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15 Best Christmas Gifts For Dads That They Will Love

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It's the most wonderful time of the year ... until you have to decide what to buy for the dad who has everything - or wants nothing!

Everyone knows that one of the eternal festive questions is what to get Dad for Christmas, but don't worry, because we at Kidadl have done our research to ensure that this year's Christmas presents for Dad tick all of the boxes. No more socks, handkerchiefs or gardening tools, the Christmas gift ideas for Dad that we've come up with are guaranteed to bring a smile to his face on Christmas morning (or whenever your family traditionally open their presents).  

If you're also looking for inspirational gifts for other family members, we've also rounded up the best Christmas gifts for Grandpa, as well as the perfect Christmas gifts for parents.

Our Top Choice

Pure Cotton Waffle Dressing Gown - M&S

It's difficult to go wrong with a good dressing gown. One of the more traditional dad Christmas gifts, a gown is a durable, evergreen present option. This one is crafted from pure, sustainably sourced cotton in a waffle weave for a quick-drying but absorbent finish, making it great after a bath or shower, but equally good for Dad to get cosy in. The deep front pockets are ideal for storing sneaky snacks, too.

  • Price: £49.50

Best For Families On A Budget

Personalised Daddy Notebook - The Alphabet Gift Shop‍

The front cover of this A5 notebook will let your dad know that he's the best ever and can also be personalised to refer to your dad however you like. It's hard-backed, chunky and spiral bound making it durable while also giving it a cool look. It's hard to go wrong with this practical yet personal Christmas gift for dad.

  • Price: £14.99

Best For Under 5s To Gift Dad

Personalised Daddy Book 'Because Of You' - My Given Name

This is a super cute present option for little ones to gift their dads. This heartwarming book is the perfect keepsake as it's personalised by you, making it one of our more unique Christmas ideas for Dad. You're in control of the story, as you choose how you refer to him - is he 'Daddy', 'Father', 'Papa', and more - and input six character traits alongside one passion. Is Dad clumsy or grumpy, playful or snoozy? Does he love sports or fishing, reading, or cooking? Ideal for Dad to read alongside his kids, this is a genuinely adorable and unique option for any child to gift.

  • Price: £23

Best For The Outdoor Dad

Barbour Waxed Cotton Jacket

Does Dad love nothing more than a good, wet walk? A great gift for dads who love rollicking around in miserable weather, or enjoy heading to the pub in style, this jacket from heritage brand Barbour will last for a lifetime. A contemporary silhouette keeps it on trend throughout the years and it's constructed with Barbour's signature Sylkoil waxed cotton, ensuring a waterproof matte finish that's weather-proof. We also love the signature details, including the corded fold-down collar and tartan trim - very festive.

  • Price: £168

Best For The Dad Who Loves To Cook

Personalised Men's Slogan Apron - Clouds And Currents

Is Dad a big fan of cooking and hosting dinner parties? If so, you can't go wrong with a personalised slogan apron. Made in Britain from 70% cotton and 30% polyester, these come in blue, grey, or black denim, and have a waist tie with adjustable buckle neck strap for comfort. The personalised details are hand-pressed, so are beautifully crafted, as well as injecting humour into Dad's cooking time. Each has your chosen name printed above a slogan of your choice - consider such witty wonders as 'licence to grill' or 'host with the roast', but feel free to get as creative as you like.

  • Price: £30

Best For The Cocktail Loving Dad

Hammered Copper Metal Bar Tool Set And Stand - Carousel Home And Gifts‍

He'll be shaken, not stirred by this gift, it's that good. Okay, we may not be that great at puns, but we know that this set will go down a storm for dads who love a good cocktail. Crafted from copper metal, there's a strainer, a double measuring jigger, a pair of ice cube tongs, a bottle opener, and a knife, all kept in an on-trend holder with a hammered, textured finish.  Brilliant.

  • Price: £29.99

Best For A Dad Who Loves Films

100 Movies Scratch Bucket List Poster - Gift Republic

If your Dad's a film buff, or simply looking to brush up his movie repertoire, consider this poster. Dad can scratch off each title as he works his way through all 100 films, revealing the unique illustration of each option and completing the poster's design.

  • Price: £12.99

Best For The Super Clean Dad

CleanTray - UV Sterilisation Pod - Keysmart

Phones, wallet, keys, etc. get handled a lot, and this CleanTray is designed to ensure users can clean this kit no problem. Using safe and sanitary light to kill 99.99% of germs and bacterias, the CleanTray ensures your stuff is germ-free within five minutes. It'll fit Dad's smartphone (up to seven inches), keys, wallet, and headphones, it has a 10,000 hour lifespan, it's safe and eco-friendly, portable and lightweight, and plugs directly into a wall outlet. A great present for those who want to gift something practical for dads.

  • Price: £79.99

Best For The Wine Lover

Grow Your Own Red Wine Gift Crate - The Gluttonous Gardener

Rather than gift Dad a nice bottle of wine, why not gift him a kit for him to grow his own red wine? This set specifically includes a grape variety that can handle the ups and downs of the British climate, so that Dad should have a healthy harvest full of delicious grapes in a few seasons. Full care and cultivation instructions are provided, and there's a recipe for wine included alongside personalised labels to be placed on bottles. Plus, the providers are readily contactable should your dad have any questions about the vine's growth.

  • Price: £38

Best For A Dad Who Loses His Keys

Tile Pro - Tile

We all lose our keys sometimes. So, with this in mind, why not invest in a dads' gift that will help reduce the likelihood of this annoying situation. Dad just has to attach his Tile to his keys (or any other easily-losable gadget) and download the Tile app. Next time he loses the item, the Bluetooth tracker will hunt it down, mitigating much family mayhem. Simple.

  • Price: £49.99

Best For The Dad Who Struggles To Sleep

Sleep Aid Device - Dodow

Falling asleep can be troublesome for certain people, but this device - designed by an insomniac - has been making waves in assisting those with sleep issues to drift off peacefully. Dodow is a metronome with a light system that helps the user fall asleep naturally, and has exercises to guide them into smoother sleep. A perfect present for the dad who struggles to sleep, as it's a totally natural and non-invasive tool by which to re-train their brains to better rest.

  • Price: £49.90

Best For Dads Who Loves Their Shed

Vintage Man Cave Sign - Yester Home

We know it, you know it: there's just something about dads and their sheds (or their garages). What better way to pay a lighthearted tribute to this fact than by gifting the shed-loving father a 'man cave' sign. Made from solid cast aluminium, this has a weatherproof finish and is hand painted. It comes with fixing screws so is ready to go for any DIY dads.

  • Price: £10

Best For The Aspiring Traveller

Deluxe Scratch Map - Luckies Of London

If your Dad has high hopes to travel the world, or has already done his fair share of international voyaging, this is a unique present option. Dad can scratch off the places to which he aspires to visit, or those that he's already seen, revealing brightly coloured outlines of each country that contrast strikingly against the map's black background and copper foil covering.

  • Price: £22.95

Best For The Gardening Dad

Burgon & Ball Kneeler

Ah, we couldn't have a list of the best Dad Christmas presents without including some kind of gardening tool, could we? However, rather than your bog-standard gardening gloves or tools, we've opted for this 'kneeler', which is specifically designed to keep knees from getting sore. It comes in two colours, has a memory foam pad and neoprene waterproof protection, ensuring that Dad will be comfortable throughout de-weeding or re-planting.

  • Price: £16.99

Best For A Dad Who Loves Chocolate

Home For Christmas Hamper - Godiva

It is a truth universally acknowledged that Christmas is a time for indulgence. What better way to indulge than in some luxurious chocolate as a gift to dad? Godiva is a premium chocolate brand, and Christmas hamper offers a taste of all the best chocolatey treats. There are multiple chocolate tins involved, as well as sumptuous truffles and exclusively Godiva chocolate pearls. Plus, the packaging is elegant yet completely Christmassy, putting us in that festive mood - think ice castles and falling snowflakes put to the soundtrack of The Nutcracker. A great gift - just be sure not to snaffle a truffle for yourself before wrapping them for Dad!

Kidadl Best Buys selects the top parent-recommended products across the web for families of all ages. If you liked our suggestions for Christmas presents for dads, check out our picks of the best Christmas gifts for grandparents, which we've curated specially for you to choose thoughtful, unique presents for such important family figures. Alternatively, if you're struggling to think of the best Christmas presents for brothers (whether they be teenagers or newborns), we've found gifts galore to make your picking easier.

  • Price: £65
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