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10 Best Kids' Christmas Jumpers

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Once seen as something of an eyesore, the UK now loves a Christmas jumper, but where did the tradition of a Christmas jumper come from?

Starting in Scandinavia and Iceland in 1860, hand-knitted warm sweaters were made for fishermen to wear to represent their communities. These were characterised by contrasting geometric patterns, which are still popular today in fair isle knits.

These jumpers then became popular with skiers as they needed warm clothing just the same as fishermen. The jumpers became increasingly popular after the Second World War as they were not too expensive, they were colourful and they brought a sense of happiness in the '60s. Throughout the decades these jumpers have become more of a fashion statement and in more recent years they have become established as a traditional part of Christmas.

We no even celebrate Christmas Jumper Day, which was set up by charity Save The Children and occurs annually in December. In 2020 Christmas Jumper Day will be on Friday 11 December. It is not only a fun day for those who get involved but it also supports a great charity, makes for a great tradition and brings some festive cheer to those around you.

Whether your child is a massive fan of Christmas, loves to wear jumpers or wants to help a good cause on 11 December, Christmas jumpers are an important purchase, so we have the best list to help you find the perfect one.

For more take a look at this list of the best family Christmas jumpers. Or, if Christmas jumpers aren't your child's thing, why not take a look at these festive socks and slippers instead.

Our Top Choice

Pokemon Christmas Jumper

Looking for the perfect novelty Christmas jumpers for your children? Whether you are looking for girls' or boys' Christmas jumpers, this Pikachu Christmas jumper is our top pick. It has an adorable Pikachu head surrounded by snowflakes and Christmas fair isle print. Whether you're looking for a girl or boy, this is one of the best Christmas jumpers for kids. It's made from acrylic, so it will be long lasting and keep kids nice and warm.

  • Price: £24.99
  • Age: Comes in sizes for 5-14 years
  • Officially licensed merchandise

Best For Disney Fans

Mickey Mouse Holiday Cheer- Disney Store

If your child is a huge Disney fan, they'll love this Mickey Mouse jumper. Featuring everybody's Disney favourite dressed as Santa, this jumper is going to be worn all throughout December, especially on Christmas Day and Christmas Jumper Day. As it is part of the Disney Christmas family range, your whole family (including your pets) can take part in the magic of Christmas with these Disney jumpers. With green sleeves, a grey body with a red collar and a giant Mickey Mouse dressed as Santa on the front, it's a great Disney Christmas jumper.

  • Price: £18
  • Age: Comes in sizes for 2-10 years
  • Officially licensed merchandise

Best For Young Gamers

Fortnite Christmas Jumper

Fortnite is a firm favourite amongst many young gamers, with this Fortnite Christmas Jumper being no exception. This is a fantastic dark blue jumper with a variety of Fortnite prints across the body including the signature 'dab', popular with young gamers. The jumper also has elements of a traditional Christmas jumper as it features a geometric pattern. If you're thinking of buying this jumper, it is terrific for kids and comes in adult sizes too if you want to go all out and wearing matching jumpers this Christmas.

  • Price: £15.95
  • Age: 7+
  • Official Fornite merchandise

Best For Funny Jumpers

Batch 1 T Rexcellent Kids Christmas Dinosaur Jumper

If your child enjoys puns, they will love this punny Christmas jumper, which has the words T-Rexcellent Christmas across the front. Featuring a roar-some T-Rex in a Santa hat, on a grey or white jumper, this is a lovely pick for a dinosaur Christmas jumper.

  • Price: £26
  • Age: In sizes suitable for 3-13 years
  • A great choice for funny Christmas jumpers

Best For Under 5s

M&S Knitted Penguin Christmas Jumper

A wonderful pick for a toddler Christmas jumper is this wonderful knitted penguin jumper from M&S. The grey jumper has a knitted penguin on the front with antlers, and there are cute pom-poms hanging from the antlers, making it a lovely pick for a young child's Christmas jumper

  • Price: £10
  • Age: 3 months-3 years
  • Machine washable

Best For Families On A Budget

Lora Dora Kids Christmas Jumper

If you're looking for a kids Christmas jumper on a budget, this unisex Merry Slothmas jumper from Lora Dora has a novelty feel to it and is one of the best Christmas jumpers in for a very reasonable price.

  • Price: £8.99
  • Age: Sizes to fit 2-13 year olds
  • Comes in a variety of patterns

Best For Star Wars Fans

M&S Star Wars Christmas Jumper‍

If your kids are huge fans of 'Star Wars', then they will adore this Christmas jumper, featuring a festive storm trooper rocking a Christmas hat? Complete with snowflakes and writing which says 'Star Wars' on the front in bold font, this is one of those Christmas jumpers kids will not want to take off!

  • Price: £18
  • Age: Comes in sizes for ages 6-16
  • Comfy regular fit
  • Official merchandise

Best For Light Up Jumpers

Matalan Boys Dinosaur Light Up Christmas Jumper

Would it really be a list of Christmas Jumpers if there wasn't a mention of a light up Xmas jumper? Kids love Christmas jumpers with lights and music, and this dinosaur pick doesn't only shine for its light up elements, it is also super comfortable. Children will love to wow their friends with this boys' Christmas jumper.

  • Price: £12-£14
  • Age: Available in sizes for ages 4-10
  • LED light up features
  • Hand wash only

Best For Girls

John Lewis Girls' Christmas Pudding Jumper

We love this adorable sequin girls' Christmas jumper from John Lewis. Featuring several sequined puddings, topped with lots of fluffy berries, the jumper comes in navy and can be machine washed, even though it has embellishments.

  • Price £20
  • Age: Available in sizes for ages 3-12
  • A great pick for girls' Christmas jumpers
  • Super soft and snuggly

Best For A Novelty Christmas Jumper Kids Will Love

Next Red Rudolph Christmas Jumper

Christmas jumpers are all about the novelty feel and Rudolph taking centre stage on this Christmas reindeer jumper will make it a firm favourite. With a wonderful knitted Rudolph face and a pom-pom nose to complete the face, alongside several geometric prints, this jumper gives real Christmas feels. The hand knitted style of this reindeer jumper only makes it better. You can expect a long life for this Christmas jumper, as it is made to last.

Kidadl Best Buys selects the top parent-recommended products across the web for families of all ages. If you enjoyed our pick of the best Christmas jumpers for kids, why not take a look at this list of the best kids Christmas bedding, or if you're struggling with stocking fillers for kids this year, we have some great suggestions too.

  • Price: £16-£18
  • Age: Available in sizes for ages 3-16
  • Machine washable

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