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10 Best Baby Bouncers To Soothe Your Baby

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There is no doubt about it, the baby bouncer is a gift from God and a must have for any new parents.

While new parents love cradling their precious newborns in their arms, bouncing them on their hips and rocking them to sleep, there comes a point when holding on to your child is no longer an option. Whether it's to hang out the laundry, cook dinner or just have a minute to yourself around the house, there are a million reasons why it's not possible to hold your baby at all hours of the day (despite how much you might want to).

Thankfully, the baby bouncer is here to solve this dilemma for you, the perfect option for keeping your baby comfortable and close by but out of your hands so you can get cracking on the day's tasks around the house.

There are so many baby bouncers out there ranging in price, design and style. The huge range of options can leave you with a lot of questions about what your baby actually needs. Does your child need electronic relaxation features? Do they need songs to rock them to sleep? Like a fully loaded menu, we understand the struggle of not knowing what to choose when there are so many options available.

When buying your baby bouncer, there are a number of key things to consider. Firstly, you need to decide if you want an electronic or manual bouncer. An electronic bouncer is powered by batteries or by plugging into your wall. These bouncers tend to have added features to help soothe your child such as lights, sounds and vibrations. These extra features generally come with a higher price tag, and if stocking batteries isn't your strong suit, a manual bouncer might be the one for you. Many parents believe in manual bouncers as the best way to recreate the sensation of being rocked and these are a great option for parents who don't want the hassle of batteries and are happy to forgo some of the additional features.

Once you've decided on manual or electronic, the best baby bouncer should be made from soft, comfortable fabric and have an adjustable seat so your baby can relax in whatever position they like. The best baby bouncer will have a safety system such as a harness or belt to ensure your child is strapped in securely and won't be bouncing out of their seat any time soon. Parents agree that the best baby bouncer will also have machine washable covers so that spills, which are bound to happen, can be taken care of easily.

Baby bouncers are built to suit babies from birth to around six months. It is safe for your newborn to use your baby bouncer as long as it has an ergonomic design that caters specifically to newborns and gives all them all the support they need, particularly for their developing neck muscles. This might mean your bouncer has built-in support or a newborn liner that can be removed as they get older.

Beyond these key features, a baby bouncer's main purpose is to keep your baby relaxed and entertained. Any additions to the bouncer that can help do this will be a huge plus. Bouncers for babies that have toy bars are a great way to keep your baby busy while developing their gross and fine motor skills. If you want more ways to soothe your baby, there are a range of electronic bouncers that have additional features like built-in music, sounds and vibrations to give you child ultimate relaxation. Whether they are electronic or stimulated by your baby's own movements, bouncers that help to recreate the feeling of being in a parent's arms are ideal for getting your child to relax and giving you the much deserved break you need.

We're sure the perfect baby bouncer for your child is on this list and if you're looking for more ideas on great products that will make babies happy, check out our list of the best baby swivel car seats and the best baby baths.  

Our Top Choice

Baby Bjorn Bouncer Bliss‍

This bestselling bouncer has a global reputation for its combination of modern design (perfect for your house), comfort and support (perfect for your baby), and ability to soothe your child so you can both relax (perfect for you). This manual bouncer will make your life with a young child a breeze. Okay, a breeze might be a bit of a stretch but this lightweight bouncer is sure to greatly lessen the load of being a parent to a newborn who wants to be rocked constantly. This ergonomically designed bouncer provides optimal support and weight distribution for your baby. We especially love that this bouncer can be used until your baby is two years old and has three positions that will meet their needs as they grow. This bouncer for baby comes with a quilted cotton, soft jersey or breathable mesh cover which is machine washable to make life easier for busy parents. If you love all the covers or want to change things up, you can buy additional covers separately. For parents on the go, this bouncer folds down flat making it super easy to transport.

  • Price: £210.00
  • Age: Suitable from birth to 13kg

Best For Added Features

Joie Serina Swivel Swing Hip Hop‍

This swing looks like something from the future, maybe from a time when babies are relaxed and calm, because this versatile baby bouncer will have exactly that effect on your baby. This baby bouncer has six different swing speeds and can swing forwards, backwards and side to side so you can find the perfect motion to help your baby relax. The bouncer seat has two vibrating speeds that require batteries to operate. But don't fear, if you're out of batteries this baby rocker chair still works perfectly fine without vibrations. For added comfort and relaxation, the baby bouncer has three recline positions so your baby can find the spot that suits them best. This bouncer also includes a night light,  lullabies and nature sounds to take your baby's relaxation to the next level. To make your life easier, this baby bouncer has a removable seat pad that will make washing a breeze. It also includes two wheels and a handle for no-fuss transportation. We love everything about this bouncer and it was a very close race between the Bjorn Bliss bouncer and this bouncer for our top pick. In the end, it was the fact that the Bjorn bouncer can be used until your baby is 13kg and doesn't require batteries that made it our top pick.

  • Price: £109.99
  • Age: Suitable from birth to 9kg
  • 4x D batteries required for vibration

Best For A Contemporary Look

Ingenuity Baby Bouncer Boutique Collection - Bella Teddy‍

This ingenuity bouncer will fit perfectly in your modern home thanks to its sleek, contemporary look. This baby bouncer is made from premium fabrics to give babies ultimate comfort and even the five point harness system is covered in soft fabric. The seat reclines in three positions so you baby will be comfortable no matter whether they're sleeping soundly or bouncing around. If your baby is feeling fussy, the vibration function can help soothe them. You can also choose from eight melodies and three nature sounds to help them relax and if you find yourself falling asleep with your child, Ingenuity has got you covered with an auto-off feature that will kick in after 25 minutes. The headrest and seat pad are machine washable so you won't be fussed if the bouncer gets messy. This bouncer also comes with two plush toys on a rotatable bar so your baby can practice their reaching and grabbing, developing their fine motor skills while they kick back and relax in this bouncer.

  • Price: £89.99
  • Age: Suitable from birth to 12 months (10kg)
  • 3 C batteries required

Best For Families On A Budget

Fisher Price Signature Terazzo Bouncer‍

This Fisher Price baby bouncer responds to your baby's natural movements and emits calming vibrations so they can relax. This Fisher Price bouncer includes a three point safety harness and support strap to keep your child secure as they bounce the day away. The detachable toy bar on this Fisher Price rocker takes baby bouncing to the next level by adding an educational component that is bound to keep your baby entertained while supporting their gross motor and sensory development. To make life easier on busy new parents, Fisher Price have made this one with a machine washable seat pad for drama free cleaning. Fisher Price infant products are a trusted range by many parents, so you know that this Argos baby bouncer will serve you well.

  • Price: £39.99
  • Age: Suitable from birth to 9kg
  • 1 x D battery required
  • Lightweight Fisher Price infant seat

Best For Modern Homes

BabaBing! Float Baby Bouncer, Nellie The Elephant

This chair is another total bargain that will help you and bub relax and become one of your favourite pieces of furniture. This baby bouncer seat has been designed with aesthetics in mind. Specifically, it was built in response to so many parents seeking bouncers that blended into their modern homes while doing all the important work that bouncers are made to do. Weighing in at around one and a half kilograms, this baby bouncer is super lightweight and easy to carry around with you from room to room to keep your baby close by. The bouncer has a three point safety harness and non-slip base to keep your child safe and secure. The toy bar and BadaBing! soft toys will keep your tiny love busy developing their fine motor skills as they reach for and squeeze their cute elephant friends. Keeping your BadaBing! baby bouncer clean is easy thanks to the washable cover. This babies bouncer is the perfect combination of functionality and aesthetics and we're sure both you and your baby will be ultra-relaxed with this baby bouncer in your home.

  • Price: £34.99
  • Age: Suitable from birth to 9kg

Best For Extra Comfort

East Coast Nursery Counting Sheep Bouncer

This bouncer is made with newborn comfort in mind, meaning your tiny love can relax completely and hopefully you can too. This baby bouncer is made from super soft fabric and includes a head support cushion for newborns. The baby bouncer comes with a vibration function to help soothe your child and the reclining seat will help you find the perfect position for your baby. The adjustable waist strap will ensure your baby stays safe in this bouncer and the movement activated music and toy bar will keep your child entertained so you can kick back and relax or get a few things done. The only downside of this bouncer is that the cover can't be removed so you'll have to give it a wipe over and vacuum when it's time to clean.

  • Price: £54.99
  • Age: Suitable from birth to 9kg
  • 2 x C batteries required

Best For Easy Adjustment

Maxi-Cosi Kori 2-In-1 Baby Rocker‍

It only takes one hand to adjust this baby bouncer to three different positions and find the sweet spot for your baby to chill out while you get to work. This lightweight and minimalistic two-in-one rocker is perfect for busy parents who need baby bouncers that enable their baby to be able to relax in any setting. It can be folded to be easily transported from home to the office and everywhere in between and its high quality make with super soft materials means no matter where your baby finds themself rocking out, you can relax knowing they're ultra comfortable. Other great features on this baby bouncer are the safety harness, newborn inlay, adjustable height and machine washable covers.

  • Price: £89
  • Age: Suitable from birth to 9kg

Best For Energetic Babies

Graco All Ways Soother- Horizon

There are 16 calming movements to choose from on this innovative soother. The All Ways Soother offers eight swinging options in two directions including bouncing, side to side, circle, sway and more. Plus, there are six adjustable swing speeds so you can find the right speed option for your baby. The bouncer has a plug for added convenience so you don't have to deal with the stress of finding batteries. This swinging seat also doubles as a removable rocker when you want to keep your baby at your side. Your baby will be safe in this rocker with its five point harness system. The soother comes with a newborn insert and head support to help keep your baby extra comfortable. Your baby is sure to love the toy bar that has two plush toys to keep them busy while they relax. The seat pad can be removed for convenient washing and you can keep the rest of the baby rocking chair clean with mild soap and water.

  • Price: £199.99
  • Age: Suitable from birth to 9kg

Best For Stokke Lovers

Stokke Steps Bouncer

If you're a Stokke fan like so many parents across the UK, you'll definitely love their bouncer that has been developed with the help of a Paediatric Physiotherapist to ensure the perfect fit for your baby. This baby bouncer can be used alone or clipped in to be used as part of the Stokke Steps high chair system. The baby rocker is softly cushioned and its cradling movement will make your baby feel like they're in mum's arms. The bouncer includes a newborn insert to ensure your child gets the support they need in their early months of life. The baby bouncer comes with a five point safety harness and a solid base that won't slide around as your baby jiggles about. This baby bouncer chair has multiple seating positions so you can find the perfect position to help your baby relax. The detachable toy bar means their favourite play toy will always be on hand to keep them entertained while you get things done, or kick back in an adult-sized rocker (couch) of your own. We give this one extra points for its flat fold that makes it super easy to store and transport.

  • Price: £149
  • Age: Suitable from birth to 9kg

Best For Simplicity

Chad Valley Jungle Friends Baby Bouncer

This super simple and affordable bouncer from Chad Valley is designed to replicate the ultra-soothing motions of being bounced in a parent's arms. The recessed seat ensures your baby will have extra growing room and all the support they need. The seat has an adjustable three point safety harness and support strap to keep your baby safely in the baby bouncer while you go about your day nearby. The machine washable seat pad makes for super easy cleaning and the seat is easy to assemble so busy parents won't have to spend hours fussing over confusing instructions. Your child is sure to be attracted to the brightly coloured design of this seat and it's cute, modern style will look good in any space. At less than £15 we think this baby bouncer Argos are selling is a complete steal and you'll be thanking Chad Valley for all the extra time you have to get things done.

Kidadl Best Buys selects the top parent-recommended products across the web for families of all ages. If you liked our suggestions for the best baby bouncers then why not read our suggestions on the best baby bath seats and bath supports or the best dummies and soothers for babies.

  • Price: £14.99
  • Age: Suitable from birth to 9kg
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