8 Best Disney Christmas Decorations To Bring The Magic Of Disneyland Into Your Home

Best Disney Christmas Decorations To Bring The Magic Of Disneyland Into Your Home.

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There is no better way to bring some magic to your Christmas than with some delightful Disney Christmas ornaments.

After all what could be better than hanging Christmas decorations that resemble old friends from the world of TV and film. Whether your favourite character is Minnie Mouse, Mickey Mouse or one of the newer creations, you can be sure Disney will have created a Christmas ornament of it just perfect for your Christmas tree.

Of course even your Disney-clad Christmas tree may struggle to compete with the real deal over at Walt Disney World. This year, they say visitors can expect Animal Kingdom, Magic Kingdom and Disney's Hollywood Studios to be decked out in their Christmas best by November 6; that's right, just one day after Bonfire Night. And they'll be up until about the second weekend of January, so if you're happy to travel there's plenty of time to see them. If you can't get to Disney World, at Disneyland Paris the timings should be similar.

If you're home for Christmas, as many of us are anticipating, then pull all the stops out with Christmas decorations like no other. There's nothing like a Disney Christmas bauble to showcase your personality, or decking the halls with a Christmas decoration or three to please the kids. If you fancy going all out don't forget to decorate the front of your house with [outdoor Christmas lights] too.

So whether you're after the perfect Disney tree topper, a Mickey Mouse Christmas ornament for your tree or special Disney baubles, it is easy to have a Walt Disney Christmas courtesy of some fantastic ornaments for the festive season, just don't forget to pop your Disney-inspired gifts under the tree when you're done decking the halls. So get your Christmas decoration box (or should we say boxes?) down from the loft, browse our list to add some new Disney Christmas ornaments to your collection and get ready for a very merry Christmas.

This list features Tinker Bell, Little Bo Peep, Mickey Mouse & Minnie Mouse (of course!), Belle from 'Beauty And The Beast' and even Groot; there is sure to be something to spark every member of the family's attention!

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Kidadl's Top Pick

It's hard to narrow down our favourite Christmas Disney decorations but there is one that we feel just has the edge for charm, magic and nostalgia. Kids all around will be proud to display this decoration from their tree.

1. Disney Bo Peep Hanging Light Up Ornament

Disney Bo Peep Hanging Light Up Ornament

This ornament took our top spot for a number of reasons. Not only is it brand new for 2020 (and features a  silver colour 2020 charm hanging from a ribbon loop), but it also lights up, giving it some extra sparkle! Bo Peep's lamp lights up thanks to batteries (included with the ornament), so it will stand out on the Christmas tree. Kids will be enchanted with the soft glow it gives off. Plus it's from the hugely successful 'Toy Story' franchise, in this case the fourth instalment, which catapults it to the top for popularity and will bring back fond memories even for big kids. What more could you wish for this Christmas?

Main Features

  • Price: £15
  • Age: 3+
  • Battery-operated light

Best For Topping The Tree

2. Walt Disney World Tinker Bell Holiday Cheer Light Up Tree Topper

Walt Disney World Tinker Bell Holiday Cheer Light Up Tree Topper

Every Disney Christmas Tree needs something suitable at the top and if you're going to have a fairy then why not make it Tinker Bell? Everyone's favourite fairy, Tinker Bell is instantly recognisable with her bright blonde hair, her sparkly wings and he pom pom shoes. In this tree topper Tink has donned her best festive outfit for the holiday season and can be seen casting some magic over the large star. It stands at 31cm high and sits on a tapered cage to ensure it stays put at the top of the Christmas tree. There's a battery pack to power the bright and cheerful star with a kaleidoscope of colours standing proudly at the top of the tree. This really will bring the Disney spirit of magic to your Christmas celebrations this year!

Main Features

  • Price: £25
  • Age: 3+
  • Light up
  • Requires 3 AA batteries

Best For Personalisation

3. Disney Mickey Mouse Head Christmas Tree Decoration 2020

Disney Mickey Mouse Head Christmas Tree Decoration 2020

Make your Disney Christmas tree unique with these personalised Disney Xmas decorations. Each Christmas decoration is cut from either coloured acrylic or natural wood and includes a name, a year and a star for a touch of Disney magic. There are 20 different colours to choose from and we think it will look great if you get a Mickey Mouse for each family member in their favourite colour (whether that be silver, green, pink, orange or gold, the list goes on). The only downside is you'll need to add a piece or ribbon or cord as they don't come with a hanging loop.  This is a Disney Christmas decoration that will appeal to the whole family, no matter their age. Why not get the extended family involved as well and you can all have your own personalised, matching Disney baubles hanging on your Christmas trees, what could be better than that?

Main Features

  • Price: £4.57
  • Made to order
  • Personalise name and year
  • Choice of colours

Best For The Mantlepiece

4. Disney Mickey & Minnie Holiday Cheer Snow Globe

Disney Mickey & Minnie Holiday Cheer Snow Globe

If you're after Christmas decor you can bring out every year then it has to be a snow globe. And Disney fan or otherwise it's hard to resist this cute one which features both Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse. It's a dinky 11cm high so is even small enough to slip into a Disney Christmas stocking. Give it a shake and confetti will surround the festive-clad Mickey and Minnie Mouse too. We like the addition of non-slip pads to avoid potential accidents and the fact it has 2020 inscribed on the base so it could become one of those Mickey Mouse Christmas decorations that gets passed down as the children mature into adults. This could even spark the beginning of a special snow globe collection for your child, or perhaps an annual gift tradition?

Main Features

  • Price: £12
  • Decorative item only
  • Miniature size
  • Traditional Disney princess character design

Best For Princess Fans

5. Disney Belle Hanging Ornament

Disney Belle Hanging Ornament

We couldn't do a round up of the best Christmas ornaments without including a Disney Princess Christmas choice. This Belle Christmas ornament showcases the princess in her well known yellow dress framed by a doorway of roses. Made from resin, the skirt of the dress is topped with glitter for added sparkle on your tree too. It's another new addition to the Disney tree decorations range this year and so comes complete with a 2020 charm. This Disney Christmas decoration has a classic feel to it, featuring one of our favourite classic Disney princesses, it would sit perfectly on any tree this Christmas.

Main Features

  • Price: £13
  • Age: 3+
  • Includes 2020 charm and hanging loop

Best For A Traditional Choice

6. Disney Cinderella Christmas Bauble

Disney Cinderella Christmas Bauble

If you like your Christmas traditional then you may prefer to dress your Christmas tree with classic round baubles, but that doesn't have to mean ditching your Disney theme. From the Enchanting Disney collection comes this glass bauble with Cinderella featured on it. It's 10cm in diameter and comes packaged in its own little box making it a great gift for someone. We love the crisp white and blue colour scheme of the Cinderella bauble which is wrapped around the whole bauble so it looks great from all angles, but there are other ornaments from the same range featuring other Disney characters like Peter Pan, Ariel and Alice In Wonderland. This Christmas ornament is guaranteed to look flawless on your Christmas tree.

Main Features

  • Price: £9.25
  • Age: 3+
  • Includes colour coordinated hanging loop
  • 10cm diameter

Best For Families On A Budget

7. Disneyland Paris Mickey Mouse Icon Hanging Baubles

Disneyland Paris Mickey Mouse Icon Hanging Baubles

While individual Disney Christmas decorations are great it can get expensive trying to fill the average Christmas tree. This set of six is perfect for bringing some Christmas magic to the holiday season without breaking the bank. Each Disney bauble is shaped just like Mickey Mouse and features glitter artwork inspired by top Disney films. Look out for Aladdin's lamp, Sleeping Beauty's poisoned apple and Belle's rose. As Disney Christmas tree decorations go they don't come much glittery than this. These Mickey Mouse Christmas ornaments have a metallic finish for added sparkle and will set the tree lights off perfectly.

Main Features

  • Price: £19.99 for 6
  • Age: 3+
  • Made of glass

Best For 'Star Wars' Fans

8. Disney Millennium Falcon Hanging Ornament

Disney Millennium Falcon Hanging Ornament

Let's not forget that there's more to Disney than that famous mouse and the Princesses. Any fan of the 'Star Wars' films will instantly recognise the intricate design of this Disney Christmas ornament. Cast from resin and calcium carbonate and around 8cm X 11cm X 3cm in size, hanging one of these iconic starship ornaments is one way to inject some personality into your Christmas tree and declaring your affecting for the film franchise. You will have the coolest Christmas tree around with this 'Star Wars' Christmas decoration displayed proudly for all to see.

Main Features

  • Price: £13
  • Age: 3+
  • New for 2020
  • Includes ribbon hanging loop

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