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14 Best Farm Toys For Toddlers For Imaginative Play

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Plastic farm animals and farmyard toys make wonderful tools for imaginative play.

It's a good idea to get children as young as two years old playing with stimulating toys that encourage exploration and engagement with the world around them. Dolls, figurines and toy playsets, building blocks, play dough and basic arts and crafts, ride-on toys, construction sets, toy cars and miniature household toys are all great playthings to introduce to your toddler.

Educational toys, particularly those that employ letters and numbers, are also a particularly good choice for this age group, improving memory and language skills, boosting cognitive development and helping to make learning fun.

A good toy farm set can be amazingly useful in aiding toddler development, helping children develop their fine motor skills, engage critical thinking and problem-solving abilities and generally play creatively. It's also helpful at this age to provide a toddler with playsets that can be engaged with both alone and with others. A good farm set, or indeed any toy set, will help encourage socialisation, promote sharing and collaborative play.

Getting a child to play with toys can be difficult at times in our modern, screen-filled world. Be sure to make certain times and spaces screen-free so that your child has time to engage in some uninterrupted and distraction-free playtime with their toys. Make sure their toys are age-appropriate and suitably stimulating, and ensure they don't have too many of them (believe it or not, some experts state that an excess of playthings can lead a child to become overwhelmed). Consider doing a switch up every once in a while if you have a lot, putting some toys away in storage for a while and bringing out others; a continually rotating stream of toys will keep your child interested and engaged (not to mention your house tidier!).

Take a look at our pick of the top farm toys for young children; with fifteen to choose from, you're bound to find a set that's right for you.

Our Top Choice

Fisher-Price Little People Caring For Animals Farm‍

We love this little farm set for its bright colours, interactive features and suitability for children as young as one. The large barn/farmhouse comes with a miniature Farmer Jed figurine and four cute little animals, and we really love the interactive elements: kids will get so much out of ringing the morning bell, milling the corn, feeding the chickens and tucking the animals up for the night. It's a great way for kids to practise nurturing their little livestock and to learn about cause and effect. On top of this, there are a number of opening doors, buttons and sound effects to explore, which, when activated, play songs, sounds or educational games. If you're looking for the perfect farm toy for toddlers that's educational and fun, this is it. It's on the lower end of the price spectrum, too; you can't go wrong.

  • Price: £35
  • Age: 12 months+

Best For Design

Melissa & Doug Fold And Go Barn Playset‍

Melissa & Doug are renowned for making lovely, good-quality toys, and this beautiful farm set is no exception. The traditional red barn opens up to reveal two stories constructed from top-quality, durable wood and we love the sliding doors.  Seven plastic farm animal toys are included (a cow, horse, pig, sheep, goat, turkey and sheep dog), along with a little wooden ladder and a folding wooden pen to keep them in check. The fold-out design makes it quick and easy to tidy them away and the wooden handles on the top make it a super easy toy to transport. Plus, it comes fully assembled - bonus.

  • Price: £43
  • Age: 3+

Best For Role-Play

Playmobil My Take-Along Farm‍

This cute Playmobil farmhouse set comes with tons of accompanying accessories, making it a great set for role-play. There are plenty of farm animals, feeding troughs, farm tools and furniture to people the little house and spark the imagination, and the bag of potatoes, hay bale and barrel can be slotted through the shape-sorter device in the upper floor; a fun extra touch! Made from a chunky plastic, it's sturdier than a lot of its competitors and the large, rounded pieces are perfect for small hands. It makes another great option for younger toddlers, as it's suitable for children as young as 18 months.

  • Price: £27.95
  • Age: 18 months - 4 years

Best Splurge

Schleich Large Farm House‍

There are tons of imaginative playsets and figurines in the Schleich range, and this farmhouse is one of our favourites. It's certainly pricey, but it really does looks the part and is such an extensive set. Complete with a large two-story farmhouse with balcony and detachable roof, stable and outdoor animal paddock, a whole host of animals and accessories and a sticker sheet, it's really got all bases covered. We particularly love the workable winch which lifts hay bales up into the barn, the little wheelbarrow and the fact that there's a male and a female farmer (a feature we, unfortunately, found lacking in a lot of the other farm toys on the market). It's a wonderfully intricate set and great quality to boot; a worthy splurge.

  • Price: £80
  • Age: 3+

Best For Older Children

Eichhorn Farm Set‍

This Eichhorn toy farm is a really beautiful set made up of 2 painted wooden farmhouses, wooden fencing, a lovely detailed play board complete with stone path, pond and vegetable patch and a number of pretty figurines. It is a bit on the delicate side, though, which is why we recommend it for slightly older kids. Children of five years or older will be more able to treat it with the care it deserves, and there's so much enjoyment to be had here.

  • Price: £27.06
  • Age: 3-10

Melissa And Doug Wooden Farm And Tractor Playset‍

This cute Melissa & Doug farm and tractor ensemble set is made up of 33 beautifully-crafted pieces and, made from 100% wood, it's a much more sustainable option than its plastic competitors. There are tons of wooden animals, farm buildings, tractors, trees and reeds to make a realistic farm-scape without a big farmhouse, great if you are short on space and want a less bulky set. We particularly love the dog kennel, water well and tractor, which has working wheels and pulls a little trailer behind it that's perfect for transporting livestock! The pieces are much less fiddly than the plastic variety, too - perfect for small hands

  • Price: £25
  • Age: 3+

Best For Families On A Budget

Awesome Animals Discover The Farm Tub‍

This mini-farm play set is a great, affordable option for anyone pinching pennies. It's not such an extensive set, but there are all the basics here for your little one to create their own miniature farm-scape. The 13-piece set comes with three farm birds, four pieces of fence, a feeding trough and four other toy animals, all of which are the perfect size for little hands and pleasingly realistic.

  • Price: £23.99
  • Age: 3-8 years

Best All-Rounder

Chad Valley Wooden Farm‍

The 40-piece wooden farm set ticks a lot of boxes. Firstly, it's a really comprehensive set, made up of two big farm buildings that are very sweetly decorated, a nice, bright play board, a tractor, fencing, trees and a slew of farmyard animals. It's super easy to assemble and made from 100% wood, making it another great renewable toy (and one that should last for years). Best of all, it's super reasonably priced. A great buy.

  • Price: £25
  • Age: 3+

Best For Early Years

John Deere Fun On The Farm Playset‍

This 20-piece plastic farm playset is a great option for children as young as one. The figurines are smooth and round, making them perfect for tiny hands (not to mention super cute), and it's not so big a set that toddlers will get overwhelmed. There are four toy farm animals to play with - a sheep, goat, horse and chicken - and the John Deer farm vehicles are particularly fun. The combine harvester is easy to roll along and the tractor-trailer really tips! A great interactive toy.

  • Price: £45
  • Age: 12 months+

Best Puzzle

Melissa & Doug Hide & Seek Farm‍

This magic puzzle board from Melissa & Doug is an absorbing and well-designed toy. Featuring nine hinged doorways, each opens to reveal a magnetic farm animal. There's tons of fun to be dreamt up here, with the toy allowing for independent play that promotes hand-eye-coordination, memory and problem-solving skills, and collaborative educational games with parents, friends and older siblings. Made from durable, good-quality wood it's likely to last, too; great if you want to hand it down to younger siblings. Just be mindful that the animal images can scuff if handled heavily, so be prepared to supervise if you want to keep it in good condition.

  • Price: £14.99
  • Age: 3-5

Best Ride-On Toy

Rolly Toys John Deere 6150R Mini Trac With Opening Bonnet‍

This foot-to-floor ride-on tractor is destined to become a firm favourite in your little farmer's toy collection. Featuring four chunky wheels, a squeaking horn and a bonnet that opens to reveal a miniature storage compartment, it's perfectly-designed to whizz your miniature farmer around their imaginary pastures. Besides being great fun, ride-on toys encourage movement, teach balance and coordination and promote the development of children's motor skills. Plus, they look super cute zooming around on them. This fun little tractor may be small, but it's nice and robust; a good quality ride-on toy that rolls smoothly and is easy to steer.

  • Price: £60.01
  • Age: 3-8

Best Farm Book

DK Baby Touch And Feel Farm Friends‍

This touch-and-feel sensory board book is an excellent way to get babies engaged with farm animal fun, and it's a great teaching tool. Each page features a different barnyard animal with their name in bold underneath and a few descriptive words, so you can easily teach your baby to recognise and, as they get older, name each one. The images are particularly cute and, better still, each one offers a tactile element for little hands to feel. An excellent way to promote sensory development.

  • Price: £3.99
  • Age: 6 months+

Best For Fun On-The-Go

B. Big Red Barn

As farm toys go, this cute little barn is particularly easy to transport. Featuring an easy-carry handle on the top it's super convenient to pick up and go, and with only five figures, all of which are a decent size, nothing's going to get too easily lost. The bright colours, sturdy construction and large figurines make it a great option for kids as young as 18 months. Toddlers will love opening and closing the little barn doors and putting their favourite animals in each one!

  • Price: £20.85
  • Age: 18 months+

Best Farm Animal Figurines

Learning Resources Farm Animal Counters‍

This mega tub of 60 toy rubber farm animals is a great little set. It includes 10 different classic farm creatures - cows, pigs, horses, goats, rams, sheep, donkeys, hens, roosters and dogs - and there are six of each, so your little one will have everything they need to create a full working farm! Because there are several of each, the set also features as a good educational tool, ideal for naming and counting exercises. Each animal is pretty detailed, standing as a miniature replica of their living counterparts, a nice feature if you're looking for more realistic toys than their wooden or plastic competitors, which tend to look more cartoonish. The biggest of them measure in at about 5cm, so they're sure to fit any play set and they all pack neatly away into the big tub provided. Perfect for expanding an existing farm set or for stand-alone use.

Kidadl Best Buys select the top parent-recommended products across the web for families of all ages. If you liked our guide to the top farm toys then why not take a look at our suggestions of the best toys for 3-year-olds? Or, for something different, take a look at our bath toy storage solutions.

  • Price: £16.95
  • Age: 3-7

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