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10 Best Craft Kits For Kids To Get Creative

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Whether your child enjoys painting, drawing, making collages or one of the many other craft activities there are, aiding your kids on their journey to get creative is important.

Crafting isn't only about keeping your kids busy, it also encourages lots of other skills and some kits even help with learning. With crafts starting young and advancing as your children grow you're bound to find a craft kit which suits your family perfectly on this list.

Whether you're searching for a gift or just something to keep your children busy on a quiet day, there are lots of great crafts kits on the market. Whatever age your child is at, there's always a craft for them to get started.

We love to see our kids getting creative, that's why at Kidadl we have rounded up our top 10 picks for craft kits to get kids creative.

If you're looking for kids' stationery or easels to aid your children in their crafting journey, then you'll love these guides as well.

Our Top Choice

ANDSTON Rock Painting For Kids

This crafts kit from ANDSTON allows your kids to create their very own rock creations. There are so many different crafts for kids on the market, and this one a truly different choice of kits for kids. With smooth rocks, gems, paints, palettes, glitter glues and more, your kids will have fun creating the coolest looking rocks around. If you're not sure where to get started there are pages of exciting crafts ideas to get you started along the way too.

  • Price: £13.99
  • Age: 6+
  • Fun for the whole family
  • Create cool and different crafts with this kit

Best Craft Kits For Girls

4M Unicorns Mini Tile Art

If your child is a huge fan of all things unicorns they will love this craft kit. With this kids' arts and crafts set, you can expect hours of fun to be had, meaning that this is an ideal choice for a gift for a rainy day if you are looking for crafting kits for girls. This kit allows kids hem to create their own magical masterpieces. Inside you can expect to find 12 tiles, rubber magnets, double-sided tape, coloured paints, a unicorn stencil and a paintbrush. Parents can help kids decorate wonderful tiles using the unicorn stencil, or even create your own stencils for your tweens to draw around. With this great kit, your craft mad kids can create magnets for their room or put on the fridge for a pop of colour amongst many other wonderful creations.

  • Price: £13
  • Age: 8+
  • Great for creative girls
  • Of the the most popular kids' art sets

Best For Craft Supplies

RAM Giant 200 Piece Kids Craft Jar

If you're looking to stock up on craft supplies, this 200 piece craft jar from RAM is ideal. At a great price of £5.95, you can expect to find pom-poms, pipe cleaners, buttons, feathers, glitter glue and much more. With so many exciting crafts to experience, you will be enjoying hours of crafting fun with this set. The crafts supplies in the jar could even be used for creating wonderful Christmas cards for friends and family members, keeping your children busy throughout the colder months and putting a smile on the face of family members. By providing your kids with the tools, they can take this craft kit and turn it into so many different things. Whether you're looking to follow a tutorial online, create cute animals or make a Christmas gift, this craft box for kids is ideal to get started.

  • Price: £5.95
  • Age: 3+
  • Ideal for sharing
  • Includes lollipop sticks, buttons, sequins, pom poms and more

Best For Upcycling Through Craft

Desire Deluxe Tie Dye Kit

If your kids are looking for arts and craft sets that allow them to create something which they can use, then a tie-dye kit is the way to go. Big kids can turn their old clothes into a whole new wardrobe, with the amazing colours in this Desire art kit. Whether your child loves to create their own style or you want to teach your children all about upcycling, this is a great place to start. Create hundreds of amazing pieces with different combinations of colour, shapes and exciting techniques. Whether your child is new to tie-dye is a regular user, you'll find all you need within this crafts for kids set. This crafts kit does require adult assistance, especially when handling the dyes, however, it is still a great craft kit for kids.

  • Price: £13.99
  • Age: 8+
  • Great for reusing old clothes
  • Encourages creativity and expression

Best For Sewing Kits

Galt Toys First Sewing Kit

Learning to sew is a great skill to have, so why not get your kids started with their own sewing kits. This kit is fabulous for introducing kids to the world of sewing, with five sewing projects made up of pre-cut foam pieces, ready to be stitched together to make one of the cool items in the kit. To create the stitches, all kids need to do is push the bodkins (plastic needles) and the cord through the foam and work around the item until they are sewn together. This set includes a photo frame, a neck purse, notepad cover and a pencil case. This is a great choice for newbies when it comes to sewing as it gives them a chance to get into the rhythm of sewing whilst creating colourful projects.  

  • Price: £10
  • Age: 5+
  • Comes with 5 separate crafts
  • Includes a notepad and 2 pencils for finished projects

Best For Families On A Budget

Cuddlemob Make It Real Kit

Encourage your child to create their own accessories with this lovely Cuddlemob craft kit. It is perfect for if your child is a fashionista who wants to find toy craft kits to accessorise their bags, lunchbox or tote bag. This new kids' craft is ideal for those kids who love to get creative and immerse themselves fully into the world of crafts for kids. Whether your kids are team cat or team unicorn, they'll find a lovely companion in this craft kit. With enough craft supplies to make four furry friends, your kids could even get crafting to make these as Christmas presents for their friends! With lots of additional bits and bobs to makeover your pom pals, your kids will love these crafts.

  • Price: £10
  • Age: 8+
  • Makes 4 plush pom pom craft kits
  • Suitable for girls and boys

Best For Jewellery Making

The Works Make Your Own Alphabet Jewellery

These craft sets for kids are great for tweens who love jewellery making. Not only does allow for them to get super creative but also allows them to create Christmas and birthday gifts for friends for months to come. With a range of alphabet beads, as well as many other beads, thread and other arts and crafts supplies, your kids will have a wonderful time using this set. There are over 1000 beads and plenty of beading cords in this kids' craft kit. If you've got a tween who loves all things arts with a passion for creativity, then they'll truly enjoy all of the fabulous creations they can make with this kit. Whether you want to assist your child in making their jewellery or even make your own, it's also a great bonding activity for kids and adults. You can even create matching jewellery to allow your kids to feel even more grown-up.

  • Price: £7
  • Age: 8+
  • A new way to create gifts
  • Mix and match beads for even more fun

Best For Boys

Mitre Scriball Personalisable Mini Football

If you are looking for art sets for kids who love football, then you'll love this personalisable mini football. Offering an exciting alternative to the classic activity book style colouring crafts, this makes for a great craft for kids set. The football comes with designs of the Mitre character featured on the front, including even playing football. By adding colour to these adorable characters your children can bring them to life. The set comes with a stand for your child to display their colourful masterpiece on. With three different kits on offer, your child can collect them all for a whole new colouring experience. Whether your child loves to colour, draw or just get creative they will love all of the amazing things this kit has to offer. Finally, it's also a great way to get your children into the garden for a kickabout once they have finished decorating the football.

  • Price: £10.50
  • Age: 3+
  • Fun for colouring and playing
  • Encourages art and crafts
  • Gets kids active

Best For Kids Who Love To Save

Hobbycraft Christmas Bear Money Box

With Christmas just around the corner, creative kids will love this new paint your own money box. Featuring a lovely bear with a Santa hat on, kids will enjoy painting their own Christmas themed money box in the run-up to Christmas. Whether they're looking gifts for family members or to get saving for their next craft project, this is one of the best art kits for kids. The set comes with six paints and a paintbrush and a money box that is ready to be painted by your child.

  • Price: £3
  • Age: 4+
  • Great Christmas craft ideas

Best For Wood Craft Kits For Kids

Hobbycraft Kids Box Of Wooden Craft

If your kids love to get creative then they're going to love this wooden craft kit from Hobbycraft that is full of so many different wooden pieces ready to be decorated with whatever your child desires. With wooden pieces to make board games, wooden door hanging signs, pegs and even a jewellery box, this craft kit is ready to excite. Each of the wooden blocks can be used for so much more than decorating, with the wooden spoons being able to be turned into puppets, lollipop sticks and pegs made into planes and keyrings ready for keys and bags. Whether your children love painting, colouring, gems or a different type of craft, these wooden bits and pieces are ideal for creating things they can use in their everyday life.

Kidadl Best Buys selects the top parent-recommended products across the web for families of all ages. If you liked our suggestions for craft kits then why not take a look at these kids' slime kits for hours of fun or if you're looking for something totally different why not check out our suggestions for the best diverse baby dolls.

  • Price: £10
  • Age: 3+
  • Comes with over 100 pieces
  • Ready to be personalised in any way
  • Great for kids of any ages

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