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10 Best Family Christmas Jumpers To Buy Now

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Whether you like it or not, matching family outfits are making a serious comeback right now.

As the festive season approaches, what better way to join in the trend than by buying a set of matching Christmas jumpers for your family? Whether you're making a fashion statement or supporting a good cause like Christmas Jumper Day, a great set of matching Christmas jumpers is sure to bring extra magic to your festive season.

With so many families getting onboard with matching outfits, it makes sense that the world of family Christmas jumpers now has so many great options to choose from. People buy Christmas jumpers for many reasons,  and whether you're doing so to support Save The Children, start a new family tradition or simply because you want to bring extra fun to Christmas lunch this year, we've got a Christmas jumper on this list that is perfect for every family makeup.

Save The Children's Christmas Jumper Day is undoubtedly responsible for much of the hype surrounding Christmas jumpers and is a great reason to get your family a set of jumpers this year. Every year, Save The Children ask everyone to put on their best (silliest) Christmas jumpers and donate two pounds to Save The Children. This year it's on 11 December and more than a million people have already signed up to participate. Make sure you order your jumpers early so your family can proudly put on their Christmas sweaters and be a part of this this great initiative.

To help you with more fashion-inspired gift ideas this Christmas, why not have a look at our list of the best family Christmas pyjamas and the best Christmas socks and slipper socks to keep your little one warm this festive season.

Best "Ugly" Christmas Jumper

Family Reindeer Christmas Jumper

These affordable Christmas jumpers are a more relaxed take on the classic "ugly" Christmas jumper that will be sure to bring laughs this Christmas without sacrificing your family's comfort. After the festive season is done, we're sure you and the family will get lots of wear out of these comfortable jumpers whether for lounging on the couch or as a new pyjama option.

  • Price: from £15.99
  • Size: 5 years old and up

Best For Families On A Budget

Pengniao Family Matching Christmas Jumpers‍

These novelty Christmas jumpers will bring lots of joy to your festive season while keeping you and the family nice and warm. The jumpers come in a range of cool colours and designs and the sizes start from one year old making them perfect for every stage of your family's growth.

  • Price: £16.45
  • Size: 1 year and up

Best For The Whole Family

Sparks And Daughters Personalised Family Christmas Jumper Set‍

Another great set of matching family Christmas jumpers from Sparks and Daughters, these ones will add lots of spirit to your family's Christmas with their range of designs and colours. The jumpers come in sizes that will suit every member of the family from six months up. You get to choose the colour and character on each jumper and can personalise each jumper with a special phrase such as 'Daddy's Christmas Jumper' or 'The Smiths' First Christmas'. We're sure you'll love these jumpers and the best part is as your child gets older, you can just order the next size up so they'll never miss out on the fun.

  • Price: £38
  • Size: 6 months and up

Best Jumper For Dog Lovers

Cracking Festive Family Jumper

Your whole family will love these super cute festive dog print Christmas jumpers. Joules Cracking Festive Family Jumper in their Festive Dog print is woven from gives dog lovers just what they need for the winter season. You'll have a great time rocking these cute jumpers and feel like the cutest family in the world. Coming in a variety of sizes, the whole family can enjoy these jumpers! 

Price: from £26.95

Size: 1-12 years

Best Christmas Jumper For Dino-Mite Kids

Fair Isle Dinosaur Knitted Jumper

Calling all dinosaur fanatics! This M&S Christmas jumper is great for kids who love dinosaurs, with it’s cool dinosaur graphic. Coming from sizes for ages of 6 through to 16, none of your kids will miss out on rocking this cool jumper this Christmas!

Price: £14

Size: 2-7 years

Best Subtle Christmas Jumper

Cosy Fair Isle Jumper - Starboard Blue

Here’s a Christmas jumper for families who prefer subtle styles but still want to spread the Christmas cheer. This Cosy Fair Isle Jumper from Boden comes in a lovely blue shade and features a festive fair isle pattern along the neckline. It comes in children’s sizes from sizes for ages 3 to 14 as well as sizes for mummies. 

Price: from £37

Size: 2 years and up

Best For Personalisation

Syd&Co Personalised Wreath Family Christmas Jumper‍

We love these bright red personalised wreath jumpers and we're sure your whole family will too. Syd&Co have a huge range of customisable features so every family member can truly see themselves in their Christmas jumper. The whole family will be warm in these beautifully made jumpers and we're sure you'll be wearing these well after the festive season has ended.

  • Price: £36
  • Size: 3 years old and up

Best For Mum And Child

Mini Me Matching Penguin Jumpers

This adorable penguin jumper will bring out the fun this Christmas and have mum and child ready to bring joy to every Christmas occasion. This set comes with two matching Christmas jumpers and has sizes for children aged three years old and up. The jumpers can also be bought separately if you've got another child who wants to be part of the fun.

  • Price: from £14.99
  • Size: 3 years old and up

Best Organic Kids Christmas Jumper

Nordic Fair Isle Kids Jumper

If you’re on the hunt for the perfect organic Christmas jumper - Polarn O Pyret have got your back! These fantastic Christmas jumpers with Nordic style embroidery are both great for the festive season and are made with GOTS certified organic cotton. With sizes from ages 1 through to 12, dress your kids in these organic jumpers this Christmas.

Price: £30

Size: 1-12 years

Best DIY Christmas Jumper

Traditional Christmas Jumper Knitting Kit and Pattern in Deramores Yarn

If you want to get extra immersed in the holiday season and would love to learn a new skill while you’re at it, try out the traditional Christmas Jumper Knitting Kit and Pattern by Deramores. Make this year’s Christmas jumpers extra special with this knitting kit in a lovely traditional Christmas print and knit jumpers for the whole family.

Price: £11.99

Size: Child Small - Adult Extra Large

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