9 Best Baby Prams: 3 In 1 Perfect Multiway Travel Systems

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Transporting your baby anywhere from play dates to doctors appointments or outdoor adventures to grocery shopping has never been easier with the introduction of multiway travel prams.  

These unique pushchairs offer adaptable solutions to travelling. They allow for babies to be wheeled around in three different styles: a carrycot for lying down flat, a feature specifically designed for newborns, a sitting down, outward facing option or in a car seat, with travelling in mind.

The reversible nature of the pushchair means babies can also enjoy  parent facing views. Most of these systems include a  detachable carrycot, allowing babies to lie flat when wheeling, perfect for nap time. A car seat is also common in these handy  prams, allowing an easy solution for parents to transfer tots from the pram to a car with just one hand. This accessible invention is also great for travel as most frames fold down to fit in the boot or to store at home. What's great about these products is the ability they have to last a long time within your family, with seating adaptations available for both a growing and curious body and mind. If you're looking to travel with your little one, you might also find our recommendations in baby cots for travel and baby beach tents helpful.

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Kidadl's Top Pick

Although all the pram systems mentioned are great quality, we have outlined what we believe to be the best option for both parent and baby.

1. My Babiie Billie Faiers MB200 Travel System - R Gold & Blush

Elegant and fashionable 3 in 1 rose gold pushchair, bassinet , car seat and adaptor.

We love this stylish, 3 in 1, rose gold coloured pushchair from Billie Faiers' range.  Well designed for parents' ease of use, this pram has lightweight folding features and an adjustable handle. Perfect for all weathers in mind, this travel system comes equipped with a raincover, while the removable newborn cushions allow the pram to stay with you throughout the first few years of your child's life. This top pick also includes a separate car seat and bassinet in the same pretty pale pink colour.

Main Features

  • Price: £349.99
  • Age: 0-4 years
  • Contains pushchair, bassinet and car seat

Best For Families On A Budget

2. My Babiie 3 In 1 Travel System

Multi purpose grey star baby carrier design prefect for  travel system.

As one of the most affordable travel systems available, this one also has many desirable and unique features. It's adorned with a simple but charming grey star design, while its lightweight and strong frame makes folding and storing easy. Containing an adjustable handle and large storage basket, this Aldi buy is a fantastic newborn buggy.

Main Features

  • Price: £179.99
  • Age: 0-4 years
  • Contains pushchair, carry cot and car seat

Best For Families Who Love Exploring

3. Silver Cross Pioneer 2020 Pushchair

Glamourous new design  with pacific autograph pushchair.

This newborn pushchair from popular pram brand, Silver Cross, is suitable for all outdoor use, with multi-terrain tyres and good suspension. The silver and sky coloured stroller is finished with premium fabric and leatherette handles, giving it a smart, sleek look.  It's one of the more expensive options but with an extra-large shopping basket, a reversible bamboo seat liner and a sun visor with a special viewing window for your baby's enjoyment, we're confident that this smooth ride is worth the extra money.

Main Features

  • Price: £795
  • Age: Suitable from birth

Best For Smart Design

4. Cosatto Giggle 3 Premium Travel System Bundle

User friendly and elegant design of orange fox travel system set.

With one of the cutest and brightest fox patterns, this premium pram is a top pick for design. It is thin and streamlined to increase the ease of navigating tighter spaces, and has lockable wheels to promote your baby's safety. The baby pushchair, suitable from birth, is also adorned with an orange soft toy fox, which fastens to the padded handle bar to entertain your child on trips out.

Main Features

  • Price: £649.95
  • Age: 0-15 months
  • Contains pushchair, carrycot, car seat and adaptors

Best For Lightweight

5. Cosatto Woop Travel System Nightbird

Suitable and easily move multi color facing parent pushchair.

This Cosatto pram comes in an adorable navy nightbird design, with complimentary turquoise frames and wheels. The 3 in 1 pram has just three wheels, making it perfect for tight manoeuvres and narrow passages. For ease of use, we really can't find a better option. It also reclines to a comfortable sleeping or parent facing position for newborns and has plenty of storage space underneath. The Cosatto product is compact and easy to fold or carry. This eye-catching pram, complete with a sunshade, is perfect for strolls around the park on warmer days.

Main Features

  • Price: £199
  • Age: 0-3 years

Best For Travelling  

6. Babyzen YOYO² 6+ Stroller

Simple Black pink stroller best for newborn babies.

We love this cute ginger stroller from trusted brand, Babyzen, that comes with a chunky seat belt to keep your baby super safe. It's ultra-lightweight frames make this a great product to quickly fold up and pack in a car or store in small places. With the extra addition of a newborn pack from Babyzen, this pram can be easily converted for newborn use.

Main Features

  • Price: £399
  • Age: 6 months +

Best For Twins

7. Baby Elegance Cupla Twin Travel System

Adaptable and flexible plain black pushchair for twins.

If you're looking for a pram that will suit larger families, either for twins or close-in-age siblings, then this easily customisable travel system is ideal. The product comes with one sturdy frame, two matching car seats, and two matching inserts for newborn use. As one of the few 3 in 1 travel system prams available for multiple babies, it comes in at a larger price than many other travel systems, but, as it offers double the items, we think it is worth it.

Main Features

  • Price: £715.99
  • Age: 0-4 years
  • Contains two carry cots, two car seats and two newborn inserts

Best For Rainy Weather

8. Pushichair Baby Stroller Travel System with Bassinet

Leather brown black and rose gold metal baby stroller with bassinet.

The waterproof feature on this leather design egg seat makes this one a perfect option for suitable prams on drizzly days, as well as ensuring its super easy to clean. This baby pram can be converted into four reclining positions and is available in a range of different eye-catching colours, meaning there will likely be one which is right to your taste.

Main Features

  • Price: £499
  • Age: 0-4 years
  • Contains stroller seat and stroller basket

Best For Ultra Comfort

9. Bugaboo Fox² Complete Stroller

Elegant grey complete stroller for travel.

This one may be on the pricier side of 3 in 1 prams, but this Bugaboo stroller is a perfect option for parents who are looking for style as well as substance. The pram is complete with a foam carrycot and sun canopy for your baby's ultra comfort when wheeling. With its high quality suspension and big wheels, this baby travel system is also ideal for outdoor adventures. The calming grey colour also means that this buggy is a stylish option that fashion-conscious parents will be proud to push around town.

Main Features

  • Price: £949
  • Age: 0-48 months
  • Contains carrycot and seat frame

Travelling with babies can often seem stressful at first, but with these help of these unique, handy and adaptable systems, complete with plenty of space to store personal bags or bits and bobs for tots, it transforms into, literally, a walk in the park . If you're using these systems to travel to a play dates, be sure to check out our recommendations for baby play mats and baby travel toys to ensure you've got the top gadgets and gizmos for babies.



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