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10 Best Kids' Electric Cars To Buy Now

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Getting your kids to take part in roleplay is an integral part of developing their skills and electric cars are a great way to encourage this play.

Ride on cars are such a cool toy for kids. They often look like mini versions of the real thing, even down to the wheels.

Some offer parental remote control, whereas other vehicles can be controlled via the pedals in the cars. Some of the best cars for kids come in at higher price points, but there are also great value options out there too. That is why we've rounded up the best cars for kids to suit any budget. Whether this is your child's first mini electric car, or you're upgrading an old favourite to a larger one, this list has some great picks.

Of course, it is important to be aware that electric powered toys, whilst a super fun idea, can be dangerous if not used safely and kids should never be left to play with these unsupervised.

If you enjoy this post, you'll love our pick of the best kids' motorbikes for all ages, or if you have younger kids, why not take a look at our list of the best ride on toys for toddlers?

Our Top Choice

Ricco QR5188 Kids Sports Car

This electric kids' race car is based on the design a real life sports car, making it a tremendously eye-catching car for kids to ride in. This electric car is safe for kids and a four wheel suspension supports the actual car, so it will not be affected by bumps or rocks on the path. In a cool modern feature found in the best real life sports cars, the doors of this toy car even open backwards. The speed limit is set to a safe speed, and parents can use a remote control to control the car for extra safety. Kids are bound to love this car as it comes in a range of colours and resembles a modern day sports car. This kids' electric car is bound to turn heads and gain some attention as it just looks so great. This kids' electric car also features sounds, LED lights, and a steering wheel for added realism.

  • Price: £129.99
  • Age: 3-6
  • Eye catching design
  • Fun for kids

Best For Disney Fans

Disney Cars 3 6V McQueen Powered Car Ride On

It's no secret that Disney's movie 'Cars' was a massive success and has been loved by kids since its release in 2006. Kids love the main character, Lightning McQueen, who is featured on this fantastic electric kids' car. This toy car features a striking bold red body, with various decals and prints on the side, such as flames, and his iconic wheels. The car reaches a maximum speed of 1.37mph, and this makes the car very safe for kids to play with as it simply can't go any faster. The body of the vehicle is well balanced, and it can tackle riding on some rougher surfaces. This toy kids' car will be a great hit with those who are Disney fans, as it's so similar to the real Lightning McQueen car from 'Cars'.

  • Price: £150
  • Age: 3+
  • Size: H52, W56, D108cm
  • Max Speed: 1.37mph
  • Styled from the Disney film 'Cars'

Best For Car Mad Kids

Range Rover Velar Replica 6V Powered Ride On Car

If your kid is a real car fanatic, then look no further than this Range Rover Velar Replica kids' car. It looks just like the real thing as the designers have taken care to ensure that every part of the exterior is the same as in the full size Range Rover cars. The cars height even provides the boxy look which is associated with Range Rover. This is a six volt electric powered toy car that can travel at a maximum speed of 2.17mph. It's a comfortable ride too, it has back support to help your child remain stable when riding the car over different surfaces. This car is a little more expensive than some others on the list at £200, but the price you pay results in high quality. Complete with official Range Rover branding, this electric ride on car is not one to be missed by any mini car fanatics.

  • Price: £200
  • Age: 3+
  • Size: H58, W63, D120cm
  • Maximum speed: 2.17mph
  • Back support

Best For Pink Lovers

Audi Licensed Pink Battery Ride-On Car

Sometimes it can be hard to find electric ride on cars for girls as they're mostly targeted at little boys. Of course both girls and boys can choose any car they wish of any colour, but this licenced Audi ride on the vehicle may be a great contender for those who love the colour pink. It's based on one of the latest models of the Audi R8 car, which is a very popular supercar an will mean that your kids will eanr some serious cool points driving around the garden in this! The body of the car is an attractive pink colour, which stands out boldly against the other dark features of the car. It features realistic elements such as working LED lights, an Mp3 player that emits car sounds, and even a built-in key ignition. You can even play your very own playlist through the Mp3 player, simplu create a playlist together with your child and put it on a USB stick. Then your USB stick can be plugged in, and the car can play your audio, perfect for whether you want your child to play educational songs reciting their times tables or simply the latest kid bops!

  • Price: £129.95
  • Age: 3-5
  • Cute design
  • Great for developing motor skills
  • Play your own music

Best For Features

Ricco S2188 Lights And Music Pink BMW Style Kids Ride-On

This electric kid' ride on car is designed to look just like a BMW. This electric toy car has all the looks of a real BMW, only it's actually a kids' toy that they can play with. It has incredible features, such as a 45 minute long battery life, wide set wheels, and the ability to reach speeds of up to five km/h. It even includes a power display, horn, lights, two motors, and four wheel suspension. The two motors add a little power to this ride-on car, and the power display shows the battery life and how well it's running. It even has an added Mp3 music feature which allows your young driver to play their music, as well as built-in sounds such as a horn and indicators.

  • Price: £119.99
  • Age: 3-6
  • 45 minute drive time

Best For Cars With Parental Remote Control

Ricco Kids Two Motors Battery Powered Coupe Electric Ride-On

The safety features on this remote control BMW kids' electric car ride-on toy are fantastic. The BMW I8 is a car which looks completely out of this world, it's a fully electric supercar that even looks as if it could be a real-life spaceship. This ride on car for kids is based on the BMW I8 so, if you want to get your kid some futuristic wheels, this is a great option. It includes a parental remote which allows an adult to control the car remotely. This is great for safety, ias it allows parents close control of the speed that kids are travelling at on their ride-on electric vehicle. AS electric cars for kids with remote control features go, this is one of the best. The speed of the car can be controlled safely and parents can even stop the car remotely. This allows kids to have fun whilst staying safe, an important feature in any of these kids' electric cars.

  • Price: £119.99
  • Age: 3-6
  • Parental remote control
  • Battery powered
  • Bold and exciting car for kids

Best For Sharing With Friends

Chad Valley Safari Jeep 2

If your child has siblings to share with or friends over to play, it's always good for them to have toys they can share with one another. The Chad Valley Safari Jeep is a set of electric ride-on wheels with a twist, it's a two seater! It looks just like a real Safari Jeep and allows two kids to ride together. This is one of the most popular electric cars for kids simply due to the fact that they can enjoy it together! This Jeep has one of the best batteries on the list, it runs off a 12V battery for around 40 minutes. This 12V ride will be a memorable experience for kids and provides hours of toy car fun. It even includes a parental remote control as an added safety feature to keep kids safe whilst they play.

  • Price: £132
  • Age: 2+
  • Remote control included
  • 12V battery
  • Moving wheels
  • 2 can ride together

Best For Siblings To Share

Epic Kids Two Seater Battery Ride On Car

This kids' two seater car has the real look of an epic Jeep. If you are looking for great children's electric cars, this is a brilliant find. This electric car is styled just like a classic Jeep Wrangler. It includes wide set wheels to ensure maximum stability, a remote control for parents to use safely, a 12V battery, built in Mp3 player, lights and many more features which make it a fantastic electric car. One of the best features is undoubtedly that two kids can ride this electric car together. This creates a shared play experience for kids, who will learn the importance of taking turns to take the driver's seat. Children playing with this Jeep can let their imaginations run wild, they could pretend they are on an expedition into a jungle safari, or cruising across the desert, the possibilities are endless for the amount of fun that can be had with this 12V ride.

  • Price: £159.95
  • Age: 3-6
  • 2 seater
  • Great for siblings
  • Teaches the importance of sharing

Best For Toddlers

Fiat 500 Pink Ride On

Unlike other cars on this list, this Fiat 500 pink ride-on toy is excellent for toddlers as it does not feature any electronic motors or batteries and is powered simply by the child's feet. It's perfect for developing motor skills in little kids, and they can still have as much fun as they would with an electric car. It is great value too, as it's only £27.99 despite featuring official Fiat branding and Fiat 500 logos. Toddlers can steer and push forward the toy car forwards and backwards, and the rear seat has a backrest which can act as a handle for parents to push as well as a safety feature preventing falls backwards. It comes in many different official Fiat colours and has wide wheels to help with balance and a safety belt to keep kids safe when playing. Make sure you stock up on AA batteries to power the electric horn too (or perhaps don't, if you are after a quiet life!).

  • Price: £27.99
  • Age: 1+
  • Best for little ones
  • Official branding
  • Offers wheels to allow children to power themselves

Best For Families On A Budget

Mercedes Ride On Car

This kids' car is great for families on a budget. At such a great price, it is complete with Mercedes Benz AMG branding and many other fine details. Mercedes Benz is popularly known as a luxury car brand, so this toy model is sure to deliver good quality. It features a striking bold red body, shiny chrome rims, and a brilliant chrome Mercedes Benz badge. There is also a handle at the back of the seat which parents can hold on to whilst kids play as an additional safety measure. Unlike most models on this list, this car is not powered by electricity, it's powered simply by the child moving their feet on the floor to push themselves along, but with the addition of two AA batteries, it can produce a  great working car horn sound that is activated by using the steering wheel.

Best Buys selects the top parent-recommended products across the web for families of all ages. If you liked our suggestions for the best electric toy cars for kids then why not take a look at our list of the best remote control toys, or for something different take a look at the best robot toys.

  • Price: £27.99
  • Age: 1+
  • Develops their motor skills
  • Includes iconic Mercedes branding
  • Has a safety handle for parents

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