10 Best Girls' School Shoes That They'll Love

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Buying school shoes for kids can often turn into a bit of a chore.

It's a yearly struggle to find a pair that your child likes, but that also satisfy your quality, price and durability criteria. We feel your pain.

That's why we've gathered together a range of the best school shoes for girls so you can easily decide which suit your daughter best. From time-honoured favourites like Clarks to relative newcomers Treads, we've covered a range of different brands and every style form t-bar to trainer to Mary-Jane. We've also included a good few patent options (easier to clean, phew!).

We know how important durability is to parents - who wants to relive the horror of school shoe shopping three months down the line when the first pair you bought are already falling to bits? That's why we've made quality and sturdiness two key priorities here; they may cost a little more, but they're worth it in the end. (Don't worry, if you're looking for something easy on the wallet, we've included a budget option too).

Though waiting until just before school starts to buy your girls' school shoes can have its benefits (who doesn't love a last-minute deal?), we recommend shopping at the beginning of the summer when the ranges first start appearing on shelves if you're looking to source the best kids' school shoes. That way you'll definitely get your pick.

Whenever you decide to shop, we're here to help you get back-to-school ready without the stress. Take a look at our pick of the best school shoes for girls and find your fave.

Image © Flickr

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Kidadl's Top Pick

Though all our picks of the top school shoes for girls are highly recommended, this is our top choice based on quality, price and durability.

1.Treads Montana Brogue

Treads Montana Brogues.
Image © Treads

A relatively new company (they only started up a couple of years ago), Treads school shoes have been causing parents up and down the country to breathe a sigh of relief. A good-quality pair of school shoes that look good and actually last, finally! Well-made, comfortable and extremely hard-wearing, Treads come in a wide array of styles, so you needn't compromise on your little one's taste. Every shoe is rigorously tested to make sure they are optimally durable and safe for younger kids; they even offer a '12 month indestructible guarantee'. Perhaps most importantly, they're not going to cost you an arm and a leg. Picking a Treads shoe as our winner was a no-brainer.

Price: £45-48

2. Clarks Etch Bright Kid Black Patent Girls' School Shoe

Clarks Etch Bright Kid Black Patent Girls' School Shoes.
Image © Clarks

Clarks have traditionally dominated the 'back to school' shoe market, and with good reason, really. They have a reputation for providing hard-wearing, long-lasting shoes in a wide array of fits (including half sizes and different widths). Clarks styles particularly suit young children; these patent leather one-strap shoes provide padded support for extra comfort and are adorned with mood-changing gemstones! Magic. The patent uppers have the added the benefit of requiring no polish and are easily wiped clean. Double magic.

Price: £44

Best For Under 10s

3. Delight Mary-Jane Girls' School Shoe By Bobux

Delight Mary-Jane Girls' School Shoe By Bobux.
Image © Bobux

A favourite brand for younger kids (and podiatrist-approved, to boot), Bobux has got a great selection of classic school shoes on offer. One of our favourite school shoes for girls is this cute little Mary-Jane, which feature a soft, comfortable leather upper and easy-open velcro straps. Pretty resistant to scuffing, too.

Price: £46

Best For Teens

4. Youth 1461 Leather Shoes By Dr Martens

Youth 1461 Leather Shoes By Dr Martens.
Image © Dr Martens

The iconic British brand's range of school shoes is mega-popular with teens, and though they're a bit of a splurge, they're built to last. In fact, that's basically the whole ethos of Dr Martens as a brand; they're famed for their durability, with many owners claiming a pair will last a lifetime. These black leather lace-ups are presentable, comfortable and practical; a good investment.

Price: £70

5. Kick Lo Classic Junior By Kickers

Kick Lo Classic Junior By Kickers.
Image © Kickers

If your child is looking for the kind of school shoes that all the other kids are desperate to be seen in, a pair of Kickers are the way to go. A classic '90s throwback that are now dominating school playgrounds across the UK, Kickers are smart, hard-wearing and cool. Featuring a quality black leather upper and that trademark chunky rubber sole, they may be a little on the pricey side, but they're durable enough to last the entire school year.

Price: £55

6. Treads Brooklyn Trainer-Style Kids' School Shoes

Treads Brooklyn Trainer-Style Kids' School Shoes.
Image © Treads

Whether you want shoes you can pass down to a younger brother or have a child that doesn't subscribe to gender roles, these unisex kids' black school shoes from Treads are the perfect pick. As we've said, Treads shoes have enough longevity in them that you probably could get a few kids' worth of use out of them, with good care. These trainer-style pair are fresh, casual and super sturdy, and the padded heel/foam footbed combo make them seriously comfortable too. Great for kids that like to run around in the playground.

Price: £46-49

7. Clarks Scala Bright Youth Patent Leather School Shoe

Clarks Scala Bright Youth Patent Leather School Shoes..
Image © Clarks

Perfect for pre-teens and above, the Scala range at Clarks offers a great selection of smart, stylish, functional shoes. Made with premium leather, this loafer style is a classic, meaning your daughter is (hopefully) less likely to go off them quickly. It comes in both regular and patent varieties and, as with all Clarks school shoes, sizing is available in half sizes and different widths so that you can find the perfect fit for your daughter.

Price: £46

8. Start Rite Black Patent T-Bar Buckle Girls' School Shoes

Start Rite Black Patent T-Bar Buckle Girls' School Shoes.
Image © Start Rite

These sweet T-bar shoes from popular children's shoemaker Start Rite have all the hallmarks of a good Start Rite shoe: thick, supportive, hard-wearing souls, breathable mesh lining and full support around the ankles. This is a shoe company that takes your child's physical development seriously (which is why you might justify paying a little more). They also look good: this pretty patent pair boast lovely brogue detailing and an adjustable buckle.

Price: £57.99

9. Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Mono Low Top

Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Mono Low Top.
Image © Converse

If your daughter baulks at the mention of Clarks or you can't get her into a smart pair of brogues, these might be a good option. A great, breathable shoe perfect for kids who can't stand stiff, formal footwear; and at £30, they won't break the bank. These are a good, light summer pair, but there's a leather option (£37) if you want something more suited to wet weather. Not all schools will allow shoes like this, so be sure to check the rules if you don't want your child getting into trouble!

Price: £30

Best For Families On A Budget

10. Next Black Patent Chunky Lace-Up Shoes

Next Black Patent Chunky Lace-Up Shoes.
Image © Next

If you're looking for a good range of inexpensive school shoes, try Next. Yes, they may not be as sturdy or last as long, but they've got an enormous array of cute styles and, like Clarks, offer different widths and half sizing. We like these funky patent school shoes with laces, but there are tons to choose from. They're in the more affordable price range, and yet most are still made with real leather. The entire range also carries odour-repelling technology that keeps shoes smelling and feeling fresh for longer. If you've got several kids to buy for, all with different foot sizes and tastes to accommodate, Next may be the perfect stop for you.

Price: £22 - 28

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