8 Best Climbing Frames For Gardens Of All Sizes

Best Climbing Frames For Gardens Of All Sizes.

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There's something about climbing frames that eternally appeals to kids of all ages (and a few adults, too).

Whether it's slipping down a slide, scrambling across monkey bars, or nearly touching the sky on a swing, climbing frames for kids have an endless appeal. That is why we have rounded up our top eight picks of the best climbing frames for kids., to help you find the best one for your family.

Play is an incredibly vital part of a child's development, assisting them in their growth and learning of vital qualities like fine motor and social skills. Outdoor play on climbing frames, provided the structure is safe and secure, also helps kids to encounter situations of risk, teaching them how to navigate this critical life skill, alongside helping to develop balance and strength, all of which are important. That's why climbing frames are found with such abundance in school or nursery playgrounds.

Before purchasing your new climbing frame, be aware of whether the product conforms to the most recent quality and safety tests, and be sure that you're setting it up in a location in the garden that is as safe as it can be, with no sharp edges onto which kids could potentially fall, for example. If you're particularly anxious about the surface on which your likely to put your garden climbing frame, grass tends to be a good option, although this will inevitably become harder at different times of the year with seasonal change, and may not be the softest ground for kids to fall onto. Bark or rubber chippings are a great low maintenance, inexpensive alternative, with bark chippings being the more natural looking option.

If your kids are super outdoors-y and love nothing better than trying new activities using a variety of play equipment, why not check out our list of the best kids' archery sets? We've also rounded up the best mud kitchens for hours of mucky entertainment.

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Kidadl's Top Pick

Whilst we love all of the climbing frames on this list, if you're short on time this is our top pick based on its size, price and the great accessories it comes with.

1. WICKEY Climbing Frame MultiFlyer

WICKEY Climbing Frame MultiFlyer.

Wickey is one of the most popular brands for providing sturdy, reliable, and , most importantly, fun home climbing frames. This is one of their bestselling models, and we chose it because of the multiple accessories it has (the best climbing frames have more than just a swing and slide nowadays), but also because it's a size that is likely to fit most gardens. Made of pressure-treated solid wood, this wooden climbing frame will last for years, and is quality and safety tested: it's German-designed, so you can rest assured it will stand the test of time. It boasts two swing seats, one slide, climbing stones on a climbing wall and handgrips for kids who like to scramble, a steering wheel, a telescope, a wooden roof, and an integrated sandpit. This climbing frame unlocks hours of creative play for kids: they can imagine themselves scaling mountain sides, dodging asteroids, taking telescope readings on their submarine - whatever takes their fancy. The frame takes a while to assemble (put aside a day or so) but the instructions are comprehensive and all of the kit is included. It can also be built in multiple configurations (see the measurements below for exact size specifications of the climbing frame).

Main Features

  • Price: £469.95
  • Age: Not suitable for children under 36 months
  • Platform height 120cm
  • Post thickness 9x4.5cm
  • Swing beam 9x9cm
  • Slide 220cm

Best Climbing Frame For Toddlers

2. Dolu 7-In-1 Playground Frame

Dolu 7-In-1 Playground Frame.

This climbing frame will provide hours of physical fun for toddlers, and offer a much-needed respite for weary parents  keen to find ways for their child to play. The sturdy plastic frame is entirely waterproof, so will sit out in your garden without any problems. There's a swing and slide for kids to squeal over, and, more unusually, there's also the opportunity for young sports enthusiasts to practice their basketball and football skills thanks to the side net and hoop. There's a built-in table on this climbing frame too, so kids can have a sit down as and when they need, maybe to eat a meal or draw their next masterpiece.

Main Features

  • Price: £199.99
  • Age: Suitable for children aged 2 and over
  • Dimensions: 125 x 256 x 170 cm

Best Metal Climbing Frame With Slide

3. TP Toy Explorer Metal Climbing Frame Set With Slide & Jungle Run

TP Toy Explorer Metal Climbing Frame Set With Slide & Jungle Run.

This is one of popular brand TP Toys' bestselling metal climbing frames, and with play equipment this good, it's little wonder it is such a family favourite. There's a den for kids to hide out in, as well as a slide and 'Jungle Run' (like monkey bars). The real clincher for this climbing frame is that it can be built at two heights, either a lower one for kids under 18 months, or a higher height for older children (if you build it at the lower height, the slide can't be used). This ensures the frame will be good for years to come and as your kids grow, stimulating years of imaginative play. At £269.96, this is not only the best value metal climbing frame out there, but also the best value climbing frame with a slide.

Main Features

  • Price: £269.96
  • Age: Suitable for children ages 2 and over

Best Swing Sets

4. Plum Helios II Metal Garden Swing & Glider Set

Plum Helios II Metal Garden Swing & Glider Set.

Plum is another of the best brands for climbing frames, but if you're after a simple swing set, rather than a full frame, this is one of the better ones. It has double swings, one a standard seat and the other a two-seat glider, and uses soft feel ropes for comfort on delicate skin as well as heavy duty moulded seats for extra strength. The frame itself is made from strong coated steel to protect against rust, and the legs are cross-braced for extra stability. Kids can also adjust the height of the swings to suit them as they grow. Great for soaring high in the sky, and for your peace of mind, there's a year long warranty.

Main Features

  • Price: £69.99
  • Age: Suitable for children ages 3 - 10 years
  • Assembled size: L2.10 x W1.78 x H1.83m

Best Wooden Climbing Frame

5. FATMOOSE Wooden Climbing Frame RiverRun

FATMOOSE Wooden Climbing Frame RiverRun.

Made in Germany, there's a 10 year warranty on all wooden parts of this climbing frame, and it is quality and safety tested. The wood is also pressure-treated for longevity and durability, and the climbing frame comes with detailing instructions for assembly, just be sure to block out a decent amount of time for the build. This climbing frame boasts a climbing platform with high seat, climbing wall with climbing holds, wobble bridge, inclined ladder, integrated sandpit, slide, two swings, a wobble plank, racing wheel, telescope, and tower features, so your kids can play knights and dragons for hours on end. We're honestly slightly jealous we didn't have this climbing frame when we were younger. If you are looking for a good value, wooden climbing frame, this is the one for you.

Main Features

  • Price: £769.95
  • Age: Not suitable for children under 36 months
  • Platform height 120 cm and 150 cm
  • Swing beam 9x9 cm and support beams 7x7 cm

Best Playhouse Climbing Frame

6. TP Toys Salcombe Wooden Playhouse

TP Toys Salcombe Wooden Playhouse.

If you think wooden climbing frames with slide tend to be too bulky for a domestic garden, this might be the climbing frame for you. A pretty two-storey playhouse boasts a cosy downstairs playroom, an internal ladder, and an upstairs verandah from which kids can slide back onto the ground. The frame is made of FSC certified European wood, and is pressure treated to keep it fresher for longer. Kids could host tea parties or even plan sleepovers in this snazzy climbing frame.

Main Features

  • Price: £799.99
  • Age: Suitable for children ages 3 years plus

Best Gymnastics Climbing Frame

7. Gymnastic Equipment Frame

Gymnastic Equipment Frame.

Another German product (we're sensing a trend here), this is quality and safety assured and tested to the highest standards. It's a climbing frame that's used in multiple schools and gyms in Germany, so it's definitely durable and built to last. It's also CFC-free, so doesn't have any chemical nasties in it. This is a particularly great frame for kids who love nothing better than climbing, it puts monkey bars to shame with the many ladders featured, and there are pull up and parallel bars as well as gymnastic rings. It's therefore great for play, but also for maintaining fitness, and not just for kids.

Main Features

  • Price: £805.90
  • Age: Suitable for children ages 3 years plus
  • Length: 200cm
  • Width: 60cm
  • Height: 200cm

Best Large Climbing Frame

8. WICKEY Wooden Climbing Frame

WICKEY Wooden Climbing Frame.

This is the mother of all climbing frames, and if you can fit it into your garden, why wouldn't you? It's sure to exhaust both kids' imaginations and boundless energy, giving you the chance to get on with life whilst they play. The wood is pressure-treated so as to last for years to come, and the whole climbing frame has been quality and safety tested. As with most of the frames on our list, it's German, so is well constructed, and has a 10 year guarantee for the wooden parts. The frame absolutely bursts with accessories, which include a slide, two swings with adjustable ropes, a rope ladder with wooden rungs, a picnic table, plastic handles for kids to scramble over, a wheel, telescope, periscope, an angled climbing wall as well as a straight climbing wall, a balance bar, two wobbly bridges, a shop counter, scramble net, climbing rope, and integrated sandpit. Phew. We reckon that's probably enough to keep the kids busy for a while. The climbing frame comes with comprehensive constructions for assembly as well as a weatherproof tarpaulin for you to pull over it in the rain.

Main Features

  • Price: £1,169.95
  • Age: Suitable for children ages 3 years plus
  • Platform height 120 cm and 150 cm
  • Post thickness 7x7 cm
  • Swing beam 9x9 cm

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