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10 Best Christmas Eve Box Fillers For Kids And Toddlers

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There's nothing like an early present from a Christmas Eve box to fill your kids with excitement and Christmas spirit, ready for the big day ahead.

Christmas Eve boxes are a wonderful tradition for the entire family to participate in and they really help fuel the festive excitement for Christmas Day. If you've got your box ready, it's time to fill it up with gifts that your child will love.

It can be hard enough picking out the best Christmas Eve box, let alone deciding what to fill the Christmas Eve boxes with. We've put this list together to help parents who are wondering what to put in a Christmas Eve box this year. Our list includes a range of thoughtful Christmas Eve box ideas for every budget, including keys to help Santa get into your house and gorgeous personalised gifts that will make your kids feel that extra bit special as well as fun Christmas Eve activities to keep them busy before Santa visits. The real beauty of these boxes is that you can pick Christmas Eve box contents that are as extravagant or as simple as you like and either way, the box is sure to give your child an exciting taste of the fun that's coming their way on Christmas Day.

There is nothing more special than a personalised Christmas Eve gift to put in your child's box. From children's Christmas mugs and plates to books and puzzles, your child will delight in seeing their own name printed on these exciting Christmas Eve box filler ideas. When choosing gifts for your Christmas box, you want to make sure there are no choking hazards or harmful chemicals in case your toddler decides to make their Christmas box contents an evening snack. We love the idea of boxes that include a book so you can read your child a personalised bedtime story that makes them the star. Or why not bring Christmas to life by including a mince pie and reindeer food to feed Santa and his hardworking helpers?

Aside from present boxes, there are so many wonderful things to do on Christmas Eve with your kids. As a start, you and your child could leave a mince pie out for Father Christmas and carrots for the reindeer to enjoy. Other Christmas ideas for kids could include putting on a Christmas Eve movie, slipping into Christmas themed pyjamas and sipping on some hot chocolate. The whole family could also spend the night hunting down extravagant Christmas lights. Christmas Eve boxes are a fantastic tradition to add to the list because they provide an extra fun filled, festive Christmas Eve.

If you're looking for more ideas for your Christmas Eve traditions, why not have a look at our list of the best Christmas Eve boxes and the best stocking fillers for more inspiration.

Our Top Choice

Jack Spratt Personalised Embroidered Rudolf Pyjamas‍

Keep your child cosy this Christmas in these super cute personalised pyjamas that are sure to be popular long after the festive season has ended. This is our favourite box inclusion as Christmas pyjamas are a fun and practical tradition and these ones come in a range of sizes perfect for every child from birth up. Your child's name is embroidered on these stylish pyjamas that feature everyone's favourite red-nosed reindeer, Rudolf. Your child will get a good night's sleep in these comfortable pyjamas, ready for the excitement that Christmas morning holds.

  • Price: £25-£27
  • Includes 1 set of personalised Christmas pyjamas

Best For Children Who Love To Read

FromLucy Personalised My Christmas House Book‍

Your child will feel the true magic of Christmas with this cute, house shaped book that makes them the star of every page. The activities in this book will keep them busy on Christmas Eve so you'll have time to help Father Christmas get ready for the big day ahead.

  • Price: £12.50
  • 12 page personalised activity book

Best For Children Who Love Dressing Up

EKA Crocheted Christmas Elf Boots‍

These handmade elf boots have to be one of the cutest gifts available, perfect for your Christmas Eve box to get your child, and even the whole family, in the mood for Christmas. The boots are available in baby, kids and adult sizes and come in red or green with a festive bell on the end. The whole family can get a pair of these adorable crocheted slippers and truly feel the Christmas spirit.

  • Price: £25
  • Includes 1 pair of Crocheted elf boots

Best For Reindeer Lovers

Other Magic Bag Of Sprinkle Reindeer Food‍

Christmas Eve boxes aren't complete without a bag of reindeer food. While there are a range of reindeer foods available, we've gone with this super simple, affordable choice from Amazon so you can put more money towards other Xmas Eve box ideas. You can choose the perfect colour for your child from silver, red or pink and the bag includes oats, glitter and a cute poem to get your kids excited for Christmas.

  • Price: £1.55
  • Includes 1 bag of reindeer food (oats, glitter)

Best For Eco-Conscious Families

The Little Boys Room Personalised Reindeer Bamboo Christmas Plate Set‍

Eco-conscious parents will love this planet friendly reindeer plate made from bamboo. This gift includes three reindeer spoons and is perfect for bringing extra magic to Christmas mealtimes in a sustainable way. You can also add a name or message to the plate to make your child feel extra special. Because this plate is made of natural materials it is not suitable for the dishwasher and will require some good old fashioned hand washing.

  • Price: £24.95
  • Includes 1 bamboo plate, 3 reindeer spoons

Best For Tweens

Sassy Bloom Personalised Christmas Eve Hot Chocolate Mug‍

Children's Christmas cups are a great addition to any Christmas Eve box because what better way to spend Christmas Eve than with a warm cup of hot chocolate? Every child is bound to love their personalised hot chocolate mug and you'll be thanking Sassy Bloom for this awesome, useful gift that your child will be using for years to come.

  • Price: £14.99
  • Includes 1 personalised Christmas mug

Best For Extra Christmas Magic

FunkOn Santa's Magic Key‍

A special key for Father Christmas is another Christmas Eve box must have to make sure that Santa can get gifts to every child, whether their house has a chimney or not. The bronze key will bring the Christmas magic alive for your kids and the cute poem will get your child beyond excited for Father Christmas' arrival.  

  • Price: £2.99
  • Includes 1 magic key

Best For Children With A Big Imagination

From Lucy Personalised Christmas Eve Children's Book‍

This personalised Christmas book is the perfect Christmas Eve box addition to bring the magic of Christmas to life before the big night ahead. You child or children are the stars of this book as they accompany Mistletoe (a magical Christmas mouse) on an exciting Christmas Eve adventure. Your whole family will have a blast reading this personalised book and Christmas Eve will be made extra special.

  • Price: £22.95
  • Includes 1 personalised Christmas book featuring up to 4 children

Best For Tweens

The Little Boys Room Personalised Christmas Puzzle‍

This 96 piece puzzle is a great box addition that is sure to keep the whole family busy on Christmas Eve. The puzzle can be personalised with your family's name and date to make this year's Christmas one to remember. Plus, it comes in a printed bag so all of the pieces can be collected and stored, ready for more Christmas Eve entertainment next year.

  • Price: £39.95
  • 96 piece personalised puzzle

Best For Toddlers

The Jam Tart Christmas Alphabet Colouring Book‍

This is the perfect Christmas Eve box addition to keep your kids busy on Christmas Eve while you prepare for the morning ahead. The 32 page colouring book features Christmas letter illustrations and sentences to help your child learn while they have fun on Christmas Eve. We give this Christmas Eve box addition extra points for the fact that its materials are sourced sustainably.

Kidadl Best Buys selects the top parent-recommended products across the web for families of all ages. If you liked our article on the best Christmas eve box fillers and want more ideas for making this Christmas one to remember, check out our lists on the best singing Christmas toys and the best Christmas toy soldiers.

  • Price: £6
  • 32 page colouring book
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