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12 Best Baby Handprint Kits Perfect For Delicate Hands And Feet

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It is a joy to watch our babies grow, but it's important to have keepsakes to remember every precious moment too.

A keepsake of your baby's handprint and footprint is a great way to remember just how small and adorable they were as newborns, but with ink, clay and 3D options, choosing a kit can be a tricky business. Our list of the best kits around will help you preserve a memory to cherish.

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Our Top Choice

Bubzi Co Beautiful Baby Handprint Kit & Footprint Photo Frame‍

This lovely kit from Bubzi is easy to use and comes with an elegant frame to display your baby's hand and footprint alongside a photo of your choice. The non-toxic ink pad is reusable, there are five pieces of baby print paper to leave room for any mistakes and the ink easily wipes clean without fuss. A free, printable 'baby firsts' e-book is included for you to display alongside and a portion of the profits from this kit goes towards supporting mums' postpartum mental health, so this is money to a good cause as well.

  • Price: £14.99
  • Age: 0-4 years

Best For An Inkless Kit

Pearhead Newborn Baby Clean-Touch Inkless Pad

Unlike traditional ink kits, this Pearhead pad is designed so that your baby's hand and foot never actually touch the ink, instead pressing through to the imprint card from the back of the pad. This keeps any mess to a minimum and is great for those of us with wriggly babies! The pads come in three colours, and while the prints do take around two days to dry fully, you'll be left with a great impression.

  • Price: £5.99
  • Age: Newborn

Best For Multiple Prints

PChero 4 Pack Baby Handprint And Footprint Ink Pads‍

This inkless kit is more expensive than the Pearhead pad, but you get more prints for the money which is great if you want to give some away as presents to grandparents or godparents. The four pads come with eight cards, so you get a practice round for each baby hand and footprint. In addition, the ink only takes ten minutes to dry so you can decorate or send them right away.

  • Price: £17.99
  • Age: 6-12 months

Best For Gifting

Elizabeth Jane Baby Hand And Foot Inkless Print Kit‍

Coming with inkless towelette, two sheets of coated print paper and detailed instructions, this version from Elizabeth Jane is a fairly standard inkless baby hand and footprint kit. However, for £2 more you can get the Premium version which is nicely presented bound with bakers twine in a washer envelope with a gift tag for a personal message, ideal if you're buying this as a baby shower or new arrival present.

  • Price: £11

Best For A Clay Kit

Little Hippo Handprint Kit And Frame‍

For something a bit more three dimensional but still easy to hang on a wall, this clay kit from Little Hippo is a great choice. It comes with three packs of non-toxic white clay that are prepared for imprinting by simply kneading them together. A rolling pin and double sided tape are provided to mount the clay in the lovely, hand-painted solid wood frame and then you can cast your baby hand and feet mould to preserve the perfect little memento with ease.

  • Price: £19.95

Best For A Keepsake Box

Baby Art Magic Box Round Essentials Elegant Gift Box With Plaster Cast For Baby Feet Or Hands‍

If you're planning to keep your hand and footprints in a baby keepsakes box rather than displaying them, then this little box could be just what you're looking for. Simply place your baby's hand prints or foot prints into the dermatologically tested clay and repeat until you get a result you're happy with. It does take around eight days for the clay to dry but no baking is required and the little round box makes a perfect secret treasure.

  • Price: £22.10
  • Age: 0-3 years

Best For 3D

Darice Precious Impressions Memory Mold 3D Keepsake Kit‍

Prints are lovely, but you might want a little hand you can hold even after they're long grown up. This DIY casting kit allows you to create a detailed (and adorable) life-size model of your baby's hand or feet, using moulding gel which you then cast in the provided stone plaster. It does take a few minutes to set, so this isn't ideal if you have a fidgety baby, and the display base is not included, but for the price this is a great 3D option.

  • Price: £16.58
  • Age: 0-6 months

Best For Painting Pros

BabyRice Baby Casting Kit‍

This BabyRice kit is another straightforward DIY cast set, but with a few nice extra touches that make it feel a bit more upmarket. There are enough materials to make up to six different casts of a newborn or two or three of a toddler, so you can have a practice run and take both hand and footprints. The plaster takes a few days to dry,  but when it's done you can use the paintbrush and metallic paint provided to give your casts a lovely finish and then mount them in the 3D box frame provided.

  • Price: £39.99
  • Age: 0-3 years

Best For High End

The Lovely Keepsake Company Solid Oak Handprint Carving‍

For something more bespoke, this oak carved 'postcard' is a unique gift to treasure. Designed to hang on a wall or display as a freestanding frame, your baby footprint or handprint is carved into solid oak using a combination of traditional craftsmanship and cutting edge image capture technology. After you place an order you'll receive clay and a set of simple instructions to take a cast at home. You then send a mould back in the pre-paid envelope provided before receiving your final print in a presentation box.

  • Price: £99.99
  • Age: 0-4 years

Best For Displaying At Home

Bubzi Co Baby Handprint And Footprint Kit Ornament‍

Another Bubzi baby footprint kit, this is the best if you want to make wonderful little ornaments to display around the home or on the Christmas tree. Easy to use, with two clay pouches for both hand print and foot, heart and circle mould, twine and a paint set and easel, the quality is excellent for the price. Again, some proceeds go towards Postpartum Support International too.

  • Price: £15.97
  • Age: 0-9 months

Best For Displaying Extra Items

Hat Creations MUBY Baby Handprint And Footprint Photo Frame Kit‍

Intended to capture your baby's very first moments, unlike other kits the MUBY frame has space to display not just a photo but also mother and baby birth bracelets as well. As well as the wooden frame, non-toxic clay and a rolling pin are provided, and you simply roll the clay out in the frame and then press your baby's hands and feet gently into to make a perfect memory last forever.

  • Price: £22.90
  • Age: 6 months+

Best For Growing Hands

Hongxin-Shop Baby Handprint And Footprint Kit‍

A record of your baby's newborn hands is lovely, but a record of how they've grown can be even nicer. Another inkless model imprint kit, this one is unusual compared to other kits because the ink pad is very large. More affordable too, and with four imprint cards in each pack, these Hongxin kits could be used to chart your baby's hand and foot size as they grow bigger, even to the point where they take their first steps!

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  • Price: £7.99
  • Age: 0-6 months
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