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10 Baby's First Christmas Gifts That Will Be Treasured Forever

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Christmas is particularly exciting for parents and relatives when you've got a new baby in the family.

It's a chance to make some special memories with your adorable new addition. Not to mention to capture some gorgeous pictures of your baby enjoying their very first experience of this magical and happiest of seasons.

A huge part of Christmas in the UK is the giving and receiving of presents, and just because your baby or the little one you're buying for is tiny and won't specifically remember their first 25 December, that doesn't mean you can't spoil them with a first gift. It can be tricky to know what to buy for baby's first Christmas though, especially if you're searching for something they'll treasure forever. Items like ornaments, special toys, themed books or cute Christmas outfits can be used and played with for many months or years to come and will also become lovely keepsakes for parents to store in a memory box. Many 1st Christmas gifts can now be personalised too, to give them that extra special touch, and so that little one will always know it is was their first Christmas gift, if and when siblings come along and take a fancy to it!

We've collected together the best ideas for first Christmas gifts for babies that you can easily buy online, in a range of genres and budgets, all of which will be treasured forever and remind you of that very special first Christmas with your little bundle of joy.

Still looking for inspiration for Christmas presents for newborns? Take a look at our other Best Buys articles if you're looking for specific ornaments and toys like baby's first Christmas baubles, baby activity tables, and gifts for babies who seem to have everything already! 

Best For First Time Christmas Celebrators

Treasured Christmas Small Stocking

Celebrate your baby's first ever Christmas with this gorgeous Christmas stocking from Mamas & Papas. This lovely Treasured Christmas Small Stocking is a great choice for baby stockings. Whether you have a little boy or girl, it is perfect for them now and will be a lovely keepsake for when they grow older. This stocking features a snuggly soft faux fur trim, an exclusive cute polar bear print and a handy tag to hang the stocking up on your mantel. 

Price: £10

Best To Keep On The Tree

Personalised Photo Bauble

Make your baby’s first Christmas feel even more special and personal with PrezzyBox’s Personalised Photo Bauble. Create a one of a kind Christmas decoration by personalizing this bauble with your own photo and message. This makes for a perfect festive gift that can be used on your tree every year! 

Price: £9.99

Best For Future Wizards

Harry Potter™ 2pc Pure Cotton Sleepsuits (0-3 Yrs)

Maybe your baby doesn’t know all the spells in Harry Potter quite yet, but it’s never too early to show allegiance to your family’s Hogwarts house with this Harry Potter sleepsuit from Marks & Spencer. You can choose your favourite house’s designs: Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, Slytherin or Hufflepuff. This magical sleepsuit comes in sizes 3-6 months, perfect for new arrivals in your family this Christmas who are destined to be big Harry Potter fans when they grow up!

Price: £12

Best For Bath Time

Peppa Pig Grandpa Pig's Bath Time Boat‍

If you want to add some extra fun to bath time then Peppa Pig bath toys are a great gift choice. This cute bath time Grandpa Pig boat comes with two removable, articulated Peppa Pig toys, has cute details such as a little flag, bell, lever and propeller and is designed to float on water so that your child can push it around in the tub.

  • Price: £14.99
  • Age: 3+ (Children of all ages should be supervised when playing with this toy near water)
  • Floats in water
  • Includes 2 removable figures
  • Has 2 little holes at the bottom to allow water to escape

Best For Dreaming

Chenille Blanket - Pink Star

Your baby will be super snuggly in this Chenille Blanket from Mamas & Papas this chilly season! With its lovely starry print, it’ll feel like being cuddled by the night sky! This blanket is crafted from delicate knit with a ribbed texture. It’s also machine washable, so you won’t have to worry about accidents. This blanket is perfect for parents who want to gift their babies a traditional keepsake for when they’re older. 

Price: £15

Best Timeless Keepsake

Polarn O Pyret Stripe Bunny Soft Toy

This cosy bunny from Polarn O Pyret makes for a super cute keepsake that your child can treasure well into adulthood. This classic style will suit any space, and it’s timeless design means they can even pass it onto their own little ones some day. This will be a great addition under your tree this Christmas. 

Price: £14

Best For Paddington Lovers

Rainbow Designs Paddington's Big Suitcase Book Set

Enjoy reading these delightful stories in the Rainbow Designs Paddington’s Big Suitcase Book Set from Samuel Johnston to your baby this Christmas. Who doesn’t love Paddington the bear? Read along to the great adventures Paddington finds himself taking. This set is perfect for parent and baby reading time, as well as for when your little one gets a bit older and can start reading themselves!

Price: £14.99

Best Gift To Test All The Senses

Haribo Scented Plush

Gift your baby this Haribo Scented Plush this Christmas! Your little one is new to the world and all its sights and smells. This super sweet plush comes in Haribo’s light ‘BearyBeary’ scent. With it’s adorable Care Bear Togetherness Bear design, this makes for a great gift for a beary, berry, cute baby this Christmas.

Price: £8

Best For Little Musicians

Personalised Wooden Xylophone

Once your baby grows up to be one of the greatest musicians in the world, they’ll look fondly back at their very first instrument. Could it be this Personalised Wooden Xylophone from 1st Birthday Gifts? This is a super cool personalised wooden xylophone for babies to explore rhythm and sounds. Not only will this Christmas gift let your baby create beautiful sounds, it is a great toy to help develop puzzle solving skills! It’s multifunctional shape sorter makes it a great sorting game too. 

Price: £45

Best First Gift For Learning

Magic Touch Curiosity Tablet

Treat your baby to the Magic Touch Curiousity Tablet from Kidly this Christmas. With this toy your baby can begin to learn colours, numbers and simple words in English, Spanish and French. The learning never ends  with this tablet! This toy  is great to help encourage development. The greatest thing about this toy is that unlike most traditional tablets, smashed screens are never going to be a concern - this learning tablet is made from durable wood! You’ll be gifting your baby with lifelong skills this Christmas when you get them this toy.

Price: £24

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Hollie lives in a small village on the Hertfordshire/ Cambridge border with her husband, two-year-old son and miniature dachshund, and as a family they love walking and cycling round the glorious local countryside together. In her spare time, Hollie enjoys taking part in ballet classes, visiting the theatre and travelling the world (yes, even with a toddler in tow!).

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