15 Best Car Sun Shades For Babies And Kids

Best Car Sun Shades For Babies And Kids.

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A car sun shade is a must-have baby product to keep your child safe.

Sun shades are material shades that are put up on your car window using suction cups, static cling, adhesives, straps or clips. Car shades for babies will help keep your baby cool without having to turn on the AC; they block out the sun, providing UV protection and keeping your child comfortable while they ride along in the back seat.

The most ideal car sun shade will provide a high level of light blockage and UV protection and will let your baby see the world passing by around them. They will also ideally let you use your window as normal (winding them up and down) in case you're in need of an extra breeze.

Your child will thank you for buying one of these awesome sun shades and you'll be able to drive with peace of mind knowing your child is safe from the sun. If you want more ideas for great products to keep your child safe, read our articles on the best baby monitors and baby wetsuits.

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Kidadl's Top Pick

While all the window sun shades on our list are highly recommended, if you're short on time, here's our top pick based on price and design.

1. Kinder Fluff Car Window Shade

Kinder Fluff Car Window Shade.

Kinder Fluff has made the best car sun shade, the only shades on the market certified to block 99.79% of UVA and 99.95% of UVB rays, letting your family ride with peace of mind knowing they are safe from the sun. The shade installs and folds in seconds without adhesives or suction and can be overlapped to fit any window size.

Main Features

  • Price: £11.86
  • Blocks 99.79% of UVA and 99.95% of UVB rays

Best For Cars With Extra Wide Windows

2. Dreambaby Extra-Wide Car Window Roller Blinds

Dreambaby Extra-Wide Car Window Roller Blinds.

These Dreambaby car shades are easy to install and will keep your baby safe in style with cute zebra and tiger designs printed on both sides. This shade set comes with two sunshades for car windows that unroll to 50cm and work whether the windows are up or down.

Main Features

  • Price: £14.99
  • Cute zebra and tiger designs
  • Windows can operate while in place

Best For Quick Installation

3. Baby 1st Car Window Sun Shades

Baby 1st Car Window Sun Shades.

These shades block sunlight and heat, keeping your child cool, calm and comfortable in the back seat. These shade blinds have been rigorously tested and absorb up to 98% of harsh UV rays, plus, they are compatible with all cars and can be installed in less than 30 seconds.

Main Features

  • Price: £16.50
  • Absorb up to 98% of UV rays
  • Installed in less than 30 seconds

Best For Back Seat Visibility

4. Little Life Slip-On Car Sun Shades

Little Life Slip-On Car Sun Shades.

This two-pack set of mesh fabric car sun shades for baby will fit over most car doors, blocking 70% of harsh UV rays without obstructing your child's view of the world as it zooms by.

Main Features

  • Price: £9.99
  • Blocks 70% of UV rays

Best For Adhesive Free Application

5. Little Life Stick On Car Window Shades

Little Life Stick On Car Window Shades.

Another super simple but effective option from Little Life, these butterfly and dinosaur shades cling on to the interior window using static and can easily be folded for compact storage.

Main Features

  • Price: £9.99
  • Static cling to window interior
  • Cute butterfly and dinosaur designs

Best For Easy Installation

6. Enovoe Car Sun Shades For Kids

Enovoe Car Sun Shades For Kids.

Enovoe's mesh fabric shades offer ultimate sun protection, blocking 97% of UV rays to keep your child safe. The shades have a dual layer design, a mesh layer for protection and a static back for easy installation and removal without suction cups or adhesives. Shade installation is as simple as putting the sun shade on your car window and running your hand across. This window shade makes sun protection easy.

Main Features

  • Price: £10.97
  • Block 97% of UV rays
  • Easy static-back installation

Best For Easy Removal

7. Dreambaby Stretch-To-Fit Adjustable Car Shade

Dreambaby Stretch-To-Fit Adjustable Car Shade.

These Dreambaby shades use suction cups to fit to your car window. Shade from this set will keep your child comfortable for long car trips. These shades have release tabs that make removal super easy. They can be stretched to fit almost any car window and fold down compactly for easy storage.

Main Features

  • Price: £16.90
  • Suction cups with release tabs for easy removal

Best For Extra Safety Features

8. Brica 2 Piece White Hot Sun Safety Shades

Brica 2 Piece White Hot Sun Safety Shades.

These stylish shades from Brica have an indicator that turns white when the car is too hot, keeping you and your family safe. The shade set includes two shades and a dual attachment system where you can choose adjustable straps or suction cups for the ideal fit. The premium mesh ensures visibility while keeping the harsh sun out.  

Main Features

  • Price: £15.99
  • Choose between suction cups and straps for installation

Best Slip-On Shades

9. TFY Universal Side Window Sun Shade

TFY Universal Side Window Sun Shade.

TFY's cleverly designed sunshades come in different sizes to suit your window type and have a double mesh layer to protect your passengers from the sun. These window shades slip over open doors and are held in place when they close, meaning you can still roll your window up and down with the window shade in place.

Main Features

  • Price: £15.90 - £29.40
  • 3 sizes available

Best For Hot Summer Days

10. Caramaz Sun Shade

Caramaz Sun Shade.

Tested and certified in the harsh Australian sun, these shades for car windows have a UPF of 50+, ensuring protection from 98.6% of all UV rays. They come in a range of great designs ensuring your trip is both enjoyable and safe. They have larger sizes available so no cars have to miss out on the sun shade fun. The static adhesive fits perfectly on your window with a simple press, making sun safety for your car trip as easy as can be.

Main Features

  • Price: £11.90
  • Blocks 98.6% of UV rays

Best For Magnetic Application

11. GgomaART Car Side Window Sun Shade

GgomaART Car Side Window Sun Shade.

These super cute shades act as a curtain, using magnets to mount to your car's window frame with polyester fabric that blocks out most sunlight. The windows can still be operated while this shade is in use and the window shade will cover most windows up to a mid-size sedan.

Main Features

  • Price: £21.07
  • Magnet adhesives

Best For Easy Storage

12. Leon & Sophie Car Sun Shade For Baby

Leon & Sophie Car Sun Shade For Baby.

These baby window shades for cars were built to balance protection with visibility to ensure kids are safe but can still see outdoors so your drive won't be one 'are we there yet' after another. They use suction cups to stick to your car window and come with a super cute turtle design and a foldaway pouch that can be stored in any glove box so you'll always have car window shade when you need it.

Main Features

  • Price: ££8.79
  • Suction cup installation
  • Cute turtle design

Best For Keeping Babies Entertained

13. UEOTO Car Sun Shade 2 Pack

UEOTO Car Sun Shade 2 Pack.

The little animals on this sun shade for car windows are by far the cutest design available and will have your kids entertained while you cruise to your destination. The shade uses static cling to stick to your window and includes a bag for easy storage when not in use.

Main Features

  • Price: £5.59
  • Cute animal designs
  • Static cling installation

Best For Full Coverage

14. Uarter Sun Shades

Uarter Sun Shades.

These shades will cover your car window completely, giving the equivalent of SPF 30+ protection from harmful rays. They are easy to install with a design that fits securely over an open door and remains in place once the door closes. These shades will keep the sun and heat out and if you need an extra breeze, you can still wind down your window. Even though they'll keep you cool, these shades are not transparent so if your child likes to see what's going on outside, they might not be the one for you.

Main Features

  • Price: £9.99
  • SPF 30+ equivalent protection
  • Not transparent

Best For Families Needing Additional Shade

15. Adoric Car Window Shades

Adoric Car Window Shades.

With three pieces included, this static cling sun shade offers a super cheap option that doesn't compromise on safety, with 98% UV protection. Made of mesh, these shades block the sun while allowing your child to see what's going on outside. They are easy to use, fit most car window sizes and fold away in a convenient storage bag.

Main Features

  • Price: £7.99
  • Blocks 98% UV rays

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