14 Best Harry Potter Gifts For Kids That Even Muggles Will Want

Harry potter crest box

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In need of gift ideas that take inspiration from the world of The Boy Who Lived? Searching for the ultimate present for Potter mad kids as intently as a Seeker spies the Golden Snitch?

Thankfully, the Wizarding World is vast and has such a place in our cultural imagination that there is plenty of cool Harry Potter stuff on the market. Even Slytherins will be inspired by our Potter-themed list of gifts - and if they're not, we'll send a Dementor after them.

Plus, if your family is planning to recreate the magic of Hogwarts School at home, we've got 10 tips and tricks for Potter-inspired craft activities that even the most ardent Harry Potter fans will love. And let's not forget all the lessons that the Potter books taught us: about the importance of being yourself, of choosing goodness, and of never judging someone before you get to know them.

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Kidadl's Top Pick

1. Harry Potter Deluxe 11.5L Backpack

Harry Potter Deluxe 11.5L Backpack.

It's hard to beat a backpack for universal appeal, and a Harry Potter backpack is right up there with ultimate gifts. A perfect Potter present for kids, this bag can accompany them through their adventures at Hogwarts School and Hogsmeade village no problem. At 11.5 litres, it's roomy enough to hold their wands, water bottles, and school books, there's an inside compartment for laptops, side storage pockets and has gold Hogwarts School graphics on the front. Shoulder straps are padded, the pocket has magnetic front fastenings, and the burgundy colour recalls the colours of Gryffindor (but we'd say this is a suitable gift for Hufflepuffs, Slytherins, and Ravenclaws, too).

Main Features

  • Price: £20
  • Ages: We'd recommend from 6+

Best For Families On A Budget

2. Harry Potter Gryffindor Crest Mug

Harry Potter Gryffindor Crest Mug.

Another of the best Argos Harry Potter gifts, these mugs are ideal for older kids and come at a great price. There's a mug for each of the Hogwarts houses, complete with house colours and adorned with the characteristics and qualities of each. A Harry Potter gift at a price that's a steal.

Main Features

  • Price: £8
  • Ages: We'd recommend from 11+

3. Hedwig Mini Hot Water Bottle

Hedwig Mini Hot Water Bottle.

This Harry Potter Hogwarts hot water bottle is designed after one of the series' most popular characters, and Harry's most loyal friends: Hedwig the owl. With a washable cover, this is an ideal Harry Potter gift for those who want to read library books in their four-poster Hogwarts bed, or those who want to curl up by the TV in the muggle world.

Main Features

  • Price: £15
  • Ages: We'd recommend from 11+

4. Harry Potter Chest Lunch Bag

Lunchbox in the design of a Hogwarts trunk.

Featuring the familiar Harry Potter logo, this is one of the more unique Potter-themed gifts. The lunch bag is wipe clean, has two compartments, and its antique chest design is sure to add a magical touch to even the most mundane of lunches.

Main Features

  • Price: £15
  • Ages: We'd recommend from 6+

Best For Under 5s

5. Transfiguration Sequin Joggers

Transfiguration Sequin Joggers.

The glasses on these supersoft joggers transform - as if by magic - without wands! Little muggles need just wave their hands over the sequins, and their colour will change. A super cute gift option based on the transfiguration classes of the Harry Potter books, these also feature bright piping down their sides and an embroidered lightning bolt motif after the hero's own scar. They're also totally machine washable, should they get muddy after a Quidditch training session.

Main Features

  • Price: £26
  • Ages: from 3+

6. Fawkes Superstitch T-Shirt

Stripy Appliqué Hedwig Dress.

Another of the best-loved figures from the Harry Potter series, Fawkes the phoenix is Dumbledore's faithful companion, and adorns this 100% cotton jersey t-shirt. The glimmering gold and red embroidery adds a special quality to this motif, which is one of the more luxurious gifts we recommend.

Main Features

  • Price: £22
  • Ages: from 2+

7. Stripy Appliqué Hedwig Dress

Stripy Appliqué Hedwig Dress.

A majestic appliqué Hedwig adorns this dress, clutching a wax-sealed letter from ready for delivery to Harry Potter. This A-line dress is a great option for adventurers, made from cotton jersey that will stay comfortable all day and is easily machine washable - no matter what potion they may accidentally pour on it.

Main Features

  • Price: £28
  • Ages: from 2+

Best For Under 10s

8. Hogwarts Crest Sweatshirt

Hogwarts Crest Sweatshirt.

The Hogwarts houses inspire lots of (mostly) friendly competition, but this super-soft jersey sweatshirt allows Harry Potter fans to embrace the qualities offered by all four, with a logo that represents the magical mascots behind each of the series' houses. A great option from our list of Harry Potter gifts for boys, but equally good for girls (never forget that Harry and Ron admit they'd never have succeeded without Hermione's help).

Main Features

  • Price: £28
  • Ages: from 2+

9. Kano Harry Potter Coding Kit

Kano Harry Potter Coding Kit.

Magic is possible even for muggles thanks to this STEM toy, which is one of the more educational Harry Potter gifts. Kids learn how to code by building a wand with which they can participate in 70+ creative challenges, including making feathers fly and multiplying goblets. (Note that you'll need to ensure the recipient of this gift has their own tablet, as this isn't included).

Main Features

  • Price: £49.95
  • Ages: from 6+

10. Harry Potter Hogwarts Castle Clock Tower Toy

Harry Potter Hogwarts Castle Clock Tower Toy.

This list would be incomplete without some Harry Potter toys, and the Lego sets are enduringly popular with fans of the series. This set enables kids to build the three-level Hogwarts clock tower, and includes the Defence Against the Dark Arts classroom, Dumbledore's office, the hospital wing and a Yule Ball scene. There are eight mini figures of the best loved characters (including Harry, Ron, and Hermione themselves), all with their own wands. There's also a clock mechanism to create time-turner travel, so kids can re-enact the sequence from Harry Potter and The Prisoner of Azkaban. What Potter mad kid wouldn't love it?

Main Features

  • Price: £79.95
  • Ages: 9+

11. Sequin Seeker Dress

Sequin Seeker Dress.

Quidditch is absolutely not just for boys, you know, and in this dress, catching the Golden Snitch will be easy peasy. Featuring the number seven, Harry Potter's own team number, this dress also adds a bit of sparkle to the magical sport, with sequins on the soft jersey top. The Gryffindor colours of red and gold pattern the jacquard skirt too, so that no one's in any doubt as to the allegiance of this quirky gift for kids.

Main Features

  • Price: £35
  • Ages: from 3+

Best For Teens

12. Harry Potter Scarf

Harry Potter Scarf.

Show your house pride with this officially licensed replica of the scarves that Harry, Ron, Hermione, and many other characters wear in the films. These scarves bear the official motif of each house, and come in house colours - we've chosen Gryffindor to show our allegiance to Harry Potter, but there are scarves for Ravenclaws, Hufflepuffs, and Slytherins, too, plus a general Hogwarts one.

Main Features

  • Price: £21.28
  • Ages: 5+

13. Harry Potter Inspired Sorting Hat Bath Bombs

Harry Potter Inspired Sorting Hat Bath Bombs.

A quirky gift, these bath bombs act like the Sorting Hat, ready to sort kids into their correct house. Containing four gift-wrapped bath bombs which transform their colour when dropped into the bath, each bath bomb is also individually fragranced: apple and cinnamon for Gryffindor, Le Homme for Slytherin, oatmeal and honey for Hufflepuff, and mandarin, lime and basil for Ravenclaw. And don't worry - they don't stain either bathtubs or skin. They're also 100% handmade, cruelty-free and vegan. These make a truly unique gift for the Harry Potter fan who already has lots of merch.

Main Features

  • Price: £25
  • Ages: We'd recommend from 12+

14. Harry Potter Sterling Silver Time Turner Pendant Necklace

Harry Potter Sterling Silver Time Turner Pendant Necklace.

For fans of the third book and film, this is a dream present. Okay, it won't actually turn back time, but the Swarovski Crystals and Sterling Silver will add a bit of magic and sparkle to every day. Plus, the recipient of this gift will be able to channel their inner Hermione, to whom the Time Turner originally belonged - and let's be honest, who doesn't love Hermione?

Main Features

  • Price: £69.99
  • Ages: We'd recommend from 12+

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