10 Best Christmas Gifts For Mums That They Will Love

Mum and daughter by Christmas tree.

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Christmas is usually a time that we look forward to when family comes together to enjoy festivities, eat a sumptuous dinner, play games and exchange gifts, so picking Christmas presents for mum is certainly something that will be on the to-do list at this time of year.

You might have a few people to buy presents for or may even have a whole bunch including parents, aunts, uncles, siblings, nieces, nephews and even pets! If you are struggling with what to get mum for Christmas, our pick of the best products and gifts that we found online is sure to give you some inspiration to get you started.

When there are also other special occasions throughout the year where you need gifts for mum such as on her birthday or on Mother's Day, it can be tricky to find something that is different but still thoughtful for Christmas but we have got it covered. Whether you are looking presents for mum that she can wear, can use at home or that will help her with some much-needed relaxation, we've included all sorts of gifts so you are sure to spot something that she'll love.

For more gifting inspiration, take a look at these baby shower gifts for new parents and these birthday gifts for mums.

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Kidadl's Top Pick

We think that any of the items in this list would make a perfect Christmas present for mum that will be guaranteed to make her smile when she opens it on Christmas day, but we have chosen this to take our top spot on the gifts for mum list as it is such a sentimental gift, that shows how much thought you have put into your gifting.

1. 'Home Is Where The Heart Is' Map Print By PaperPaper

'Home Is Where The Heart Is' Map Print By PaperPaper

Gifts that you can add your own touch to certainly make special gifts for mum and this 'Home Is Where The Heart Is' map print from PaperPaper definitely falls under this category. It is one of several personalised Xmas ideas for her that we have included in this list and there are simple instructions on how to add your personal touches. When ordering this print, you provide details of where the pinpoint of the map should be located. This is ideal for if your mum still lives in the family home you grew up in, if her home is still somewhere family flocks together or for if you are looking for a gift a younger son or daughter can give to their mum whilst they still live at home. As well as the main message, there is room on the print for a small line of text to make it even more unique. There are eight map colours to choose from so you can select which one you think will suit your mum's home decor the best and there is even the option for it to come framed at an additional cost.  

Main Features

  • Price: From £15
  • Printed on 300gsm card
  • Choice of map colours available
  • Can include a small message under the map

Best For Comfort

2.Sheepskin By Totes Mule Slippers

Sheepskin By Totes Mule Slippers

These sheepskin slippers are one of those presents for mum that we are sure she will want to take out of the packaging and put on as soon as she sees them. There is something about getting slippers for Christmas that makes most people smile and your mum will be able to enjoy the rest of Christmas day in her new footwear. They have a 100% rubber sole and a 100% leather upper meaning they are durable and should last for a long time but they are also lined with a super soft sheepskin that will help your make your mum comfortable and cosy whenever she puts them on. They are backless slippers so they are easy to kick on and off which makes them perfect for your mum for putting on as soon as she gets out of bed or when she needs to nip outside to put the bin out!

Main Features

  • Price: £38
  • One of the most usable Xmas presents for her
  • Slip-resistant tread
  • Sheepskin lining
  • Soft suede upper

Best For Families On A Budget

3. Charades Chase Board Game

If you are in search of presents for mum that are perfect for if you are on a budget, then this charades based board game could be ideal. It is one of those Christmas gifts for mum that will actually help bring the whole family together and can even be played on Christmas day itself after everyone has had their post-Christmas dinner nap. In this game, players roll the dice to move around the board but must perform charades as they do so. There are 150 charade cards included and each card has five categories: film, music, book, tv and action. It is sure to be one of those Xmas gifts for her that creates plenty of laughter and memories and that your mum will want to bring out at every family get together.

Main Features

  • Price: £9.50
  • Contains 150 cards
  • Suitable for 4 or more players
  • Suitable for players aged 8 and over

Best For Sentimental Gifts

4. Family Photoshoot Voucher

Family Photoshoot Voucher

If you are struggling with Christmas gift ideas for mum because she already has everything, then why not opt for an experience gift instead as one of your Christmas presents for mum? This family photoshoot voucher can be used at a range of locations across the country so your mum will be able to choose which venue is the most practical or favoured and numerous family members across several generations can attend. It could be one of the best Christmas gifts for mum from a daughter or son, especially if they then go with her to the photoshoot and take part. What's so nice about this as a gift for mums at Christmas is that they will be surprised when opening it, will be able to look forward to attending the photoshoot and will then have a lasting memory of the day in the form of the complimentary photo. Like many photoshoot gifts, there is the option to purchase additional images, albums and wall hangings but these aren't included in the initial cost of the shoot. It's definitely one of the Christmas presents for mum on the list that will keep on giving.

Main Features

  • Price: £10
  • Includes complimentary 10" x 8" photo
  • Voucher is valid for 10 months
  • Available to use at 69 locations

Best For Pampering Mum

5. Toni & Guy Hair Styling Christmas Gift Set

Toni & Guy Hair Styling Christmas Gift Set

This set is undoubtedly a gift for mum that will give her some well deserved pamper time and leave her feeling great. It is a five piece hair care set containing Toni & Guy's Volume Addiction shampoo and conditioner, heat protection mist and a can of hairspray as well as a multipurpose styling comb. Everything in the gift set comes in a premium toiletry bag which means that even after the products have been used and finished, there is still a useful item that your mum can use to store her other beauty essentials or for taking on holiday.

Main Features

  • Price: £13.50
  • One of the best self-care Xmas gifts for mum
  • 5 piece hair care set in a premium toiletry bag
  • 250ml shampoo and conditioner bottles
  • Designed to volumize and protect the hair

Best For Relaxation

6. Homasy Aromatherapy Oil Diffuser And Essential Oil Gift Set

Homasy Aromatherapy Oil Diffuser And Essential Oil Gift Set

If you are looking for Christmas presents for mum that will not only help her to relax and unwind but will also make a lovely feature in her home, then this oil diffuser set could make it onto the list of perfect gifts for mum. The large capacity oil diffuser has a wood-look finish as well as integrated lights that can be set to 14 different colours. The diffuser has a high mist or low mist option to make it suitable for any room or situation but it always runs incredibly quietly so it won't be a distraction or annoyance. So that your mum can use this gift right away, it comes with six essential oils included: lavender, tea tree, peppermint, eucalyptus, lemongrass and sweet orange. She will be able to experiment with her favourite scents and enjoy the calming effect the fragrances have.

Main Features

  • Price: £29.99
  • 500ml water capacity
  • 14 light colour settings
  • Up to 15 hours running time
  • One of many Christmas gifts that can be used all year round

Best For The Home

7. Bamboo Cheese Board And Knife Set

Bamboo Cheese Board And Knife Set

Many mums love to have family and friends over at any opportunity and enjoy the chance to show their loved ones they care by dishing up delicious food and drink. If your mum is like this too and you are looking for Christmas gift ideas for her that will help her be the hostess with the mostest, then this cheese board and knife set should be added to your list of possible Christmas presents for mum. It is made from natural bamboo and is sure to make a feature of any dining room table. It has a main board that is perfect for cheese and charcuterie or for using as a general serving platter, but also has a smaller tray with two sections that is perfect for holding nuts, fruits or other snacks. It also comes with four stainless steel utensils that are perfect for cutting cheese and other foods and that when not in use, store away under the board.

Main Features

  • Price: £28.99
  • Made from durable, long lasting bamboo
  • Easily cleaned with warm, soapy water
  • Comes with 4 stainless steel utensils

Best For Cosy Nights

8. Bedsure Fleece Blanket

Bedsure Fleece Blanket

This large fleece blanket is one of those Christmas presents for mum that we bet you'll wish you had kept for yourself. It is super soft and cosy and will be ideal for keeping to hand in the living room to snuggle under when watching a film, reading a book or just relaxing at home. It would also be perfect as a plush throw for the sofa or as a finishing decorative touch to a made bed. Reviews say the blanket is excellent quality, and that it is lightweight but incredibly warm so you may even find that, although it is one of the gifts for mum, everyone else in the family ends up using it too for lazy days and naps! If you have younger children and are looking with them for presents for mummy then this blanket is certainly a gift that the whole family will enjoy cuddling up under together and is one of the mum Christmas gifts on this list won't be just for mum!

Main Features

  • Price: £23.99
  • 270 x 230cm
  • Machine washable and tumble dryable on a low heat
  • 100% microfibre polyester fabric
  • Perfect if you are looking for Christmas gifts she can use right away

Best For Keeping Mum Organised

9. Personalised Traditional 2021 Weekly Diary By Martha Brook

Personalised Traditional 2021 Weekly Diary By Martha Brook

If you are on the lookout for Christmas present ideas for mum that are as individual as they are practical then this personalised 2021 week to view diary could be just what you are looking for. On the front of the diary, you can add a personalised name up to 30 characters and choose for this to be in silver, gold or rose gold foil. The diary itself comes in four lovely colours, pebble grey, midnight blue, ivory white and slate grey, so you can pick the finish that will be most suited to your mum. It comes as a softback diary as standard but can be made into a hardback version for an additional fee and there is also other add on options such as including a personalised message on the front page, including a gold pen as an accessory and having the diary gift wrapped.

Main Features

  • Price: From £15.95
  • Week to view diary
  • A5 size
  • A great example of useful Christmas presents for mum and personalised Christmas gifts
  • Softback and lightweight

Best For Personalised Christmas Gift Ideas

10. Personalised Supersoft Fleece Dressing Gown By Duncan Stewart

Personalised Supersoft Fleece Dressing Gown By Duncan Stewart

Another option to add to the list of personalised Christmas presents for mum is this super fluffy, super cosy, luxurious dressing gown. There are two broad adult sizes to choose from and a range of colours to suit any taste including navy,  pink, white, duck egg and slate. For the personalised embroidery, there are 20 thread colours to pick from and there is even a choice of two fonts so you really can make this dressing gown as unique as your mother. There is space for two lines of embroidered text of up to ten characters per line so you can choose something simple like your mum's initials or go for a short but sweet message such as 'I love you' or 'with love' or 'Christmas 2020', etc. It is one of the gifts for mum on our list that she'll be able to use for years and years and will be a reminder of your thoughtfulness every time it is worn.

Main Features

  • Price: £35
  • 100% polyester
  • Machine washable at 40°C
  • Available in S/M and L/XL sizes
  • Great if you are looking for personalised Christmas gifts

If you have found this article of great ideas for Christmas presents for mum helpful and the items we picked have given you some much-needed inspiration, then our list of the best Christmas gifts for dads is sure to be of use as well. Looking for a present you can give as a joint gift this year instead? Then check out our list of the best Christmas Gifts for parents as well.



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