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12 Best Christmas Stockings For Babies, Toddlers, Kids And Teens

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Here at Kidadl, we love Christmas and the joy it brings.

With presents, good food, lots of happiness and spending time with friends and family, it is simply the most wonderful time of the year. Whilst planning your Christmas Day, there are lots of things to consider including stockings, what to put in them, when to open them and who should have them.

The history of the stocking started with the patron saint of children, called St Nicholas. He was born back in 270 AD. The tradition of stockings started with kids leaving a stocking out overnight in the hope that they would be visited by St Nicholas. They started just using their own socks and developed over time to use stockings, which have only got bigger and more elaborate. Over the years stockings have become a hugely popular tradition and many people around the globe use them either to fill with presents for kids or as Christmas decorations around the house.

Stockings can be opened at different times depending on your preferences. Many parents opt to let children open them early in the morning on Christmas day, whilst others give them to their children on Christmas Eve to give their kids something to do before the main event the next day. The choice is completely personal and there isn't  a right or wrong time to do it.

If you're struggling to decide where to buy the best stocking your kids, we have rounded up 12 of our favourites, to help you prepare for Christmas. Whether you have a baby, toddler, young kids or even teens this list will help you find the perfect Xmas stocking for your family.

For more ideas and inspiration, check out these stocking fillers for kids and this list of the best Santa sacks for kids of all ages.

Best For First Time Christmas Celebrators

Treasured Christmas Small Stocking

Celebrate your baby's first ever Christmas with this gorgeous Christmas stocking from Mamas & Papas. This lovely Treasured Christmas Small Stocking is a great choice for baby stockings. Whether you have a little boy or girl, it is perfect for them now and will be a lovely keepsake for when they grow older. This stocking features a snuggly soft faux fur trim, an exclusive cute polar bear print and a handy tag to hang the stocking up on your mantel. 

Price: £10

Best For Disney Fans

Disney Frozen Stocking With Anna And Elsa Design‍

This is the perfect kids choice for Disney Christmas stockings, featuring Elsa and Anna on the front of this 'Frozen' themed Christmas stocking. If you have a 'Frozen' fan in your family this stocking will go down especially well as it's one of the best Christmas Disney stockings on the market. It makes a particularly great choice for a girls' Christmas stocking and will hold plenty of little presents inside.

  • Price: £7.99
  • Features Elsa and Anna
  • 34cm tall

Best DIY Stocking For Parents

Wool Couture Personalised Christmas Stocking Knitting Kit

Want to get creative this festive season? Not only is this Wool Couture Personalised Christmas Stocking Knitting Kit from Dunelm a fabulous looking stocking, it's a DIY one! Impress all your guests this Christmas with this DIY stocking. The kit comes with 2 x 100g balls of cheeky chunky yarn in red, 1 x 100g ball of cheeky chunky yarn in white, 9mm wooden knitting needles and the stocking knitting pattern, and a recyclable ‘Bag of Happy’ tote bag. 

Price: £30

Best DIY Stocking For Kids

Colour Your Own Christmas Canvas Stocking

Let your little ones get involved in the creative Christmas cheer too with this Colour Your Own Christmas Canvas Stocking from PoundToy. This budget-friendly, quirky Christmas stocking makes for a great activity to get the litttle ones into the festive spirit, as well as a lovely stocking to wake up to on Christmas day. This kit comes with 1 canvas stocking and 5 coloured felt tips.

Price: £2

Best Organic Christmas Stocking

Ruby Stripe Stocking

Make Christmas special with this Ruby Stripe Stocking. Made from Baby Mori's signature 30% organic cotton and 70% bamboo fabric, this stocking is sustainable, environmentally friendly and super good quality! In a classic red and white striped design, it'll be no trouble being festive and going green this Christmas with this stocking. 

Price: £17.50

Best Stocking For Cats

Wee Gallery Festive Cats Stocking

We didn't forget about the furrier members of the family this Christmas! Whether you'll be gifting your cat its favourite treats, a new collar or a mouse toy, this stocking is great for your feline friend. It even doubles up as a great stocking for your feline-loving friends too. Scandiborn's Wee Gallery Festive Cats Stocking comes in a classy black and white festive cat design for your sophisticated little friend.

Price: £20.27

Best Stocking For Dogs

Red & White Dog Stocking - Woof

Don't worry doggy parents, we didn't forget about you! The Gift Experience's Red & White Dog Stocking fits the best treats and toys for your dog. If you've got a festive dog owning friend or family member (or even just a puppy enthusiast) they'll absolutely love this Christmas stocking. This handmade stocking features with a red and white and a hand stitched 'Woof' at the hem.

Price: £3.99

Best Personalised Stocking

Personalised Red & White Christmas Stocking

Everyone loves to see their name on things, and everyone loves receiving Christmas stockings. It feels natural that personalised stockings are exciting gifts. This Personalised Red & White Christmas Stocking comes in a festive red and white Christmas design decorated with a red embroidered edge and an adroable reindeer will make a very special decoration for this year. With a number of different colours available to choose from for the personalisation, nobody will be disappointed to wake up to this stocking on Christmas morning.

Price: £15

Best Stocking For Fairy Lovers

Enchanted Christmas Stocking

This pretty pink stocking is perfect for a child who loves fairies. Make their Christmas morning magical with this budget friendly option from Card Factory. It features a lovely special message and a fairy print that'll make your child even more excited to see what gifts it stores inside. 

Price: £1.99

Best Stocking For Sweet Lovers

Percy Pig™ Stocking

If you're a fan of Marks & Spencer's beloved Percy Pig™, you'll love this plush pink Percy Pig™ stocking. Perfect for fitting in packets of Percy Pig™ sweets for your loved ones, as well as other sweets and treats, you'll miss out if you don't pick up this adorable stocking this year.

Price £9.50

Best Stocking For Trendy Teens

Christmas Stocking

If you've got a teen who's a little bored of traditional Christmas stockings and wants to wake up to see a trendier stocking this year, this Christmas Stocking from Wayfair is perfect. This faux fur grey stocking makes for a very cosy home for a loved one's gifts. 

Price: £28.99

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