10 Best Baby Activity Tables So They Can Play And Learn

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Originally Published on Jul 05, 2021
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Young bodies are filled with curiosity, making them attracted to flashing lights, vibrant colours and clever designs, always being on the hunt to discover new things.

A baby activity table is the perfect toy for aiding this curiosity and for enhancing your child's physical and mental abilities at the same time. Children can discover new sounds, shapes and colours, while using the sturdy tables to support their growing bodies.

If your baby is showing an interest in building, composing music or in learning the alphabet, this comprehensive list of the very best table options for playtime will help prospective buyers decide which option is the most appropriate fit for the whole family.

Learning is made instantly fun with the addition of flashing-lights, animal designs and musical sounds, helping to unlock your baby's imagination and curiosity at a young age.

Activity tables are excellent toys for encouraging fine motor skills and hand to eye coordination in little learners.

These activity table toys are also often easily assembled or have folding legs for easy transportation, storage and optional outdoor use. What's really great about this selection of play toys is their multi-functional features, incorporating both design and sensory features to attract your baby.

Tables are usually large enough, with sufficient variation of play options, to encourage shared play, either between siblings at different educational levels or between friends who wish to learn together.

The toys also make great Christmas presents or first birthday gifts. A present for both child and parents, the clever tables are able to keep baby busy, allowing parents to observe playtime from a distance.

We recommend taking a look at other Best Buys if you're looking for playtime inspiration for inquisitive children, we talk you through the best in wooden baby toys, ticking boxes in both eco-friendly and long lasting products, and the best STEM toys for kids who just can't get enough of scientific learning.  

Kidadl's Top Pick

We've selected what we believe to be the best baby activity table based on its ability to provide entertainment and education for babies, whilst also helping out parents with ease of use and cost effectiveness.

1. Baby Einstein Clever Composer Activity Table

Simple but elegant multi-purpose compose or musical activity Table.

Our favourite toddler activity table allows your little ones to unlock their musical abilities with just a tap of its surface. The colourful activity center is decorated with an array of animals playing instruments designed for toddlers to enjoy exploring.

The contraption also has folding legs for handy storage. This play table may be high end, but it offers fun for all the family, with enough space for siblings to enjoy playing at the same time.

Main Features

  • Price: £69.99
  • Age: 12 months +
  • 22 different instruments

Best For Families With Limited Space

2. Yellcetoy Activity Table‍

Yellcetoy Activity Table.

This bright blue baby activity table is perfect for ease of use and transportation. If you're short of space, the table folds down to a smaller size, with detachable legs and carry straps, making it suitable to carry to play dates and for both indoor and outdoor use.

The baby play table has a cute under-the-sea theme, with buttons made from fish, tortoises and seahorses. It works to enhance music skills in your babies from six months old.

Main Features

  • Price: £19.99
  • Age: 6 months +

Best For Families On A Budget

3. VTech Baby Play & Learn Activity Table - The Entertainer ‍

VTech Baby Play & Learn Activity Table - The Entertainer. \u200d

This Vtech activity table is great value for money, working to enhance your kids' fine motor skills and hand to eye coordination from a young age. As toys go, this activity table for babies engages all their little senses, with plenty of light-up buttons and a variety of music.

It's a more affordable option making it one of our best baby activity tables for families on a smaller budget.

Main Features

  • Price: £24.99
  • Age: 6 months - 3 years

Best Wooden Baby Play Table

4. Chad Valley Wooden Activity Table ‍

Chad Valley Wooden Activity Table.

Another low-cost baby activity table is this adorable wooden activity table, including stacking blocks, a maze game and even a mini xylophone.

This Argos activity table helps your little ones learn to distinguish between different colours and shapes at an early age, promoting confidence and coordination, making it one of the best activity centres and at a really competitive price, what's not to like?

Main Features

  • Price: £30
  • Age: 18 months +

Best For Mini Scientists

5. Baby Einstein Tinker Table ‍

Baby Einstein Tinker Table. \u200d

As activity tables go, this one from Baby Einstein is pretty cool. Its magnetic spinning gears, flashing lights and art tools encourage curiosity and creativity in your toddler, while the mess-free paint pots make clearing up time that bit more bearable for parents.

Your child will learn the basics of science as they figure out what to do to get that mini light bulb to flash. It's a perfect fit if you're looking for a play table that'll spark their interest.

Main Features

  • Price: £70
  • Age: 12 months +

Best For Little Builders

6. Mega Bloks First Builders Build'n Learn Table - John Lewis‍

Mega Bloks First Builders Build'n Learn Table - John Lewis.

One of the best things about this table is the opportunity it gives for imaginative play. Little builders can spend hours creating fantastic designs with its inclusion of 30 large, colourful Mega Bloks.

Encouraging independence and creativity in kids, this Build'n Learn table from John Lewis is a great choice for babies who love to build (...or simply to knock things down! ).

Main Features

  • Price: £30
  • Age: 12 months +

Best For Animal Lovers

7. TOP BRIGHT Activity Cube‍

TOP BRIGHT Activity Cube.

If you are looking for enjoyable and interactive toys, there's not many out there as adorable as this elephant shaped activity center. It will keep your baby (especially if they're an animal lover) entertained for hours with its multiple functions, including coloured bead counting and maze activities to test their fine motor skills.

This activity cube can also be easily transported for outdoor and shared use, a perfect fit for its interactive blowing bubbles function.

Main Features

  • Price: £21.99
  • Age: 12 months +

Best For Sitting In

8. Infantino Sit, Spin And Stand Activity Table‍

Infantino Sit, Spin And Stand Activity Table.

This zoo-themed activity centre is a perfect table for a baby who's not quite yet ready to play standing up by themselves, with its inclusion of a comfy black and white baby seat. This feature can be reversed as the base converts to an eye-catching table top for play.

It's the ideal option if you're in the market for toys that can adapt to suit the changing needs of your baby as they grow

Main Features

  • Price: £100
  • Age: 4 months +

Best For Creative Design Features

9. Fisher Price Laugh Aand Learn Smart Stages Chair‍

Fisher Price Laugh Aand Learn Smart Stages Chair\u200d.

This Fisher Price activity table has one of the coolest design features we've come across. The seat uses "magical" powers to acknowledge when your baby has sat down or stood up, encouraging mobility and coordination in little ones.

Further to this, babies can explore the light-up buttons on the armrests and even take a peek under the seat cushion for extra opportunities to play.

The chair also helps parents out by allowing them to select the best activity level to most suitably aid their child's development. Eye-catching for kids and useful for parents, this product is a top contender for well-designed activity tables.

Main Features

  • Price: £44.97
  • Age: 12 months +

Best For Education

10. VTech Touch And Learn Activity Desk‍

VTech Touch And Learn Activity Desk\u200d.

This VTech activity desk is a perfect fit for kids who want to play and discover simultaneously. The activity desk is multi-functional, housing a blackboard, writing pad and art station.

Its desktop encourages kids to recognise and learn the alphabet at an early age, while the music sounds and interactive button features help to capture the interest of your little one.

Main Features

  • Price: £55.51
  • Age: 3+

Kidadl Best Buys selects the top parent-recommended products across the web for families of all ages. If you liked our suggestions for best baby fancy activity tables then why not take a look at the best baby travel toys and the best baby rocking horses?

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