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11 Best Baby Coats And Jackets Perfect For Cold Weather

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A funky, warm and long-lasting coat is one of the most essential buys for parents of babies heading into the colder months.

Keep your baby toasty and warm this winter with a fluffy or fur lined jacket and dress them up ready for the rain with our selection of waterproof coats. With these clothing products suitable for use from a newborn age, these mini jackets are carefully designed to ensure they will keep the tiniest bodies warm.

Whether your kids like to adorn funky and vibrant designs when playing outdoors, or if you generally go for darker, more subtle colours to hide mud stains, there's plenty of suitable choice in our recommendations. Please note that babies, as a rule of thumb, should not wear coats when travelling in a car seat, as this can result in the car seat straps being too loose to adequately protect baby if needed.

Clothes and shoe shopping for the winter is inevitable, and we've compiled a list of our top options to make that bit easier for you. For more inspiration take a look at our round-up of the best baby tracksuits to wear this winter, or the best kids' wellies for those who love jumping in muddy puddles.

The Best Versatile Winter Coat

4-in-1 Waterproof Polarfleece Jacket

This 4-in-1 Waterproof Polarfleece Jacket is possibly the best purchase you'll make for your little one this Winter. This jacket is designed to be worn four different ways to suit all kinds of weather! Whether you’re having a snowball fight or having a quick winter walk, this jacket is perfect for it all!

  • Price: £44

Best For Warmth

Girls 3-In-1 Jacket - Sardinia Green Fairy Garden

This Mini 3-1 jacket coat, with an adorable green fairy illustration, is easily one of the cutest winter coats on the market. The borg-lined hood and shower-proof outer layer are perfect for tackling rainy spells and for keeping the tiniest of tots extra warm. Perfect to wear for a stroll in the park on a frosty day.

  • Price: £47

Best For A Unisex Option

100% Cotton Baby Boy/Girl Teddy Bear Pattern Long-sleeve Hooded Outwear Coat

This adorable little teddy bear pattern baby jacket is one of our favourite unisex options for baby coats this winter. The coat is finished with a gingham hood. The button closures ensure that your little one will be looking adorable and keeping warm all day long.

  • Price: £11.85

Best For Baby Girls

Stormwear™ Chevron Padded Hooded Coat

As baby girl coats go, this stylish and practical Chevron padded hooded coat is a great find. The toasty padding in this coat will make sure your little ones are snug and dry all day and the stormwear technology will keep out the rain. With its toasty padding, this extra-warm chevron print coat is a great way to keep little ones snug and dry. Why not keep your mini princess super toasty in the most stylish of all the Marks & Spencer’s girls' coats this winter?

  • Price: £18

Best For Baby Boys

Stormwear™ Chevron Padded Hooded Coat

Don’t worry - your baby boys are not missing out!  The toasty padding in this coat will make sure your little ones are snug and dry all day and the stormwear technology will keep out the rain. With its toasty padding, this extra-warm chevron print coat is a great way to keep little ones snug and dry. Marks & Spencer’s kids' coat selection also came out on top in our search for the best baby boy coats. 

  • Price: £18

Best For Reversible

Reversible Toasty Trail Jacket

Simply the coolest of all baby jackets out there, this jacket from Boden has a reversible function, an excellent item for kids who like to change their look throughout the day. This rain-proof, insulated jacket is perfect for outdoor adventures, it's the perfect coat to keep kids warm while looking cool.

  • Price: £50-£55

Best Coat For Sustainability

The National Trust Puddle Buster Coat

If as a consumer you like to look out for our environment, then Frugi’s clothing range of winter coats are a must. This eye-catching rain jacket, with a charming hedgehog design, is made from organic cotton and completely recyclable materials, making it a good choice both for kids with sensitive skin and for the environment around us. The jacket has funky green poppers - it's ideal for kids who love to splash in puddles during the winter.

  • Price: £45-£49

Best Coat For A Cute Design

Recycled Warm Parka in Star Print with Hood

One of the more fashionable baby coats available, this muted khaki jacket with stars design printed all over, will bright up the coldest of winter evenings. This baby girl coat is complete with a zipper fastening and faux fur hood, its warm fluffy inner lining making it a cosy choice for babies.

  • Price: £23.40

Best Coat For Dino-Crazy Kids

Recycled Waterproof Padded Dino Coat

If you’ve got a little one who can roar as loud as a dinosaur, this waterproof coat is perfect. Wet weather days just got more rawr-some with Mori’s  Recycled Waterproof Padded Dino Coat. This coat is made from recycled materials. The poppers and zip down the front make this coat both easy to wear as well as ensures it’s on securely throughout the whole day. 

  • Price: £48.40

Best For Trendy Tots

Faux Fur Trimmed Knitted Hooded Jacket

This beautiful 100% cotton knitted jacket with fully detachable faux fur trim hood and soft plush lining is perfect for babies who are always dressed fashionably. This jacket is perfect for that weird part of the end of winter when it starts getting a bit warmer but it’s still a bit nippy out. Your baby will not only be super cosy in this jacket - they’ll be super adorable.

  • Price: £42

Best Budget Friendly Stylish Coat

Baby Plaid Lapel Long-sleeve Fleece Coat Jacket

Looking for a soft and comfy coat to keep your baby warm this winter? Look no further than theBaby Plaid Lapel Long-sleeve Fleece Coat Jacket! Made of fleece, this jacket will keep your baby cozy and comfortable all day long. It also features a front button closure and two front pockets, making it the perfect choice for any cold day. Best of all, the Baby Plaid Lapel Long-sleeve Fleece Coat Jacket is budget friendly, so you can keep your baby toasty without breaking the bank.

  • Price: £13.33
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