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10 Best Kids' Christmas Socks And Slipper Socks To Keep Them Warm This Festive Season

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With Christmas just around the corner, now is the perfect time to get your children snuggled up in a cute pair of Christmas socks that will keep their little toes warm on all of their holiday adventures.

You'll be ready for December 25 with these cute and colourful socks that your child will love to wear while playing indoors. From reindeer and penguin designs to cute Santa socks with 3D features, your child will be filled with Christmas spirit when dressed in a pair of these great Christmas socks.

We know how busy the holiday season can get, so we've done the hard work for you and have picked out the best socks on the market that will make a wonderful addition to this festive season. Whether you're looking for girls' Christmas socks or boys' Christmas socks, our list has you covered with socks that feature gorgeous designs,  quality material, and grips for extra safety. Your children can wear these festive socks playing at home, putting up the decorations on the Christmas tree or curling up next to the fire. Your child is sure to be a festive fashionista at any holiday event they attend in a pair of these socks. If you are making a Christmas Eve box or hanging stockings this year, funny Christmas socks make the perfect box or stocking filler.

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Our Top Choice

PatPat 5-Pack Toddler/Kid Christmas Middle Socks‍

Thanks to PatPat your child will have a different pair of socks for every event this festive season. This five pack of children's novelty Christmas socks features super cute designs that will have your child festively dressed for every occasion. The socks come in a range of sizes to suit children from two to ten years. If you've got a few children to dress this year, we suggest stocking up on these socks in a few sizes and having your children wear matching pairs for added fashion points this festive season.

  • Price: £15.32
  • Age: 2-10 years

Best For Reindeer Lovers

Sainsburys Red Stripe Reindeer Rattle Socks‍

Your child will have a ball in these festive, red and white striped reindeer socks from Sainburys. These festive socks have sole grips to give your child extra stability as they move busily around the house on Xmas morning. The socks have a  cute reindeer on the front with a rattle inside that will make your toddler's movements all the more fun. These socks are a great stocking filler that your child will adore.

  • Price: £2.62
  • Age: 1 - 24 months old

Best For Newborns

Ruby And Freddies Baby's First Christmas Socks‍

These adorable baby socks will look good with any festive outfit and are sure to keep your baby's toes warm with their soft terry-towelling make. They come in reindeer, Santa or penguin designs and in sizes for newborn to six month old babies. These socks are so cute that we're sure you'll want to make them a keepsake for when your baby is all grown up.

  • Price: £5.99
  • Age: 0 - 6 months

Best For Extra Stability

Bovake Toddler Slipper Socks‍

These cosy socks will keep your little one warm and upright this Christmas. They have anti-skid material on the feet, giving your child extra stability for all the excited, fast-paced movements they are sure to be performing this Christmas. These super cute Santa socks will help bring Santa to life this holiday season and the socks come in sizes suitable for babies aged 0 to 24 months.

  • Price: £1.09
  • Age: 0-24 months

Best For Toddlers

PatPat Baby/Toddler Christmas Knitted Thermal Middle Socks‍

You can pick the perfect festive sock colour and design for your baby with the four options available in this great socks from PatPat. These socks are available in two sizes, zero to twelve months and one to three years old. Your child will be both comfortable and festively fashionable when you dress them in one of these adorable pairs of socks this Christmas.

  • Price: £8.42
  • Age: 0-3 years

Best For Keeping Warm

PatPat Baby/Toddler Christmas Cartoon Thermal Socks‍

Your baby's little toes will be super warm in these thermal Christmas socks from PatPat. They come in a range of colours and designs so you're sure to find the ideal pair for your child this festive season, or better yet, you could buy them all and have a cute pair for every occasion.

  • Price: £8.42
  • Age: 1-5 years

Best For Under 10s

PatPat 5-Pack Kid Christmas Knitted Adorable Middle Socks‍

Your child will be channelling their inner Santa these holidays by wearing one of these great pairs of socks from PatPat. This pack includes five pairs of socks so your child can bring the Christmas spirit with them everywhere they go, the perfect pair of socks to wear proudly on December 25.

  • Price: £13.02
  • Age: 5-9 years

Best For Cold Christmases

Belovecol Christmas Slipper Socks

These Christmas slipper socks come in a range of great designs that are sure to satisfy your child's fashion sense this Christmas. The socks are super soft and designed to keep the warmth enclosed so there'll be no frosty toes this winter season. Plus, kids can run around opening presents knowing that the non-slip soles on these slippers will keep them safe.

  • Price: £11.99
  • Age: 5-9 years

Best For Every Occasion

PatPat Baby/Toddler/Kid Plaid Christmas Middle Sock‍

These plaid Christmas socks are perfect for the little fashionista who wants to add some more subtle holiday spirit to their outfit.  These socks are available in sizes suitable for children aged one to seven years old. This means, if your child loves these socks as much as we do,  you can buy them again and again as they grow older.

  • Price: £4.59
  • Age: 1-7 years

Best For Extra Christmas Magic

Sainsburys Christmas Terry Patterned Socks 3 Pack‍

These cotton-rich Xmas socks will keep your little one comfortable these holidays and looking super cute of course. The three pack includes a reindeer, penguin and elf design that will have your kids feeling extra merry this Christmas.

Kidadl Best Buys selects the top parent-recommended products across the web for families of all ages. If you want more ideas to help make this Christmas one to remember, check out our list of the best Christmas hats for kids and babies and the best kids' Christmas bedding sets.

  • Price: £4.00
  • Age: 0-2 years
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