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10 Best Air Hockey Tables For Any Space

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Air hockey is thrilling fun for all ages and the whole family.

Air hockey is a fast paced and action packed game that is played by trying to push the puck into the opponent's goal. It is played on air hockey game tables which constantly push air so that the puck glides across the playing platform.

Did you know that air hockey is actually a professional sport? So not only are air hockey tables heaps of fun but they require and teach a lot of skills such as focus, motor skills and observation. It is without a doubt that an air hockey table makes a great addition to any home or even a perfect gift for kids.

Before you buy an air hockey table, you should be aware of the features and whether they will be the best choice for your space, your child, or your family. A full sized air hockey table is around seven to eight feet long, but there are smaller options available if this is not for you. Many hockey games tables are even portable now, so you can keep your kids entertained on the go.

Depending on the quality, air hockey tables on average last between five to eight years. They can also vary in cost depending on the style, size and materials they are made out of. This list of best air hockey tables features prices from £17 to £345, so there truly is an option for every budget here.

To make things easier for you, we have put together this list of the 12 best air hockey table games around. We have also categorised them by their stand out features, so that you can find the best air hockey table for you and your family.  So read on for the best air hockey game tables around!

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Our Top Choice

Charles Bentley 4ft Air Hockey Table‍

Charles Bentley was established in 1860 creating the highest quality home leisure products, and this electric air hockey table is no exception.  Although the table is designed for adult play, children can definitely join in, making it a great option for the whole family to enjoy at home. This air hockey table is one of the best air hockey tables around for its brilliant air flow creating high speed and exciting gameplay. The pucks actually float thanks to the power from a 240V motor. The table is a miniature of the full arcade size, great for casual play at home without taking up too much space. The design is a classy and classic black and white, so it will be comfortable in any home. The high quality of this air hockey table means it will last for years, making it excellent value for money.

  • Price: £80
  • Age: 3+
  • 4ft long classic air hockey table
  • Manual slide scorer
  • Powered by 240V motor

Best For Families On A Budget

Power Play Table Top Hockey Game‍

One of the best air hockey tables for families on a budget, this tabletop air hockey game may be small but it provides hours of fun. The great thing about this air hockey table is that it is portable so you can bring your arcade with you wherever you go and keep the kids entertained with games even on holiday. All you have to do is place it on a table and play. It is also a complete set with air jets, a slider scoreboard, two pucks and two pushers. Although this table is reasonably priced, quality is not compromised. The table has a sturdy design with a wood grain finish and leg stands for more stability. All this makes this tabletop air hockey great value for money. It just needs three C cell batteries which are not included.

  • Price: £27
  • Age: 5+
  • 28 inch
  • Lightweight, portable and sturdy
  • Complete set

Best Air Hockey Table Topper

FunTime Gifts Neon Table Top Air Hockey Game‍

This tabletop air hockey game is a bit different with a unique and vibrant neon colour pallette, it will feel like you have a futuristic arcade right on your living room table. It is so easy to bring this air hockey table around to keep kids entertained as it measures 51cm x 31cm x 10cm. Just find a table, set it up and play. The set includes two pucks and paddles. Plus the airflow on this game's table is really effective, making for fast and action packed air hockey matches. It just requires eight AA batteries which are not included before you are ready to play.

  • Price: £19
  • Age: 3+
  • 20 inch
  • Designed for tabletop play
  • Futuristic neon design

Best For Under 10s

Tobar Freestanding Mini Air Hockey Table Game‍

This has all the features of a full size air hockey table but is downsized for children to enjoy. The  games table is 70 x 38 x 10 centimetres, so can fit comfortably within your living room (or home arcade as the kids may now call it!). The hockey table has a vibrant and colourful design that kids will love, as well as beautiful and sturdy wooden legs. To use simply flick on the switch on the underside of the air hockey table and watch your pucks glide effortlessly across the playing surface. Kids can also keep track of their scores with the built in score trackers. You can rest assured that the air hockey table is child friendly as all Tobar toys are certified to the highest EU and UK standards. To play, just pop in eight AA batteries (not included).

  • Price: £70
  • Age: 3+
  • Table dimensions 70 x 38 x 10 centimetres
  • Certified safe by UK and EU standards

Best Foldable Air Hockey Table

Hy-Pro All Star 6ft Folding Air Hockey Table

This premium Argos air hockey table has a glossy playing surface and effortless air pressure for fast paced fun matches. It is almost a full size so provides that action packed genuine arcade feel for adults and children alike. When you are done playing, it is so easy to put away the table, especially with the integrated wheels. Just fold it vertically, and roll the hockey table to your desired storage space at home. This air hockey table has a truly sporty and modern feel which would look great in your game room or living room. You do have to assemble the hockey table, but it is so simple to do especially with the step-by-step instructions.

  • Price: £169.99
  • Age: 8+
  • 6ft long table
  • Foldable
  • Legs have integrated wheels

Best Luxury Air Hockey Table

MightyMast Leisure 7ft Air Hockey Table‍

If you're looking for a full sized air hockey table, this is the best one to get. It is more expensive than most, but this is one of the best air hockey tables, so it is definitely worth the money. It has that classic black and white air hockey design, meaning that it will go well with many home interiors and the black carbon effect exterior is beautifully finished so it will feel like this table is just another piece of furniture. The air hockey game table is interactive and exciting with audible game scorer and LED lights. Kids and adults can enjoy this table as it is suitable for children as young as eight. The table is also big enough that you can play one on one or doubles, making it a great form of entertainment for family nights and parties. Expect years of fun with this sturdy and stunningly designed table.

  • Price: £345
  • Age: 8+
  • 2-4 Players
  • Electronic scorer and LED lights
  • 7ft full size air hockey table

Best For Exciting Gameplay

Carromco Air Hockey Fire Vs Ice‍

For the ultimate air hockey battle, try out this air hockey table with fitted LED lights complete with effects for an awesome arcade experience. One side is red for fire and the other is blue for ice, choose your side! The high gloss air hockey game table pushes air that is powered by an effective motor so that the illuminated pucks and paddles move swiftly. The table is built with L-shaped construction for maximum stability so that you can enjoy a fast paced match securely. To keep enjoying the stunning light effects, simply charge the LED with the micro USB scorer (the three AAA batteries are not included).

  • Price: £254
  • Age: 3+
  • LED light effects for dynamic matches
  • 146 x 71 x 82 cm; 18 Kilograms

Best Multifunction Air Hockey Table

IFOYO Multi-Function 4 In 1 Steady Combo Game Table‍

For endless amounts of fun and to really get your money's worth, try out this four in one game table by IFOYO. If you've had enough of air hockey, you can switch up the playing table to a pool table, a table tennis court or a football table. The possibilities are endless with this toy. The table is made out of high quality materials and made to be sturdy, ensuring that this product is durable and will last. It is also super easy to tidy up and put away with a built in storage cabinet. We think that this table tennis, air hockey, football and pool table will make an excellent gift for Christmas or birthdays.

  • Price: £76
  • Age: 5+
  • 4 tables in 1
  • Easy storage

Best Miniature Air Hockey Table

Funtime 16 Inch Table Air Hockey‍

This is the smallest air hockey table on the list at only 16 inches. It has never been easier to bring your favourite arcade game with you wherever you go. It is so light, it only weighs 1.27 lbs, so is great to take on holidays. Although it is small, the product is still great quality. The playing surface is a bed of air that is blown to effortlessly allow your puck to glide across the pitch. Just pop in three AA batteries (not included) and you are good to go.

  • Price: £15
  • Age: 5+
  • Set contains 2 pushers and a puck
  • Weighs 1.27lbs

Best Classic Kids' Air Hockey Table

Smyths Toys Air Hockey Table‍

When you think of an air hockey table, this is what comes to mind. It is a no fuss table suitable for kids as young as six years old with everything you would want from a classic air hockey table. It is a four foot table complete with two puckers and two pushers. The air blowers are of great quality and provide an even airflow across the playing surface. This table is excellent quality for a very reasonable price. The table also is equipped with a manual score tracker so you can bring out your competitive side with friends and family. Once you have finished playing, it is so easy to put away the table so it does not obstruct your living room all day! Just fold it up and store where desired.

  • Price: £49.99
  • Age: 6+
  • 4ft long
  • Foldable table

Best For Ground Level Play

Small Foot Air Hockey Table‍

The Small Foot brand are committed to providing the best quality toys for children that promote their motor, social and emotional skills and this air hockey table for young children does just that. The table is only 27 centimetres tall so that children can play comfortably and it is made of sturdy and robust wood and plastic for durability. There are no sharp corners on this table and no small pieces so it is very friendly for childre. The air flow is also made to allow the puck to glide and a safe speed. All you have do is plug it in and play.

  • Price: £98
  • Age: 7+
  • Made of sturdy wood and plastic
  • No small pieces

Best Air Hockey Table For Design

HOMCOM 2.5FT Tabletop Air Hockey Game

Enjoy the arcade classic game in your own home or game room with this classic air hockey table by Chad Valley. The power puck has its own internal fan for a quieter and smoother match. It includes two regular pucks, one powdered puck and two hockey pushers. To use, charge the battery using the supplied lead.

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  • Price: £29.99
  • Age: 5+
  • Requires self-assembly
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