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16 Best Christmas Gifts For Parents That They Will Love

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Christmas can be a family pressure cooker, but there's no need for choosing Christmas gifts for parents to be equally stressful.

Before you decide on your Christmas presents for Mum and Dad, consider their interests: do they love writing and reading, or is cooking more their thing? Are they fans of the great outdoors who love nothing better than a good yomp around the countryside, or do they enjoy settling in front of the tv with a good box set?

Narrowing down your choices in this way can really help to direct your gift options, ensuring that you get them a present that's useful, unique, and thoughtful, with your parents' interests at heart. Whatever you choose, there'll be no more wondering what to get parents for Christmas with our list, which is perfect for the Mum and Dad who have everything so that you can kick back, relax, and enjoy another mulled wine.

If you're looking for a gift for each of your parents individually, we've got recommendations for the 10 best Christmas gifts for dads and the 10 best Christmas gifts for mums too.

Our Top Choice

Black Toast Mr & Mrs Mugs - Emma Bridgewater

Emma Bridgewater is iconic, and this mug design ticks the boxes for being classy without cliche. The typography is elegant, and the mugs are both dishwasher and microwave safe, making them ideal for an everyday cuppa. This is one of those parent gifts that are super useful and also has a little special something about it. It's also a great gift for the holiday season, perfect for cosying up on the couch with warm drinks - it's what Christmas dreams are made of.

  • Price: £42.50
  • A handmade British product

Best For Families On A Budget

Ginger Fox, Mensa Riddles & Conundrums‍

Who doesn't love a good puzzle? They unite young and old, bringing everyone together for a good ear scratch. This set includes 50 cards featuring visual, logic, and number puzzles for participants to sharpen their wits and skills. Certainly, one of the Christmas gifts for mum and dad that will get the whole family going. A perfect present for filling the spare hours of Christmas Day, or otherwise.

  • Price: £8.98
  • 50 cards included

Best Personalised Present For Parents

Personalised Treasured Location Print - Brambler

Send your parents a print that marks - literally - a special moment for them. Provide the details of the location of significance to your parents, and Brambler will create a map to reflect that moment - you can also add a date and the names of your parents if you so choose. It is one of the truly special Christmas gift ideas for parents which will be much appreciated and might even bring a tear to their eye.

  • Price: £28
  • Mounted in a high-quality white mount

Best Gift For New Parents

Welcome To The World Set - Baby Mori

It can be baffling knowing what gifts to get new parents, but they're bound to appreciate this set from Baby Mori. Choose from newborn to six months, and from a selection of five colour options. All of the items are practical, crafted in the brand's organic cotton or bamboo fabric, and the set includes the bestselling Zip-Up Sleepsuit.

  • Price: £87.50
  • Sizes range from newborn - 6 months
  • 5 colour options

Best Gifts For Parents Who Love Being Active

Fitbit Inspire - Fitbit

If you're in need of Christmas presents for parents who love nothing better than prioritising their physical wellbeing, consider getting them a Fitbit, which is a gift guaranteed to inspire them on their active journey. The Fitbit Inspire products are family-friendly fitness trackers, tracking both the wearer's activity and sleep patterns, as well as their calorie burn and heart rate. This is one of the best gifts to keep parents motivated, happy, and healthy.

  • Price: from £89.99
  • 5 colour options
  • Up to 5 days battery life

Best Gift To Parents Who Are Tea Lovers

'Drink Me When' Personalised Message Tea Gift Set - Aphrodite & Ares‍

If your parents love nothing more than a good cuppa, this one's for them. The box includes 12 tea bags - you personalise up to six messages which repeat twice (i.e. there are two tea bags per message, one for each parent). Flavours include two English Breakfast, two Earl Grey, and two Green Tea, amongst others. One of the really unique but thoughtful Christmas ideas for parents.

  • Price: £16.90
  • Eco-friendly plastic bags for the teabags
  • Packed in a beautiful box

Best Gift For Parents Who Love Wine

Stainless Steel Twister Aerator And Decanter - Final Touch

Give your parents the opportunity to properly oxygenate their wine with this smart present which is both a decanter and aerator. The unique oxygenation system provides up to twice as much scent and flavour, and there's a sediment filter. A perfect holiday gift for parents as there will be no waiting around before they can drink their wine! Best of all, it comes in a smart gift box, making easy gift-wrapping for you.

  • Price: £79.99
  • Made from stainless steel

Best Christmas Gift For Homebodies

Personalised Family Doormat - That's Nice That

If your parents love their home why not get them personalised doormat? Welcoming, friendly - these tell visitors that they're coming to the family home of big-hearted people. Plus, it's made in Britain, is durable, and will last for years.

  • Price: £34.95

Best Gifts For Cheese Lovers

Luxury Cheese And Biscuits Hamper - Letter Box Hamper

Cheese by post, with chutney and biscuits, in a hamper that fits through the letterbox? Yep, you heard it here first. All of the hampers are wrapped by hand for a beautiful finessed finish and come with a personalised card. Plus, the products demonstrate the best of British produce, with Godminster’s award-winning vintage Organic Cheddar and Boddington's Caramelised Onion Jam amongst the delights included.

  • Price: £32.95
  • Letterbox sized hamper guarantee fuss-free delivery to your home

Best Gift To Give Parents For A Bit Of Relaxation

Neck And Back Massager - MaxKare

Parents complaining of aches and pains? Add a neck and back massager to your list of Christmas present ideas for parents, and watch their tension melt away. This shiatsu massage pillow uses 3D deep-kneading nodes that work both counter-clockwise and with reverse rotations to promote body circulation and relieve your parents' bodies.

  • Price: £29.99
  • Multiple massage heads design
  • Real hand kneading massage experience

Best Gifts For Parents Who've Just Moved Home

Judge Classic Stainless Steel Saucepan Set - Robert Dyas

Equally good for families who are settled into their home, this set of saucepans is a great addition to any kitchen - new or otherwise! Part of the Judge Classic range, these five pans are made from mirrored polished stainless steel, with hot forged bases which provide even heat distribution. The riveted cast handles mean you won't have to worry about them becoming wobbly and the toughened vented glass lids prevent overboiling. Plus, they're dishwasher and oven safe. You can't really go wrong.

  • Price: £119.99

Best For Cake Lovers

Chocolate Brownie Box - Shortbread Gift Company

It's not the present for longevity, but it does encourage indulgence, and the festive period is the ideal time for this. Select the number of brownie deliveries you want to send, meaning one box for one month or a box every month for up to a year (yes please!) and their flavour of the month - chilli chocolate brownies anyone?

  • Price: from £8.50

Best Gift For The Home

Personalised Wool Throw - Stabo

This throw blanket made from pure new wool makes for a lovely Christmas gift for parents. There is a range of colours available so you can choose the one that will best match and brighten up the living room. The cutest thing about this throw is the gold leather patch with a personalised message written on it. This adds a unique element and makes it a personal gift which can be proudly displayed. Woven here in the UK, this is a gift sure to impress.

  • Price: £85
  • Up to 100 characters for personalised message
  • Optional leather carry strap (at an additional cost)
  • Made from pure new wool
  • Size: 183 x 150 cm with 11 x 9 cm leather patch

Best For Flower-Loving Parents

Flower Subscription - Bloom & Wild

No, we don't quite mean 'flower loving' in the sense of '70s peace and love (although what's not to love about that), we mean parents who love nothing more than a blooming lovely bouquet of flowers in their home. With this subscription, you'll be sending six months worth of flowers, all of which are easily delivered through the letterbox. You choose the bouquets, or let the experts at Bloom & Wild decide.

  • Price: £115

Best Personalised Family Present

Family Tree - Etsy

This is a truly adorable and unique gift for any parents. Handmade to order from sea glass, sea pottery, and driftwood from Brighton beach, these family trees are personal to the family for which they are made. The maker will liaise with you to ensure that you get the custom gift you want, creating a family tree that comes in three size options. A lovely way to support local craft and ensure the important parents in your life receive a totally unique present.

  • Price: from £28

Best Present To Pamper Parents

Cath Kidston Beauty Keep Kind Hand Cream Trio Gift Set

Cath Kidston Beauty products smell beautiful, are made in the British countryside, and are Vegan Society approved, with packaging that is 100% recycled, recyclable, or biodegradable. This set contains a bestselling hand cream trio. The cream has blackcurrants, rose petals, jasmine, and soft moss.  


  • Price: £5.85
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