10 Best Buggy Boards To Buy Now

Mum on walk with pushchair and buggy board.

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If you're currently trying to figure out how to get moving with two young children and don't really want to deal with the struggle of manoeuvring around a double buggy - then a buggy board is an excellent low-cost solution!

A buggy board works by clipping onto the back of a single pushchair and turning it into one that is suitable for two children - either in standing, sitting, two-in-one, or ride-along form. Buggy boards are fantastic for those from toddler-age to around five years old who are likely to get tired easily from walking, and are both secure and safe if properly used.

Most pushchair brands have created their own buggy boards specific to them, but a lot of them are actually universal - and some are created purely for that purpose. They're great for hopping on and off and can be an excellent helping hand for a growing family. We've rounded up our top 10 buggy boards below fit for all purposes and budgets, check them out below to find out more!

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Kidadl's Top Pick

All of the buggy boards on the list below would make for a great addition to your pushchair and come highly-recommended, but if you're short on time then our top pick would have to be the Bumprider Pushchair Stroller Board due to its universal compatibility, its excellent functioning, its safety features, and its price.

1. Bumprider Pushchair Stroller Board - Argos

Bumprider Pushchair Stroller Board - Argos

Designed to fit 100% of single pushchairs, this Swedish designed Bumprider stroller board uses patented technology to ensure that you get an excellent product. The award-winning board can be fitted without tools, can be easily clipped on and off, folds away when not in use, and looks great. Fun for kids two years and older to ride along on and easy for you to manoeuvre - the buggy board is great value for money, has an anti-slip surface and two-wheel suspension so that safety is never an issue, and smoothly travels over bumps and curbs. If you're after quality, style, function, compatibility, and a very decent price point - this is the one for you.

Main Features

  • Price: £69.99
  • Weight Limit: up to 22kg
  • Suitable for 100% of buggies

Best Eco-Friendly Buggy Boards

2. Uppababy Vista Piggyback Board

Uppababy Vista Piggyback Board

Super easy to attach and detach, this Uppababy Vista Piggyback board provides toddlers and children with a fun way to ride and is the perfect alternative to a double buggy. The buggy board can be used with any Vista pushchair made after 2015, has plenty of place for a child to comfortably stand, has a non-skid surface to prevent slipping, and can also be conveniently folded up when not in use so that it's not in the way. The stylish brown wooden and black design makes for an attractive addition to your buggy and is great for when little legs have had enough of walking and want to simply hop on and ride around.

Main Features

  • Price: £103.99
  • Weight Limit: up to 22kg
  • Made with natural, eco-friendly wooden material

Best Two-In-One Buggy Boards

3. Lascal BuggyBoard Maxi Plus - Jojo Maman Bebe

As expected from the creators of the original buggy board, Lascal have created a real winner with this Maxi Plus option. The Swedish designed two-in-one Lascal buggy board is a best-seller for good reason - and is an incredibly popular purchase. Including both the buggy board itself and a buggy board seat, this product is compatible with most prams and is fantastic for children to both stand up and sit down on. The seat can be placed either up or down and detached easily when not in use, and the board has both a built-in suspension and is anti-slip for a sturdy and smooth ride. When your child gets tired and wants to rest, there's an easy-grip handle for them to hold on to - and the board itself is at a great height that won't get in the way of your walking.

Main Features

  • Price: £120
  • Weight Limit: up to 20kg
  • Fits 99% of pushchairs

Best For A Fun Ride

4. Phil Teds Mountain Buggy Freerider Stroller Board - Uber Kids

Phil Teds Mountain Buggy Freerider Stroller Board - Uber Kids

This phil&teds mountain buggy freerider stroller board is a fantastic and innovative creation sure to be loved by both adults and kids. Available in a choice of four colours, toddlers and young children can either use the two-in-one sturdy scooter alone for a fun ride or it can be clipped onto the buggy and they can ride along with you when their legs get tired. The award-winning board is compatible with many popular buggies, has adjustable handles with that will grow with your child, and even LED wheels that light up when moving for that extra special touch. The scooter board is great to help little ones with their balance, is sturdy, of good quality, easy to use, and is suitable for those just learning to scoot.

Main Features

  • Price: £66.75
  • Weight Limit: up to 20kg as a scooter board, and 50kg as a scooter
  • Light up wheels

Best For A Comfortable Experience

5. Bugaboo Plus Pushchair Comfort Wheeled Board

Bugaboo Plus Pushchair Comfort Wheeled Board

Super comfortable and super stylish, this Bugaboo comfort wheeled buggy board is both useful and enjoyable. When you're out and about and your young child no longer feels like walking, they can simply hop on the board and stand as you move or have a seat and ride along with you. The board itself is easy to attach, makes for a smooth and stable ride, and is also adjustable to the left or right side from the middle to allow for extra space when you're walking. The stylish black and grey board can be used on all Bugaboo pushchairs, and if you don't want to use the buggyboard with seat, you can simply detach it  - or if the board is not in use at all it can be folded up so it's not in your way. A fantastic addition to your pushchair that your child is sure to love just as much as you do!

Main Features

  • Price: £90
  • Weight Limit: up to 20kg
  • Made with plastic

Best For Gliding Along

6. Baby Jogger Glider Board

Baby Jogger Glider Board

This Baby Jogger Glider board is a great, simple attachment to the pushchair. The two-wheeled board is fitted with a non-slip surface for safety, attaches easily to the stroller, and can be simply flipped out of the way when not in use. It's compatible with most Baby Jogger prams, is height-adjustable so that you don't hit your feet when walking, is designed in a classic plain black to match the stroller, and glides smoothly along the pavement for an enjoyable journey. As with most buggy boards, you may find yourself having to reposition your handlebar to make room for a taller child's head - but it's a great all-around product for a very decent price.

Main Features

  • Price: £65.81
  • Weight Limit: up to 20kg
  • Height adjustable

Best For Easy Assembly

7. YOYO+ Wheelboard - KiddiesKingdom

YOYO+ Wheelboard - KiddiesKingdom

So easy and quick to install that it can even be done with just a single hand in one swift click - this wheelboard is absolutely ideal for walks or getting out and about with two children, and looks very stylish with its black and white design. The double-wheeled buggy board with seat is suitable for both sitting and standing, so if you'd like to remove the seat you can easily do so. It's also compatible with YOYO+ and YOYO² pushchairs and can be folded up into two different positions when not in use. With a built-in suspension and anti-slip materials used on the board, your child is in for a safe and smooth ride!

Main Features

  • Price: £99
  • Weight Limit: up to 20kg
  • One-hand connectivity

Best For A Universal Fit

8. Bumprider Sit Stroller Board Black

Bumprider Sit Stroller Board Black

Much like our top pick from the same brand earlier on in this list, we absolutely love this Swedish-designed black Bumprider sit stroller board. It's totally universal and is designed to fit on 100% of single strollers, so you'll never have to worry about switching to another one and losing your money. Your child will love riding along on this with you as you walk, either standing up or sitting down on the easily detachable seat. In terms of safety, the stable board is fitted with a gripping material for the feet and even has its own handlebar for children to hold on to when sitting for extra security. It's easy to set up and has an adjustable height for comfort and to avoid hitting your feet - the perfect fun ride for toddlers aged from two years up to five years to enjoy.

Main Features

  • Price: £121.51
  • Weight Limit: up to 20kg
  • Made with plastic and steel

Best For A Smooth Journey

9. ABC Design Kiddie Ride-On Board

ABC Design Kiddie Ride-On Board

Compatible with almost all umbrella fold strollers, this ABC Design Kiddie Ride buggy board is perfect for when your child needs a rest on a long walk - or simply wants to be pushed around. It's super easy to attach and dismantle to the stroller, or it can be simply folded out of the way when not in use. The built-in suspension ensures a smooth and comfortable ride even when going over bumps, and it's built so that it doesn't get in the way of walking or hit your feet when moving. It has a great safety rating, and is plenty of fun for your little one to hold onto the handlebars and enjoy riding around!

Main Features

  • Price: £59.90
  • Weight Limit: up to 20kg
  • Shock-absorbing suspension

Best For Families On A Budget

10. iSafe SegBoard Buggy Board - babyandchildstore

 iSafe SegBoard Buggy Board - babyandchildstore

Easy to steer, robust and stable, and with a built-in suspension - this skateboard kid design buggy board not only looks great, but also fits on 99% of strollers, and is the cheapest option on this list. The length and height can be adjusted for ease of movement, and the large rubber wheels make for easy handling. No need for a double pushchair, your toddler or small child can simply step on and off as they please, and will be sure to enjoy the smooth ride. The company also sells a separate seat with a handle to hold on to that can be easily attached to this universal buggy board - if you'd like the full set.

Main Features

  • Price: £41.99
  • Weight Limit: up to 20kg
  • Height adjustable

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