10 Best Kids' Christmas T Shirts To Buy Now

Family having fun opening presents at Christmas.

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Having kids at Christmas makes the whole season even more magical and, alongside choosing presents and going to fun festive events, dressing up your kids in cute Christmas outfits is definitely one of the highlights for a parent.

A t-shirt can be an excellent choice if your kids want to rock a more relaxed look, and with all the excitement of ripping open presents and playing games, even on a cold December day you'll find kids will get hot, so a t-shirt can be a smart choice. From super smart and stylish outfits to hilarious novelty t-shirts, there's a look to suit whatever vibe you're going for this Christmas.

If your children are school age, then they might have a special non-uniform Christmas jumper or t-shirt day too at the end of term, and our edit of the best Xmas t-shirts will be the perfect thing to wear. We've scoured the internet and high street for the most beautiful and fun children's Christmas t shirts, at a range of budgets and for everyone from babies to older girls and boys.

Once you've got your kids looking perfectly festive in one of the t shirts below, if you need some inspiration for what to put under the Christmas tree for them, you can check out some of other helpful Christmas lists, including the best Christmas presents for boys and the best Christmas presents for girls.

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Kidadl's Top Pick

All of the Christmas t-shirts and tops on the list below are highly recommended for their quality and cool designs, but if you're looking for a quick suggestion to go for, our favourite has got to be Mini Boden's festive lift the flap t-shirt based on its lovely festive scene and the interactive nature of the design that'll really excite children of all ages.

1. Mini Boden Festive Lift The Flap T-Shirt

Mini Boden Festive Lift The Flap T-Shirt

Some children love choosing outfits and getting involved in fashion, while others take no interest at all, but with this charming blue Father Christmas t-shirt, every child will get excited thanks to the fun flaps that reveal hidden presents, including a bone for the cute dog in front of the fire. This funny Xmas t-shirt has a delightful scene with Santa falling head first down the chimney that will delight everyone this Christmas and, being part of the Mini Boden range, you can be sure that the quality will be second to none. Thanks to its traditional and enduring design, you could buy it slightly large this year and even get two years' worth of wear out of it. It's made from super soft cotton too, so kids will be comfy and stylish for the duration of the holidays.

Main Features  

  • Price: From £23
  • Age: 2 - 12 years

Best For Eco Friendly Families

2. Monsoon Sequin Penguin Christmas Top In Blue Organic Cotton

Monsoon Sequin Penguin Christmas Top In Blue Organic Cotton

The most expensive of the tops we're featuring in this list is worth spending £24 on as it's more of cross between a jumper and a t shirt so will keep little girls warm, and as part of Monsoon's S.E.W Sustainable capsule collection it's an eco-conscious choice that is much kinder to the environment. As girls' Christmas t-shirts go, it's a really pretty and chic design too, with it's ice cold shade of blue, a super sweet sequin penguin on the front and lovely frilly details on the shoulders.

Main Features  

  • Price: £24
  • Age: 3 - 13

Best for Smart Christmas Occasions

3. Jojo Maman Bébé Kids Christmas Embroidered Polo Shirt


How smart is this little festive polo shirt? Kids often find shirts a bit restrictive so a polo shirt is the perfect choice if you want to make your little boy both smart and comfortable so something like a visit to church or Christmas lunch. The design of this Christmas top is beautiful too, with embroidered snowmen, reindeer, penguins, festive bears and puppies. And there's no worries about it being scratchy inside with all that embroidery, the designers have inserted a cotton panel on the inside front for any children with sensitive skin.

Main Features  

  • Price: £15
  • Age: 6 months - 6 years

Best For Children Who Love Dinosaurs

4. Marks And Spencer Cotton T Rex Christmas Top

Marks And Spencer Cotton T Rex Christmas Top

Having trouble persuading your kids to dress up in Christmas tee shirts? You won't have any problems with this boys' Xmas t-shirt, which features none other than Tyrannosaurus rex himself! This lovely take on the classic reindeer t-shirt from M&S is really soft and looks great paired with jeans for a laid back look that isn't overly festive. It's got a fun pom pom nose too, perhaps Santa's sleigh will be led by Rudolph the red nosed T-Rex this year!

Main Features  

  • Price: £6
  • Age: 2-7
  • Made using sustainably sourced cotton

Best For Feeling The Love This Christmas

5. Joules Harbour Luxe Long Sleeve Jersey Top

Joules Harbour Luxe Long Sleeve Jersey Top

You can always count on Joules to come up trumps with some lovely seasonal kids designs and this appliqué heart Christmas tree is just the ticket for December 2020, when we could all do with a little extra love! Joules have taken a classic and best selling women's top and shrunk it in size to fit girls aged one to 12, so the shape and quality couldn't be better.  It looks best with jeans so is ideal for kids who don't want to get all dressed up in their Sunday best for Christmas Day.

Main Features  

  • Price: £18.95
  • Age: 1 - 12 years

Best For Surprising Little Girls

6. Mini Boden Glow In The Dark T-Shirt

Mini Boden Glow In The Dark T-Shirt

At first glance your little girl will think this is a perfectly nice pink t-shirt with a Christmas tree on the front. But turn out the lights and watch her face light up as she realises the Christmas lights wrapped around the tree glow in the dark. Be warned you might be walking around in the dark a lot this Christmas... good luck!

Main Features  

  • Price: £17
  • Age: 2 - 12 years
  • Glows in the dark

Best For Families On A Budget

7. H&M Printed Jersey Top

H&M Printed Jersey Top

Funny Christmas t-shirts for less than £3? You won't find many brand new festive t-shirts for much less than that. This 100% cotton t-shirt has a really stand out and festive design too , and would look great on both boys and girls. If you're keeping an eye on the pennies this year, this is the perfect choice.

Main Features  

  • Price: £2.99
  • Age: 18 months - 8 years

Best For Getting Excited About Christmas Day

8. Matalan Boys Long Sleeve Christmas Bus T-Shirt

Matalan Boys Long Sleeve Christmas Bus T-Shirt

Even adults get really excited when they hear Chris Rea's 'Driving Home For Christmas' song, so why not dress your little man in this lovely long sleeved tee featuring the iconic words and play the song on full blast as you head down the motorway to your destination for Christmas Day? The festive bus has some really fun little characters inside too: Santa, Rudolph, a penguin and even a couple of brussel sprouts!

Main Features  

  • Price: £3 - £4
  • Age: 1 - 6 years

Best For Disney Fans At Christmas

9. George At Asda Disney Mickey And Minnie Mouse Christmas T-Shirt

George At Asda Disney Mickey And Minnie Mouse Christmas T-Shirt

Kids' Christmas tops don't have to be covered in glitter and reindeers to make an impact over the festive period, and Disney lovers will adore this subtle Yuletide design with a very happy Minnie Mouse receiving a gift from Mickey. As novelty Christmas t-shirts go, we think this one is brilliant as the design includes two of the most loved Disney characters and it can be worn for many weeks on its own or underneath a jumper thanks to its pared back white background. Supermarkets are great places to pick up a well priced seasonal outfit, so keep your eyes peeled during your weekly shop for other offerings from supermarkets such as Sainsburys, Aldi or Tesco Christmas t-shirts.

Main Features  

  • Price: £7
  • Age: 4 - 14 years

Best For A Rainbow Design

10. Next Grey Marl Long Sleeve Christmas Rainbow T-Shirt

Next Grey Marl Long Sleeve Christmas Rainbow T-Shirt

The iconic symbol for 2020 was of course the rainbow, so this Christmas t-shirt is perfect for this year's festive period with its nod to supporting the NHS. It's a really good option for kids who don't want over the top Christmas themed outfits and, because it only has a subtle hint to the season in the design, it'll be a t-shirt that they can wear from November right through to after Christmas Day itself. And there's also the addition of the dinosaurs, which so many children love. The cute diplodocus covered in fairy lights is guaranteed to make them smile.

Main Features  

  • Price: £6- £8
  • Age: 3 months - 7 years

Kidadl Best Buys selects a number of top-rated products available across the web for all kinds of families.  If you found our list of the best Christmas t-shirts list useful, then why not have a look at our list of the best Christmas gifts under £10 and our round up of the best Christmas toy soldiers that kids will love?



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