected touchscreen, with thousands of books and activities, and tons of hands-on learning and interactive fun. Family members can join in the fun during the interactive video calls and play games and puzzles together.

You'll get 1 year of Amazon Kids+ included with your Amazon Glow, which gives you access to all the games, books and art activities you'll need.

Price: $149.99, save 55%

Suitable for ages 3+

Best For Role Play Games

Theo Klein 6941 Miele Washing Machine

Dive into imaginative play with the realistic Theo Klein replica washing machine. If your kids love playing house, they'll have tons of fun pretending they're doing laundry with this super-modern machine. There are interactive buttons, realistic sound effects, and the drum can be filled up with water and spun either by battery power or by turning the hand crank.

Price: £42.76, save 28%

Suitable for ages 3+

Best For Budding Beauticians

BUKI 5404 - Professional Studio Nail Art

This brilliant nail art kit comes with everything you'd need for a manicure, with nail polishes in a range of fun colors, nail files, a dryer, accessories, brushes and sticker sheets. If you need extra inspiration, there are design ideas in the kit for you to try and replicate. It's the perfect gift for sleepovers, special occasions, or just practicing your child's artistry and fine motor skills.

Price: £15.98, save 41%

Suitable for ages 8+

Includes 8 nail polishes, 2 nail files, battery-operated dryer, brushes and sticker sheets

Best For Family Game Night

Kids Against Maturity: Card Game For Kids And Families

Level up your next family game night with the hilarious Kids Against Maturity game. Based on another famous card game for adults, this is the perfect alternative, with kid-friendly toilet humor and innuendos that'll go over the kids' heads. It's made with children in mind, but adults are recommended to browse the cards first and remove any they don't approve of.

With 600 question and answer cards easily stored in a single handy box, this will keep you entertained for hours, whether you're on a road trip or at a summer family BBQ.

Price: £16.99, save 43%

Suitable for ages 10+

Best For Aspiring Artists

BIBOYELF LCD Writing Tablet

If you've got any aspiring artists in your family, they'll love this LCD writing tablet. They can doodle their hearts out, write words and scribble all over the screen — all without making a mess.

The large screen and 3-tip stylus allows for better precision when drawing or writing, and it's easy to erase any mistakes. If you lose the stylus somehow, you can use your finger too, so it's perfect for travel as all you really need is the portable tablet itself.

Price: £13.99, save 53%

Suitable for ages 3+

Best For Warm Summer Days

Water Gun 4 Pack 400ml Water Pistols Set

Is there anything more exciting in the summer than a water fight? Cool off in the summer heat with this 4-pack of water pistols in different colors. Whether you're in the pool, on the beach or just having a battle in the garden on a hot day, these are the perfect toy, and with four in a pack, you'll even be able to split into teams. Prepare for the water fight of your life!

Price: £11.99, save 40%

Suitable for ages 6+

Best For Karaoke Lovers

GeschenPark Microphone For Kids

Warm up those vocal cords and take to the stage with this karaoke microphone. Kids will love belting their favorite Disney anthems and TikTok trending songs, and adults can get in on the fun too. With great sound quality, an SD card slot and bluetooth connection for linking to phones and laptops, there are plenty of great features packed into this toy.

Whether you're having a family party or just want some entertainment one evening, grab this karaoke microphone for tons of fun.

Price: £14.99, save 32%

Suitable for ages 3+

Best For Future Architects

MagHub 65 Piece Set

If your kids are fans of building things, you need to try MagHub. Like other similar building blocks and toys, MagHub tiles are great for developing STEAM skills like counting, color recognition and fine motor and problem-solving skills. From the 65 pieces in the set, younger children can build simple 2D objects and designs, while older kids can use the same tiles to create complex 3D structures.

It's impossible to get bored with these tiles as the possibilities of building are almost endless, making it the perfect gift for kids.

Price: £27.99, save 30%

Suitable for ages 3+

Best For Construction Connoisseurs

Vanplay Take-Apart Construction Vehicles With Storage Box

This realistic 6-in-1 toy kit is ideal for any kids who love construction. In the box you'll find six different construction vehicles, all with durable wheels for digging through the garden dirt, and interactive, movable elements like rotating steering arms that will allow children to use the toy to scoop and pick things up.

The box itself is perfect storage for the vehicles, so you can pack the vehicles away after your child's finished their long day on the construction site!

Price: £19.99, save 29%

Suitable for ages 3+

Best For Future Vloggers

GlobalCrown Kids Camera

This GlobalCrown camera is a great beginner camera for any child. It's affordable, easy to use and extremely durable. Its case is an eco-friendly silicone material, which is not only slip-proof, but shockproof too.

With 8 megapixels and 1080 HD video, it offers pretty high picture and video quality, and the camera comes with a 32 GB micro SD card to hold all the memories you're capturing. There are multiple features, including funny frames, burst mode, timers and color filters to make taking photos extra fun. Inspire creativity in your kids and see how quickly they start coming up with ideas for funny movies and photo shoots.

Price: £25.99, save 24%

Suitable for ages 3+

Available in blue or pink

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