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10 Best Black Friday Theatre Tickets You Won't Want To Miss

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Transport yourself to Oz, Ancient Egypt, or the middle of the Pacific Ocean this Black Friday - it's all just a theatre ticket away! Don't miss out on seeing the West End's biggest shows. There's a show for all ages and budgets in our carefully curated selection of London theatre shows - from cracking comedy plays, to magnificent musicals at a variety of London's most exciting venues. Treat yourself this Black Friday with the best seats in London's West End theatres. And if you're too late, there's often last-minute availability so do keep checking.

Still not found what you're looking for? Check out our full list of shows with exclusive Black Friday prices to check out how you can find fantastic tickets this winter.

Prices were correct at time of publishing.

The Best Theatre Show For Teeny Tots

Peppa Pig's Best Day Ever

Packed with games, giggles and music, Peppa Pig's Best Day Ever is live at Theatre Royal Haymarket. It's the perfect entertainment for any Peppa Pig-crazy kids! Book your tickets to the West End show now.

Watch Peppa Pig go out on special day out with Mummy Pig, Daddy Pig, George and friends. At a duration of just 1 hour and 20 minutes, your little ones will love this introduction into the world of plays! Peppa Pig's Best Day Ever is a live action show containing actors in costumes.

  • Age rating: Suitable for all ages
  • Where? Theatre Royal Haymarket, SW1Y 4HT
  • Price: From £10

The Best Immersive Theatre Show

Doctor Who: Time Fracture

Get theatre tickets to Doctor Who: Time Fracture for Black Friday -an immersive theatrical experience that throws you into Doctor Who's universe.

Immersive LDN is known for hosting spellbinding immersive experiences and Doctor Who: Time Fracture is no different. The space has created 17 different worlds to explore, and audience members must walk around the theatre to help save the Earth - and defeat menacing monsters along the way.

  • Age rating: 8+
  • Where? Immersive LDN, W1K 5JF
  • Price: From £25

The Best Theatre Show For Grandma's Favourite

Gangsta Granny

Friday nights for Ben usually consist of boring stays at his Granny's house. But does Granny have a shocking secret? Grab theatre tickets for Gangsta Granny live Bloomsbury Theatre.

Your children will love watching Ben go on wild adventures with his Gangsta Granny in the award-winning West End production of David Walliams's famous children's book. Treat the family to tickets to this fantastic show - hurry, as this one will sell out fast!

  • Age rating: 3+
  • Where? Bloomsbury Theatre, WC1H 0AH
  • Price: From £25

The Best Theatre Show For Budding Biologists

Operation Ouch!

TV’s favourite doctors return to London theatre this December. Secure tickets to the all-new, wacky experiment-packed theatre show Operation Ouch! - based on the award-winning TV show.

Dr Chris and Dr Xand showcase the fascinating world of science and search for answers to biology's biggest questions in this hit play at The Lyric Theatre in London. Book your Black Friday theatre tickets for this show if you're ready for a squeamish and sensational experience.

  • Age rating: 5+
  • Where? The Lyric Theatre
  • Price: From £25

The Best Theatre Show For Shakespeare Enthusiasts

The Comedy of Errors

Calling all Shakespeare fans! After its season in Stratford-Upon-Avon, the Royal Shakespeare Company's production of The Comedy of Errors takes over the London theatre scene at the Barbican. It's the finest entertainment London.

A father ends up in the wrong place at the wrong time. A son loses himself in search of his brother. A wife realises she might not know her husband at all. Book your theatre tickets now and discover their fates.

  • Age rating: TBC
  • Where? The Barbican, EC2Y 8DS
  • Price: From £25

The Best Theatre Show For Shakespeare Sceptics

& Juliet

Imagine Romeo & Juliet's - scratch that... imagine Juliet's story retold. Join Juliet on her search for self-love in the musical theatre show & Juliet live at Shaftesbury Theatre. Experience one of London's best West End musicals and book your tickets this Black Friday.

Don't worry Shakespeare sceptics, there's far more music, dance and fun in this than the original Romeo & Juliet.

  • Age rating: 6+
  • Where? Shaftesbury Theatre, WC2H 8DP
  • Price: From £25

The Best Theatre Show For Curious Historians

The Prince of Egypt

This Black Friday, don’t miss your chance to book tickets to experience the production of The Prince of Egypt: the awe-inspiring hit musical from Grammy and Academy Award-winner Stephen Schwartz, live at the Dominion Theatre.

Journey through Ancient Egypt as you witness the story of Moses and Rameses, two young brothers who are suddenly divided by their different fates. With amazing, award-winning music and epic set design, this masterpiece cannot be missed.

  • Age rating: 7+
  • Where? Dominion Theatre, W1T 7AQ
  • Price: From £25

The Best Theatre Show For Daring Detectives

The Mousetrap

Witness the thrilling murder mystery by Agatha Christie, the best-selling novelist of all time, and secure tickets to The Mousetrap at St Martin's Theatre this Black Friday.

Seven suspicious strangers find themselves discovering the truth behind a murder in London when they find out that the real murderer is among them. Uncover the mystery and book tickets now!

  • Age rating: 7+
  • Where? St Martin's Theatre, WC2H 9NZ
  • Price: From £25

The Best Show For Thrill Seekers

Circus 1903

Marvel at the contortionists, trapeze artists, acrobats, a death defying high-wire act and life-sized elephant puppets when you book tickets for Circus 1903 at the Southbank Centre.

Expect the most amazing tricks and acts your family will ever see when you book your tickets for Circus 1903 this Black Friday.

  • Age rating: 3+
  • Where? Southbank Centre, SE1 8XX
  • Price: From £25

The Best Theatre Show For The Sentimental

Life of Pi

Absolutely everyone needs seats for the extraordinary theatre adaptation of Life of Pi, based on the highly acclaimed novel of hope and perseverance. Watch Pi's journey to land after a ship sinks in the middle of the mighty Pacific Ocean. What are his chances of survival when his only friend is a Bengal tiger?

Book tickets to one of the best West End shows on this side of the Pacific. Book your tickets this Black Friday to Life of Pi at Wyndham Theatre.

  • Age rating: 8+
  • Where? Wyndham Theatre, WC2H 0DA
  • Price: From £25
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