10 Baby's First Christmas Gifts That Will Be Treasured Forever

Child holding bauble Christmas gift that will be treasured forever.

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Christmas is particularly exciting for parents and relatives when you've got a new baby in the family.

It's a chance to make some special memories with your adorable new addition. Not to mention to capture some gorgeous pictures of your baby enjoying their very first experience of this magical and happiest of seasons.

A huge part of Christmas in the UK is the giving and receiving of presents, and just because your baby or the little one you're buying for is tiny and won't specifically remember their first 25 December, that doesn't mean you can't spoil them with a first gift. It can be tricky to know what to buy for baby's first Christmas though, especially if you're searching for something they'll treasure forever. Items like ornaments, special toys, themed books or cute Christmas outfits can be used and played with for many months or years to come and will also become lovely keepsakes for parents to store in a memory box. Many 1st Christmas gifts can now be personalised too, to give them that extra special touch, and so that little one will always know it is was their first Christmas gift, if and when siblings come along and take a fancy to it!

We've collected together the best ideas for first Christmas gifts for babies that you can easily buy online, in a range of genres and budgets, all of which will be treasured forever and remind you of that very special first Christmas with your little bundle of joy.

Still looking for inspiration for Christmas presents for newborns? Take a look at our other Best Buys articles if you're looking for specific ornaments and toys like baby's first Christmas baubles, baby activity tables, and gifts for babies who seem to have everything already!

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Kidadl's Top Pick

While all of the presents on this list come highly recommended, we've selected our favourite 1st Christmas gift. This present made it to the top of our must-buy list based on its brilliant price and the fact that it can be personalised with your child's name, used each and every Christmas and become a truly treasured part of your family holiday.

1. My 1st Years Personalised Stocking

My 1st Years Personalised Stocking

A personalised baby Christmas stocking is a perfect present for your baby's very first Christmas because it's something you can use every year for the rest of their childhood and it will become a very special keepsake for you all. This medium-sized stocking is a great option because it will give you room in years to come for larger toys as your little one grows up. The design is really pretty and full of Christmas spirit, it's got a lovely fluffy faux fur cuff and the best bit is that you can have your baby's full name embroidered on it. It also comes with a handy hook so you can hang it up around the fireplace if you have one and it can become a special part of your festive decorations.

Main Features

  • Price:  £26
  • Age: 0+

Best For Decorating At Christmas

2. The White Company Snowy & Lumi Snow Globe

The White Company Snowy & Lumi Snow Globe

Baby might not be able to play with a snow globe yet, but this cute snow globe featuring Lumi the Polar Bear and Snowy Penguin from the Little White Company with mesmerise little eyes for hours. This snow globe is an ornament that your child will be excited to get out of the Christmas box and proudly display each year to get the house looking festive and is a lovely piece that will enchant for many years to come. This globe is best used as an ornament rather than a toy so adult supervision is needed if you're going to let your little one hold it.  

Main Features

  • Price:  £22
  • Age: 0+ (not a toy as the globe in glass)

Best For Excitable Babies

3. The Letteroom Personalised Festive Woodland Christmas Eve Box

The Letteroom Personalised Festive Woodland Christmas Eve Box

The tradition of giving children a Christmas Eve box is becoming more and more popular in the UK these days and it's an excellent way to help very excited kids get to sleep the night before Christmas. For baby's first Christmas you could start the tradition with a beautiful personalised wooden box that'll stand the test of time, like this sturdy and beautifully designed box. Fill it with Christmas pyjamas, a special Christmas story book and some new bath products to help little one drift off in time for Santa's arrival. We love that this box can be personalised so your baby will feel extra special as they learn to recognise their name on the top of it.

Main Features

  • Price:  £39.95
  • Age: 0+

Best For Little Ones Taking Their First Steps

4. Snowman and Snowdog booties

Snowman and Snowdog booties

Everyone loves Raymond Briggs' classic Christmas story about The Snowman and your baby will probably grow up reading the book and watching the animated version each Christmas too. Start their love of the story early with a first pair of booties featuring The Snowman and his Snowdog. Whether your little one is taking their first steps this Christmas or still a little too young, these cute shoes will keep little toes toasty throughout the festive period.

Main Features

  • Price:  £21
  • Age: 0+

Best For Fun Photo Opps

5. Christmas Pudding Baby Outfit  

Christmas Pudding Baby Outfit

There aren't many times in life when you can dress up as a Christmas pudding and look absolutely adorable, so make the most of these precious baby years and dress your little one up in a cute little baby 1st Christmas outfit. We love this 'Mummy's Little Pudding' onesie from Jojo Maman Bebe that is really practical and would look gorgeous on both a little girl or a little boy. Baby's 1st Christmas photos will be perfect with a fun outfit like this and you'll treasure the memories of your little Christmas baby for many years. We suggest gifting an outfit in the run up to Christmas so that baby can wear it more than just once and enjoy lots of pictures in the fun few days and weeks of December before the big day itself.

Main Features

  • Price: £17
  • Age: Newborn - 18 months

Best For Families Who Love To Read

6. Baby's First Christmas Personalised Book

Baby's First Christmas Personalised Book

A unique book would make a wonderful baby's first Christmas keepsake. Not only can you personalise this lovely festive story with your baby's name, but you can choose to have a message written inside with the date, so your child can look back at it when they're older and it will become a truly treasured Christmas gift. This book by Letterfest at Not on the High Street has beautiful illustrated pictures that a baby will really engage with and every part of the story is about the baby's life with you so far and can be personalised to fit your unique family story. A truly unique and sentimental gift for a first Christmas.

Main Features

  • Price:  £23
  • Age: 0+

Best For Cold Christmasses

7. Personalised Red Fairisle Christmas Blanket

Personalised Red Fairisle Christmas Blanket

There are few things that are nicer than snuggling up in a soft new blanket with your baby in front of the fire at Christmas. This idyllic sounding scene deserves a special Christmas blanket for the occasion and we particularly like this 100% cotton red Fairisle design from My 1st Years, which can even be personalised with your little one's name. This blanket isn't too in-your-face Christmassy either, so if your baby takes a particular liking to it, you could even use it on cold days throughout the rest of the year.

Main Features

  • Price:  £40
  • Age: 0+

Best For Babies Who Have Been Weaned

8. Personalised Reindeer Bamboo Christmas Plate Set

Personalised Reindeer Bamboo Christmas Plate Set

As far as baby's first Christmas present ideas go, you really can't go wrong with some special Christmas crockery. After all, your little one's 'my first Christmas' dinner is a rather special occasion that deserves a standout plate! This gift would only work for babies that are being, or have already been, weaned of course. This bamboo set is a really good choice because it is visually stimulating with its gorgeous reindeer design and great fun for little eaters. It is made from durable bamboo too, so will withstand any throwing across the kitchen or dropping off the high chair that might happen. You can also personalise it with your baby's name and it comes with some really cute Christmas-themed cutlery too. Just watch out for the tantrums when little one wants to use it for dinners well past the festive season.

Main Features

  • Price:  £24.95
  • Age: 6 months+

Best For The Run Up To Christmas

9. Baby's First Christmas Decoration

Baby's First Christmas Decoration

Baby's first Christmas bauble is a classic and always well received gift by parents and the little one will come to love putting it on the tree as they get older and more dextrous. For baby's first Christmas tree decoration we'd suggest staying clear of classic delicate baubles that are easily shattered in case little hands get hold of it. Instead, play it safe with wooden, metal or more durable china designs and choose something just as special like this much sturdier ceramic flat bauble, which comes in a beautiful rabbit design and can be personalised. You can choose your design and even the shape of the decoration giving it a truly personal touch.

Main Features

  • Price:  £20
  • Age: 0+

Best For Little Ones Who Can Cuddle

10. John Lewis 2020 Lewis Bear

John Lewis 2020 Lewis Bear

Every year John Lewis & Partners brings out a new Christmas teddy bear to celebrate the season. This can be a really gorgeous gift for a baby's first Christmas as they can cuddle up and play with the teddy, and it has the year embroidered on it so it can be a lovely keepsake and memory for you of the year they were born and celebrated their first Christmas with you. This year's design is particularly cute with his lovely red velvet hoody that babies will love to stroke. There's also a more girly option available this year, if your baby is particularly fond of the colour pink!

Main Features

  • Price:  £30
  • Age: 1+

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