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12 Best Baby Mobiles Perfect To Stimulate Or Soothe

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Mobiles have long been an accessory in a nursery.

They help to either entertain your little one as they play in their cot, or make them drift off to sleep with the help of music, toys and movement. Whilst they are not a compulsory feature, it can help you soothe your baby and can also encourage sensory development.

Mobiles either attach to a cot with a connecting arm, or you can hang them on the ceiling above the cot. Newborn babies can only see within 10 inches off their face, so you will need to adjust the height and position of the mobile as they grow. To hang on the ceiling, it is most common to pin them up after drilling a hole, and if connecting to a cot, these models often come with an easy to use attachment arm. All you must remember is where to place them; it must be close enough for your baby to see, but not close enough for them to reach it.

Take a look at our roundup of the best baby mobiles out there. If you're looking for more baby essentials, we've also picked the best baby monitors and the top baby play mats!

Our Top Choice

Tiny Love Take Along Musical Mobile

Recommended very highly amongst parents, and being an Amazon's top choice too, you can be sure this is an excellent buy.  This mobile is suited to cots, buggies or car seats, and it best for taking on your travels or for an overnight stay, but it can be used as a permanent nursery accessory too. The adjustable arm connector fits most accessories. The spinning toys and music create a sensory experience; the toys visually stimulate, the melodies soothe and calm your baby for up to 30 minutes, and the vibrant colours provide endless fun too.

This requires three AAA batteries that are not included.

  • Price: £24.99
  • Age: 0 months+
  • 5 melodies
  • Spinning toys
  • Connector arm

Best Cot Mobiles For Babies

Elephant Musical Mobile

Elephant cot mobiles are a very popular design, as the grey, neutral tones suit any colour schemes. With cute elephant, star and moon plush characters, these move in a rotating motion whilst classical music is played, to provide a completely soothing and sensory experience. The adorable, popular design makes this a perfect baby shower or newborn gift. This also coordinates with other products in the Elephant Edit collection.

  • Price: £39
  • Age: 0-5 months
  • Rotating mobile
  • Plush characters
  • Plays Brahms lullaby 

Best Baby Mobiles For Day And Night

Chad Valley Baby A-Z Candy Animals Mobile

The Candy Animals mobile is an excellent buy for soothing your baby off to sleep. The mobile rotates slowly whilst playing lullabies, so the auditory and visual sensory aspects work together to help your baby off to sleep. However, this is also a great way to entertain during the day, as the bright characters are interesting to look at.  

  • Price: £20
  • Age: 0-5 months

Best For Development

Manhattan Toy Wimmer-Ferguson Infant Mobile

This baby mobile uses the black and white patterning that is award-winning for Wimmer-Ferguson products. To adapt with your baby's development changes, the black and white designs, alongside the colours and complex patterns, expose your little one to high contrast images and different sensory experiences. Wimmer-Ferguson also offer an 'On The Go' model of this that can be attached to your car seat or travel cot. You can easily change the cards as your baby's vision develops, and it is easily attachable to a cot side to ensure it is close. Newborns prefer contrasted patterns, so put these in first, and then change these to colours later along the line.

  • Price: £28
  • Age: 0-5 months
  • Interchangeable cards (black and white/colour)
  • Cot connecting arm 

Best For Easy Attaching

Nuby Musical Baby Cot Mobile

This adorable, neutral, minimalistic baby hanging mobile would make a lovely addition to any nursery. It is easy and fuss-free to attach to any cot, and the hanging toys will keep your little one entertained with the music and gently moving plush toys. This comes with an easy on-off switch too for when they drift off to sleep. You can either get the Little Fox or Penguin designs, so you have choice to match your nursery.

  • Price: £19.99
  • Age: 0-5 months
  • Adjustable arm
  • Plays lullabies
  • Plush toys

Best Musical Mobiles For Babies

Nattou Sam And Toby Musical Baby Mobile

The Nattou range of mobiles bring a choice of seven different musical mobiles, and Sam and Toby bring a dog, a sheep and two owl hanging toys to the nursery. The cuddly, soft characters are a distinguishing feature of Nattou's mobiles, and they are well suited to neutral rooms, nurseries or changing stations. Simply pull the easy chord and soothing, musical tunes will play for your little one. The characters move to the music, so this mobile can soothe and calm your little one both visually and aurally.

  • Price: £42.84
  • Age: 0 months+
  • 4 plush toys
  • Pull chord

Best For Longevity

Tiny Love Soothe N' Groove Baby Mobile

This musical mobile for cot or crib has 18 different, non-repetitive melodies that can soothe and calm your little one. It is also great for the 'groove', by visually stimulating your little one with spinning cot toys for babies that move alongside the music. What's more, this can also turns into a stand-alone music box, so the mobile can grow with your baby from toddler.

  • Price: £24.99
  • Age: 0 months+
  • 18 melodies
  • Spinning toys
  • Changes into music box 

Best Projection Mobiles

Fisher-Price Butterfly Dreams 3-In-1 Projection Mobile

This projection cot mobile is motorised and comes with a projector, so this takes sensory stimulation to the next level. The slow, motorised movements keep your baby completely mesmerised, whilst the starry night light projects a show onto the ceiling to stimulate your little one. Not only does it move and interest your baby visually, there are also three different musical settings that play up to 30 minutes of songs, white noise or even soothing nature sounds, which will soothe and calm your little one. You can even take this out with you, as it can easily attach to a buggy canopy or car seat for on the move. It also converts to a tabletop soother for older babies and toddlers, so this is a good investment too.

  • Price: £35
  • Age: 0-5 months
  • Motorised mobile
  • 3 musical settings
  • 3 soft butterfly toys
  • Remote control

Best Baby Mobiles For Soothing

Infantino 3-In-1 Projector Musical Mobile

An Amazon's Choice cot mobile with projector, the Infantino model is labelled as the  "secret to a good night's sleep". With a night light that projects onto the ceiling, a selection of melodies that soothe your baby and a reflective mirror for your little one to look at themselves. The 3-in-1 technology will most definitely calm your baby as they try to sleep, and with an automatic shut off timer after 20 minutes, it will turn off once they are fast asleep.

  • Price: £38.55
  • Age: 0-5 months
  • 6 melodies and 4 nature sounds
  • Night and day options
  • Mirror
  • Multi-coloured lighting area
  • Attachable arm

Best For Families On A Budget

Jojo Maman Bebe Noah's Ark Baby Mobile

This is the best baby mobile on our list for value, it comes at a reasonable price whilst taking a colourful twist on a traditional story. It is a lovely nursery mobile for your baby. The baby toy hanger is designed with a large rainbow that has a variety of animals, from a rhino to a dove, hanging from the bottom. The looped string above makes this easy to pin to the ceiling or anywhere in a nursery, so, for a reasonable price, you can get a bright, colourful, fuss-free mobile for your little one.

  • Price: £14
  • Age: 0-5 months
  • Noah's ark characters 

Best Environmentally Friendly Mobiles

Haba Rainbow Balls Baby Mobile

These funky rainbow balls form an eye-catching, environmentally friendly mobile. It is a simple yet sophisticated, and this can be hung above a cot or changing table to entertain your little one. The balls are made from beech wood taken from a sustainable forestry in Germany, it is both good for the environment and an excellent addition to any nursery.

  • Price: £37.41
  • Age: 0-5 months
  • Beech wood balls 

Best Character Mobiles

Peter Rabbit Musical Mobile

Based on the classic books and illustrations of Beatrix Potter, this adorable rabbit mobile is a lovely addition to any nursery. The neutral blues, browns and white mean that this will easily fit with most colour schemes. These hanging toys soothe and entertain your baby whilst they are in their cot, whether sleeping or playing.

Kidadl Best Buys selects the top parent-recommended products across the web for families of all ages. If you loved our selection of the best baby mobile, take a look at the best sensory toys for babies, or for something different these baby swimming rings.

  • Price: £40
  • Age: 0-5 months
  • Plays Brahms Lullaby
  • Gently rotates
  • Adjustable connecting arm 
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