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20 Best Baby Doll Accessories For All Budgets

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There are a whole host of baby dolls out there for kids to choose from.

From the glamorous American Girl doll to My Life dolls, Baby Alive, Our Generation, Baby Annabell, and Baby Born, the list of baby dolls and accessories from which your kids can pick theirs is expansive. They also have an enduring appeal for kids of both genders, and have real imaginative appeal as well as developmental benefits.

Playtime for kids is serious business, and multiple studies demonstrate the importance of play in cognitive development for little ones, as it helps to advance skills like networking, empathy, problem-solving, exercising compassion, and practising social skills. Playing with dolls encourages imaginative play and role-playing, where young kids emulate the behaviour of their parents and learn how to care give, which teaches them about seeing the world from the perspective of others from a safe environment where kids are less vulnerable to failure and the complications that might ensue. Research further shows that this kind of early life play sets young children up with the skills for successful careers and lives, as they learn the vital life skills of creativity, emotional intelligence, and critical thinking.

Even further than that, when a child selects a doll and imagines an adventure for them, they craft a narrative for that baby doll, which in turn develops skills vital for school such as literacy, flexible thinking, and taking initiative. Kids can also practise managing difficult solutions, such as conflict, in this imaginative play with their dolls.

Playing with a baby doll is also a fantastic skill for kids of any gender. Boys in particular benefit from this kind of imaginative play, as it allows them to both participate in and express emotions in a safe, creative way. Baby doll play also facilitates self-expression, which is vital for any child's development and is an important skill to learn. Also, kids tend to love acting out families and performing the characters of mum and dad: putting themselves in these positions can encourage maturity and self-possession in kids, as they learn to emulate more adult roles and responsibilities.

All this to say that if your kids are into caregiving for their baby dolls, it is absolutely no bad thing. Thankfully, then, we've picked the best baby doll accessories available. All are ideal for a gift or as a way of encouraging pretend play (which is the behavioural category that social scientists assign to kids' interaction with dolls). If you're struggling with deciding on a gift for a baby girl in your life, consider checking out our list of sublime presents, or if you know a little one looking for a diverse baby doll, we've picked the best.

Our Top Choice

Baby Doll Carrier - Amazon

This is particularly cute for when kids want to imitate their parents, for example, if they want to bring their doll with them on a shopping trip or a walk. The carrier can be worn in three ways, either with the doll facing in, facing out, or on your child's back - great if you're heading off for a longer walk. The straps are adjustable, sitting at the shoulder and waist for security, and the whole product is made of cotton, so it's comfortable and lightweight - the doll just pops into the inner pouch. It's machine washable too, so is easy to clean in case of any spillages. Just be aware that this product will work best for dolls smaller than 24.8 inches, and for kids taller than 35 inches. We also think the woodland deer pattern is particularly adorable, and this would work well as a carrier for all toys, not just dolls, so is multi-use.

  • Price: £14.95
  • Age: We recommend for children ages 3 years plus

Best Baby Doll Accessories For Families On A Budget

Simba Smoby Baby Magic Bottle - Amazon

Baby bottles with contents that disappear as the doll drinks them are one of the classic baby doll accessories - we remember playing with them ourselves when we were young (or dreaming or having them...). Tilt the bottle of either milk or juice into the doll's mouth and watch them drink away the contents, as if by magic. This toy is also an absolute steal at its price, making it a great little stocking filler or extra present for any doll lover.

  • Price: £2.99
  • Age: We recommend for children ages 3 years plus

Best Doll Nappies

Dolls World Fabric Nappies - Amazon

Well we can't have a list baby doll accessories without having nappies on it, can we? These fit any doll up to 18 inches - so are particularly great for the Baby Alive range of dolls - and come as a pack of three. They have velcro fastenings, making them adjustable, and cute designs with coordinated stitching. What we're particularly keen on is the fact that they are made of cloth, so that they're reusable and provide a perfect opportunity to talk to your kids about the need for more sustainable, eco-conscious products.

  • Price: £7.79
  • Age: Suitable for children ages 18 months plus

Best Baby Doll Walker

Baby Annabell Baby Walker - Argos

Baby Annabell is one of the most popular brands of baby dolls on the market, so if you have doll crazy kids you're likely to already be familiar with the dolls and the host of baby doll accessories that complement them. We have to say that we think this is one of the cutest. There's a remote control - yes, you read that right - which your little one can use to control the Baby Walker. It goes forwards, backwards, left, and right, and the doll sits in the harness holding onto the handlebars. Best of all, the walker makes a variety of horn sounds as the doll makes her way around her environment, exploring as she goes. Just don't forget your batteries - you will need four AA batteries and two AAA batteries.

  • Price: £35
  • Age: Suitable for children ages 3 years plus

Best Four In One Set For Baby Dolls

Babies To Love 4-In-1 Swing - Argos

This is a swing, a high chair, a carrier, and a playpen all in one, making the product multi-use and therefore great value. We'd also contend that it works well as a car seat for any doll, as kids can place the product next to them in the car when the swing is in its 'carrier' structure. The set also comes with a plush animal, key rattle, bib, and feeding accessories, making this a perfect product for promoting creative play, as kids can perform a variety of behaviours in imitation of their parents, from feeding to play.

  • Price: £12.75
  • Age: Suitable for children ages 3 years plus

Best Doll Pram

Molly Dolly Deluxe Dolls Pram- Amazon

If your kids are fans of baby dolls, it's likely that a pram is high up their list of desired doll accessories. This pram won't disappoint. It's stylish, thanks to the jazzy polka dot design, and comes with a coordinating shoulder bag, which your child can use either for other baby doll accessories or for you to use as an extra storage bag for changing bits and bobs, or whatever else you might need. Plus, the storage shelf underneath adds extra capacity for throwing in further accessories or shopping. The pullover hood also means that your child's doll will remain safe from any poor weather, the frame of the pram is extra strong steel, and the handle is padded for comfort. It's also adjustable - from 50cm to 77cm - making it ideal for use over the years, and the pram folds flat for easy storage when it's not in use. This is one of the more fabulous doll accessories on our list.

  • Price: £29.99
  • Age: Suitable for children ages 3 years plus

Best Bath Time Play Set For Baby Dolls

Bath Time Baby Doll Play Set - Amazon

Now your kids can have bath time at the same time as their dolls  - and a doll even comes with the set. Simply fill the tub with water, push the shower button a few times, and water pumps through the shower, meaning your child can learn about cleaning and caring for their doll in a safe environment, using the baby soap or loofah to scrub their doll until it sparkles. There are no batteries required either, so the experience is totally safe. Plus, once the doll is dried off, your child can choose one of the cute baby doll outfits with which to dress their toy, and feed them with the bottle. A fabulous set of accessories by which to encourage pretend play.

  • Price: £26.95
  • Age:   Suitable for children ages 3 years plus

Best Baby Doll Changing Set

Babies To Love Changing Bag Set - Argos

There is everything a proud baby doll owner could want in this set of accessories, which includes toys, soothers, building blocks, feeding accessories, nappies, and even a potty. This is a great way of promoting caregiving in kids, as they learn what the best things to pack are for a day out with their doll, and learn about the importance of the different items in their baby doll's day. Best of all, everything packs away neatly into a bag, making storage and carrying a breeze for you.

  • Price: £8
  • Age: Suitable for children ages 2 years plus

Best Baby Dolls Cot

Baby Annabell Sweet Dreams Crib - Early Learning Centre

This doll's cot is specifically designed for the Baby Annabell dolls' measurements, and features both an automatic rocking function (just press the Baby Annabell logo at the base of the crib to start the motion) and a soothing lullaby that plays when the doll is in the cot and primed for sleep. Mattress and bedding are included so your little ones can tuck Baby Annabell in,  and there's a cute sheep to watch over her sleep. Just remember your batteries for the cot, as they aren't included.

  • Price: £39.99
  • Ages: Suitable for kids ages 3 years plus

Best Doll Car Seat

Casdon Dolls Car Booster Seat - Argos

This is the doll car seat to rule them all. It comes complete with a three-point harness that is secured by a pair of buckles to keep your child's doll safe, as well as armrests and facilities for fixing the seat to the car. This booster seat therefore looks just like those used by kids in cars, so gives a hint of real-world imitation to your child's role play, as their doll will look exactly like them. Note that the car seat will fit any doll up to 46cm in size.

  • Price: £14
  • Age:  Suitable for children ages 3 years plus

Best Doll Potty

Baby Born Toilet - Early Learning Centre

Toilet training kids might be hard, but potty training dolls should be easy with this portable potty. There are sound effects to encourage your child's doll to go - including applause - and a button enables any leavings to be easily flushed away. Just don't forget the AA batteries.

  • Price: £17
  • Age: Suitable for children ages 3 years plus

Best Baby Doll Carriage Pram

Carriage Pram - Early Learning Centre

We've included a buggy on this list already, but this Carriage Pram is a sophisticated upgrade of one of the more ubiquitous baby doll accessories, therefore making it a unique choice for any doll owner. The pram is vintage in style, with four sturdy wheels, a sprung chassis, comfort grip 68cm handlebar. The purple colour is elegant, and the pram comes with matching pillow and bedding. The hood is also adjustable and the apron is removable, so the pram is ideal for a walk in rain or shine. It'll fit dolls and toys of up to 50cm.

  • Price: £29.99
  • Age: Suitable for children ages 3 years plus

Best Doll Travel Cot

Joie Excursion Toy Travel Cot - Argos

This crib is made after the 'real life' Joie Excursion, so will help children to feel more grown-up, as they can look and act just like their parents. There is also a lullaby sound box to soothe any doll off to restful sleep, and the cot has translucent mesh sides so kids can keep an eye on sleeping toys. The crib is collapsible, making for easy storage, and has a matching travel bag, so it can come along on any family holiday. There's even a detachable changing unit included with the crib too, and a detachable bouncer, so this is a perfect three-in-one set for kids who really want to kit out their doll. We're also a fan of the colours, and think this is one of the best sets of doll accessories out there.

  • Price: £30
  • Ages: Suitable for kids age 3 years plus

Best Baby Doll Wardrobe

Baby Born Weather Duck Wardrobe - Early Learning Centre

Perfect for the toy with lots of baby doll clothes, and ideal for encouraging play that focusses on dressing up. The doors of this Weather Duck Wardrobe open outwards, showing your child all the dolls clothes available for them to make an informed decision, and the wardrobe also features hanger and shelf space. What's more, the wardrobe allows kids to check the weather forecast by pressing a button so that they can pick the right outfit for their doll no matter what the weather, come rain or shine. We're big fans.

  • Price: £49.99
  • Age: Suitable for kids ages 3 years plus

Best Baby Doll Onesie

Onesies For Baby Doll - Amazon

There's a surplus of doll clothes out there, but these fleecy onesies are particularly cute accessories. They'll fit dolls up to 45cm, and easily slip on and off thanks to the front poppers. We're particularly taken by the little ears on the hood.

  • Price: £9.99
  • Age: Suitable for children ages 3 years plus

Best Five In One Set For Baby Dolls

Hauck 5in1 Playcenter For Baby Dolls And Cuddly Toys - Amazon‍

This play set means business. Perfect if your child has more than one doll, or a set of twins, this frame has a bunk bed, a high chair for both dolls, a shelf with two storage bins, and a hanging rail for doll clothes, and, with a bit of imagination, the dining table space can also be used as a changing table. Given how much is packed into the set, it's also incredibly compact at only 56cm width, and it comes complete with additional accessories  - namely two hangers, pillows, and matching blankets.

  • Price: £44.99
  • Age: Suitable for kids ages 3 years plus

Best Baby Doll Care Centre

Babies To Love Baby Care Centre - Argos

This is another great set of accessories for your kids to learn to look after their dolls just like a real home. The unit is foldable (which we're fans of), and includes a kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom area, in addition to 13 supplementary accessories, including baby bottles and feeding utensils. There's a rocking cradle in the bedroom area, so your kids can soothe their doll to sleep - plus it detaches, making it a great portable carrier. The bathroom area has a little shower nozzle for when it's time for the doll to get clean, and the tub detaches, doubling up as a changing table. The real winner of this set is the pretend cooking pot, hot plate, and sink in the kitchen section, which allows your little one to go through the motions of cooking and making food for their doll, who can sit happily in the high chair surveying everything. A fabulous set for any doll and its owner.

  • Price: £70
  • Age: Suitable for children ages 3 years plus

Best Doll Sleeping Bag

Baby Annabell Sweet Dreams Sleeping Bag - Amazon

We felt we had to include this as an alternative to dolls clothes, but also, and mainly, as one of the baby doll accessories that glows in the dark. Your child's doll will drift easily off to sleep, securely fastened in the sleeping bag via the velcro straps.

  • Price: £13
  • Age: Suitable for children ages 3 years plus

Best Doll Clothes Set

Doll Clothes Accessories - Amazon

Great for dolls around 43cm, this set includes ten different colourful outfits, including several onesies, baby grows, a dressing gown, and a unicorn all-in-one. Hard to go wrong, really.

  • Price: £25.99
  • Age: Suitable for children ages 3 years plus

Best Doll School Accessory Set

Our Generation School Accessory Set - Smyths Toys

It's possible that you have slightly older children who are proud owners of slightly more adult dolls - for example an American Girl. In that case, your kids are more likely to want a doll with accessories that reflect their stage of life, for which school is a major moment. The School Smarts set is a great collection of little toys in that case, including one backpack, pen, notebook, library card, and sticky pad. There's also a Let's Do Lunch set available, as well as an Oh La La Glam set.  Cute accessories for slightly more adult dolls.

Kidadl Best Buys selects the top parent-recommended products across the web for families of all ages. If you liked our suggestions for the best baby doll accessories sets, then consider checking out our list of the best gender-neutral toys for kids of all ages. We've also researched the best aprons for kids too, so your mini painters and bakers can get creative without causing too much chaos.

  • Price: £7.99
  • Age: Suitable for children ages 3 years plus
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