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17 Best Kids' Halloween Costumes That Are Scarily Good

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Read on if you dare...

We've picked the creepiest, crawliest, and downright craziest Halloween costumes for kids that we could find. From the classic choice of a kids' witch costume to Halloween outfits inspired by the likes of Harry Potter, Star Wars, or favourite Disney characters, we've unearthed the most appealing Halloween costumes for kids.

Don't forget that we've also got loads of other lists bursting with Halloween costume ideas, including lists specifically dedicated to baby pumpkin costumes and kids' unicorn onesies for more magical dress up fun.

Our Top Choice

Kids' Inflatable Rex Toy Story Costume - Fancydress.com‍

When it comes to Halloween costume ideas, there are so many to choose from. They also tend to be gendered, which can make it a challenge to choose a top pick that will work across the board. This costume does just that. It's an investment, but it's worth it - what kid won't love waddling around as Rex from Toy Story? Plus, this is one of the Halloween costume ideas that gets most points for hilarity, thanks to its inflatable nature. Even better, it can be re-used for birthday and fancy dress parties - or just for bumbling around the house and treating everyone to a good giggle. The bodysuit is zip up and has a battery-powered fan which inflates the costume via four AA batteries.

  • Price: £49.99
  • Ages: We recommend from ages 7+

Best Halloween Costume For Families On A Budget

Kids' Screaming Ghost Robe - Fancydress.com‍

Halloween kid costumes are frequently expensive, but you won't be screaming at the price of this one! Perfect for trick-or-treating, this ghastly robe ticks the boxes for both boys and girls. Don't forget your face paint to make the most truly terrifying ghost on the street.

  • Price: £5.99
  • Ages: 4 +

Best Halloween Costume For Early Years

Baby Itsy Bitsy Spider Costume - Fancydress.com

Okay, we won't lie, this was mostly chosen because of how downright adorable it is. Play Itsy Bitsy Spider in homage to the well-known nursery rhyme, or place in the way of the closest arachnophobe for scare-tastic screams.

  • Price: £14.99
  • Ages: 0 - 24 months

Best Halloween Costume For Under 5s

Kids' Pumpkin Fairy Costume - Fancydress.com‍

A costume that is both fairy and pumpkin? We're sold. Perfect for weaving magic and mayhem, this child's costume is also plain cute.

  • Price: £14.99
  • Ages: 1 - 4

Best Skeleton Halloween Costume

Kids' Skelebones Costume - Fancydress.com‍

A skeleton is a classically spooky Halloween motif, and this costume doesn't disappoint. The face piece, jumpsuit, gloves, and boot tops are all included in the price and feature moulded, 3D bones so realistic that it'll seem like the inhabitants of the nearest graveyard have awoken to rattle their bones on the nearest street.

  • Price: £22.99
  • Ages: 6 +

Best Kids' Pennywise Costume

Killer IT Children’s Clown Costume - Amazon‍

Undoubtedly the creepiest clown out there (and there's some fierce competition), this costume takes inspiration directly from the lead character of the film IT. Get creative with some face paint and start spooking your neighbours.

  • Price: £17.95
  • Ages: 5 - 9

Best Frozen Kids' Halloween Costume

Kids' Deluxe Elsa Costume - Fancydress.com‍

Kids won't be afraid to 'Let It Go' in this costume, able to embrace the storm and take charge of their own future. Well, we can't guarantee that, but it's always possible.

  • Price: £15.99
  • Ages: 3 - 8

Best Harry Potter Kids' Halloween Costume

Harry Potter Gryffindor Robe - Fancydress.com‍

Your kids will be ready to battle Death Eaters in this costume, which is officially licensed by Warner Brothers and bears the genuine Gryffindor crest as worn by the main characters in the Harry Potter films. Even better, this will double up superbly for World Book Day - two costumes for kids in one!

  • Price: £19.99
  • Ages: 3 - 8

Best Star Wars Halloween Costume For Girls

Princess Leia Costume - Fancydress.com‍

There are so many Halloween costumes for girls, and a Princess Leia one is a superior option for your girl, who can guard the galaxy with Leia's caustic wit and fierce determination. This costume is officially licensed, too, and comes with the infamous plaited wig to truly complete the Leia look.

  • Price: £24.98
  • Ages: 3 - 10

Best Star Wars Halloween Costume For Boys

Kids' Kylo Ren Costume - Fancydress.com‍

One of the best boys Halloween costumes, this Kylo Ren outfit comes complete with robe and mask. Beware the influence of the dark side!

  • Price: £22.99
  • Ages: 5 - 8

Best Batman Halloween Outfit

Kids' Muscle Batman Costume - Fancydress.com‍

A list of kids' halloween costumes would hardly be complete without a Batman outfit, and this one doesn't disappoint - it comes with muscles and everything. Officially licensed by DC Comics, this costume takes influence from the 'Dark Knight Rises' film. Be aware that an inflated sense of strength and power may accompany the outfit.

  • Price: £24.99
  • Ages: 1 - 10

Best Ghostbusters Halloween Costumes For Kids

Kids' Ghostbusters Classic Costume - Amazon‍

We've sifted through the Amazon Halloween costumes to unearth this gem. Who you gonna call (when you need a great costume?) Ghostbusters! Complete with inflatable backpack (otherwise known as a paranormal exterminator laser), this jumpsuit will help your kids get their ghostbusting on. Keep your eyes peeled for the Stay Puff marshmallow man.

  • Price: from £22
  • Ages: 4 - 8

Best Peppa Pig Halloween Costume

Kids' Peppa Pig Halloween Witch Fancy Dress Costume - Matalan‍

There are loads of Matalan fancy dress options, but this one's a corker thanks to its Peppa Pig features. It's a witchy costume perfect for younger kids, with a black velour top that features Peppa herself, a purple satin underskirt and silver glitter detailing. There's also a hat for extra spookiness - an ideal little kids fancy dress option.

  • Price: from £12
  • Ages: 18 months - 5 years

Best Sainsbury's Halloween Costume

The Gruffalo Brown All In One Costume - Tu Clothing‍

More cuddly than creepy, this all in one is a fabulous costume in homage to one of the best books for kids of all time. It features the mouse from the story and pictures of the Gruffalo on the front, and the back has the character's purple spikes. There's also a removable tail, the hood has the Gruffalo's facial features, and there are claws on the feet and paws.

  • Price: from £16
  • Ages: 1 - 8

Best Double Kids' Costumes For Halloween

Kids' Alice & Rabbit Couples Costume - Fancydress.com‍

Don't be late for a very important date! Make Halloween doubly special in these double costumes that take inspiration from the classic 'Alice in Wonderland'. The blue Alice dress resembles the Disney costume, as does the white rabbit's waistcoat and timepiece.

  • Price: from £15

Best Cool Witch Halloween Costume

Kids' Cool Witch Costume - Fancydress.com‍

Girls' Halloween costumes are often witch-focussed, and we think this is one of the better ones available. There's a black jacket with a silver belt, green-ribboned hat and matching overskirt. Just don't forget your broomstick, or maybe a black cat toy.

  • Price: £25.99
  • Ages: 8 - 14

Best Morrisons Halloween Costume

amscan Childs Grim Pumpkin Reaper Halloween Costume

Full disclosure, we wouldn't want to come across this costume in a dark alleyway. Complete with a super spooky face mask and realistic sack tunic, this is a great option for kids who are keen to get creepy.


  • Price: £14.81 - £15.99
  • Ages: 5 - 12
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