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12 Best Kids' Football Boots For Little Sporting Stars

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Every football season, parents all over the country are inundated with pleas from excited children, desperate to find the right pair of boots to help them play like Messi on the pitch.

With such a large selection of football boots available for kids, ranging in price, style and purpose, finding the best football boot can be a serious challenge. We've done the work for you so that your child can show up to their first training session looking like a pro.

A good football boot will be sturdy, lightweight and comfortable and include features that will exemplify the skills that your child is already showing on the pitch. While boots won't change your child's skill level, they can help to give an added boost in many areas such as ball control, agility and traction. When choosing your child's boots, it is recommended to go up one or two sizes to accommodate your child's growing feet and thick socks. There is no need to seek out specific girls' football boots for your little Mia Hamm as a good pair of kids' boots will do the trick for any and every player on the pitch.

There are many great brands, such as Nike and Adidas, that are always a safe bet when choosing football boots for kids. We've listed them here along with a number of other great options. We also encourage you to read our list of the best shin pads to keep your child safe on the pitch, and for something different for your little sports star, have a look at the best kids' boxing gloves.

Our Top Choice

Adidas Predator Mutator 20.3 Multi-Ground Boots  ‍

These are some of the best boots available and will have your child cruising with confidence at an affordable price. Inspired by Beckham, these boots are a great all rounder packed with features to give your child control of the game. The mid-cut design will provide your child with extra support and the raised 3D elements on the front will give your child extra grip and an edge in their passing and shooting. And to top it all off, these boots can be used on a range of ground types from soft ground to astroturf.  

  • Price: £39.28 - £105.60
  • Suitable for multi-ground pitches

Best For The Agile Midfielder

Adidas Kids' Nemeziz .3‍

These laceless football boots from Adidas will have your child dazzling on the field with speed and agility. The boots wrap around for improved support during quick direction changes. The upper mesh element, combined with the laceless design, will give your child super controlled contact with the ball.

  • Price: £45
  • Laceless kids' boots

Best For Families On A Budget

Lotto Kids Solista 700 III FG Diva‍

It's hard to go past this classic pair of boots from the game's longstanding brand, Lotto, available from Pro Direct Soccer. At a great price and with lots of features to improve your child's touch, speed and control of the ball, these affordable boots are a great find for budget conscious families.  

  • Price: £20
  • PVC synthetic leather upper for added ball control

Best For Astro Turf

Lotto Kids Solista 700 III Gravity TF

Another great boot from Lotto's Solista range, these lightweight shoes are built for astroturf and are designed to make fast players even faster with extra padding to ensure comfort while your child is speeding around the pitch.

  • Price: £40
  • Suitable for astroturf pitches

Best For The Serious Footballer

Adidas Kids Predator 19+ FG‍

At a discounted price, this is the perfect boot for parents with a budding Ronaldo on their hands. They will give your child the precision ball control and stability needed to take command of the pitch. Fit with Adidas PrimeKnit and ControlSkin textiles, this laceless boot will give your high performing player an added edge on the pitch.  

  • Price: £23.00 - £127.14
  • Lace-less boots

Best For The Creative Player

Nike Kids Mercurial Superfly VII Academy FG/MG X Mbappe‍

Let your child channel his or her inner Mbappe with these bright, signature edition boots. With a comfortable lining and dynamic fit collar, these pink football boots feel like a second skin and will give your child the precision touch they need to be creative at high speeds. With these new football boots, your child won't just be the most comfortable player on the pitch, they'll also be the most eyecatching.

  • Price: £68
  • Signature edition boot colour worn by Kylian Mbappe

Best For Beginners

Nike Jr. Phantom GT Clu‍

The grip texture on these kids' football boots makes them perfect for beginners and those needing added support to develop their control and feel of the ball. Designed for turf surfaces, the off-centre laces will give your child clean contact with the ball, helping them build the confidence they need to continue on their journey as a footballer.

  • Price: £39.95
  • Off-centre laces for precision first touch

Best For Natural Grass

Mizuno Kids Monarcida Neo Select FG‍

These boots offer amazing comfort with a high traction stud design that with help ensure your child stays upright on a natural grass pitch. Give your child the chance to control the show with the specially designed forefront stitching to help them deliver a pristine first touch.

  • Price: £65
  • Suitable for natural grass pitches

Best For The Speedy Striker

New Balance Kids Tekela V3 FG‍

These boots from New Balance are another affordable option designed with features to give your little champion ultimate control of the ball. The lightweight soleplate and moulded studs will help your child pass defenders with agility and speed on firm ground pitches.

  • Price: £45
  • Suitable for firm ground pitches

Best For The Elite Footballer

Nike Jr. Mercurial Superfly 7 Elite FG‍

These boots are perfect if you have a bigger budget and a child who is already making a name for themselves on the pitch. With a lightweight sole and angular stud design, these boots will give your child explosive acceleration and a second skin feel. The NikeSkin finish gives reliable touch and control in all conditions, giving your child the boost they need to outplay the opposition rain, hail or shine.

  • Price: £154.95
  • NikeSkin layering for all weather ball control

11. Best Decathlon Football Boots

Agility 900 FG Kid' Firm Ground Boots‍

Available from Decathlon, these boots for football loving kids are super comfortable and perfect for children playing multiple times a week. They include a pull tab and wide opening to make them easy to get on and off. The round studs give great traction for dry and artificial pitches and the layering at the front of the boot will help with ball control. The pre-shaped insole means these moulded football boots will provide extra support upon impact, letting your child run around in comfort.

  • Price: £9.99
  • Suitable for firm ground pitches

Best For Families With A Bigger Budget

Puma Kids Future 6.1 Netfit City‍

Endorsed by some of the world's most talented players, these Puma Future boots will see your child outperform the opposition with skill and style. While these are some of the best boots, they come with a hefty price tag, however, its features make it well worth it if you've got the cash to spare. The rapid agility sole offers support for fast multi-directional changes and the grip control layer ensures perfect touch on the ball. For parents on a budget, Puma has a number of different options available in this Future range.

Kidadl Best Buys selects the top parent-recommended products across the web for families of all ages. If you liked out articles on football boots kids will love and want more ideas for ways to help keep your kids away from screens, check out our list of the best pool tables and the best walking boots for kids.

  • Price: £125
  • Grip control layer for improved first touch
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