10 Best Kids' Bookcases For Any Space

Boy reading a book from a bookcase perfect for any space

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Books are a lovely way to bond with your child.

Whether it's for cosy bedtime stories, chilled daytime reading or part of homework, reading together is something that you can share whatever their age. Babies and toddlers are encouraged to get used to books early on to help develop their quickly-growing language skills.

When buying a bookcase, parents should consider the size and types of books that their kids are reading now, and will read in the future. Books for toddlers are often larger and thinner than books for kids and tweens, so bear this in mind and make sure you choose a bookcase that will suit your child's reading habits.

If you want your child's beautiful books to take pride of place in their room (or simply need the storage because they have so many!), then take a look at our pick of the best children's bookcases.

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Kidadl's Top Pick

Every bookcase we've highlighted comes highly recommended, but if you are short on time and just want to buy the best all-rounder, we think this award-winning bookshelf is the perfect addition to any nursery or bedroom.

1. Tidy Books Alphabet Bookcase

Tidy Books Alphabet Bookcase
Image © Tidy Books

We love this beautiful front-facing bookcase which shows off your child's beautiful book covers. As well as being enticing to look at with its alphabet design, it's also practical as its narrow design won't take up much space and could even fit behind a door. It can hold up to a huge 85 books, perfect for your little bookworm.

Main Features

  • Price: £149.50
  • Fixes to the wall
  • Holds up to 85 books

Best For Families On A Budget

2. Dunelm Kids' White Bookcase

Dunelm Kids' White Bookcase.
Image © Dunelm

This Dunelm bookcase is the perfect size for toddlers and has a classic design that will go in any room. Parents love that kids can easily see their favourite books to choose from. It does come flatpack, but is very easy to assemble and for this price it's a real bargain.

Main Features

  • Price: £25
  • Rounded edges for safety
  • Easy to assemble

Best For Larger Families

3. Argos White 4 Tier Kids' Basket Storage Unit

Argos White 4 Tier Kids' Basket Storage Unit.
Image © Argos

If you have children of different ages and want to keep all their books in one space, this storage unit from Argos is ideal. It includes 12 baskets in four different colours, so you could colour code the books for each child or just separate them using the four shelves. It's great for both book storage and toys, so we think this is a superb multi-functional piece of furniture.

Main Features

  • Price: £40
  • 12 basket drawers
  • Easy to assemble

Best For Early Years

4. Great Little Trading Co Fox Book Cart

Great Little Trading Co Fox Book Cart
Image © Great Little Trading Co

We adore this cute pull-along book cart that's perfect for the storage of both books and toys. The beautiful fox design is painted onto a sturdy wood vehicle that can be easily moved between each room by your toddler. Parents love the high quality of this wood book cart and we reckon it might encourage young children to tidy up, too.

Main Features

  • Price: £32
  • Pull-along design
  • Other animal designs available

Best For Under 5s

5. Argos Home Mia White Dolls House Bookcase

Argos Home Mia White Dolls House Bookcase.
Image © Argos

Toddlers and young children will love playing with this dolls house as much as they will love using it for the storage of their favourite books. Parents report that this item is sturdy for the price and it's also very easy to put together. We love how all toddler toys, books and other accessories can be nicely displayed, and that kids will enjoy using it as a dolls house too.

Main Features

  • Price: £40
  • Easy to assemble
  • Doubles up as a dolls house

Best For Under 10s

6. Zoomie Kids Gainseville Book Display

Zoomie Kids Gainseville Book Display.
Image © Zoomie Kids

As kids get older, they'll want to display more than just books, so we think this dresser-style piece of furniture is a good buy. It has a bookshelf at the top, cupboards at the bottom and two shelves in the middle to display other toys and accessories. It's a little more complicated to put together than regular bookcases but once it's up you should get plenty of use out of it.

Main Features

  • Price: £61.99
  • Available in pink or blue
  • Includes storage cupboards

Best For Tweens

7. Great Little Trading Co Tiered Bookcase

Great Little Trading Co Tiered Bookcase.
Image © Great Little Trading Co

Children's bookcases needn't always be brightly coloured, and we think kids will love this ladder-style bookcase. It's handy for book and toy storage, yet it's compact enough that it won't dominate the room unlike some bookcases. The makers say it's been rigorously tested for children and it also comes with anti-tip safety straps for that extra peace of mind for parents.

Main Features

  • Price: £120
  • Upright edges to stop things falling off
  • Tested for use with children

Best Wall Mounted Bookshelf

8. Harriet Bee Reliford Kids' Bookshelf

Harriet Bee Reliford Kids' Bookshelf.
Image © Harriet Bee

If you're short on floor space, then this wall bookcase is the perfect solution. We love the cute hooks at the bottom so you can hang bags, headbands and dressing gowns. Keeping your kids' rooms tidy will be that little bit easier with this handy storage unit fixed to the wall. Parents have also reported that it's very easy to build, so we think it's a good investment.

Main Features

  • Price: £65.99
  • Wall mount included
  • Easy to assemble

Best Small Bookshelf

9. Plantabox Kids' Personalised Book Caddy

Plantabox Kids' Personalised Book Caddy.
Image © Plantabox

If you just want something small either for the floor or on a table, then a book storage caddy is one of the options to consider. You can easily store a few books in here and carry the whole thing between rooms if necessary. The personalisation adds a lovely touch and we think this could make a great gift for someone decorating a nursery or kids' bedroom.

Main Features

  • Price: £33.60
  • 10 colours available
  • Can personalise two lines of up to 16 characters

Best Sling Bookcase

10. SoBuy Children Kids' Bookcase

Image © SoBuy

A sling bookcase is a good budget piece of furniture for both magazine and book storage. It's handy for thinner books and magazines, and can store a lot of them so you don't have to worry too much if you have a toddler trying to shove them all into one space! We think this is perfect for a reading corner in a nursery, and could even be used as a standard magazine rack in another room when your child has grown up.

Main Features

  • Price: £27.95
  • Durable polyester fabric pockets
  • Easy to assemble

Kidadl Best Buys selects the top parent-recommended products across the web for families of all ages. If you liked our suggestions for the best kids bookcases, why not take a look at our articles on the best kids' desks, or for something different take a look at the best sand toys for kids.



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