10 Best Kids Teepees And Tents For Hours Of Fun

Family having fun outside with teepee in background.

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Most kids would love their very own teepee, tent, or den.

They provide a cosy, safe space for children to play, read, daydream, and get a little bit of independence. Some teepees for children are also perfect for firing up the imagination - on this list alone, children will be on a spaceship, under the sea, and in the belly of a dinosaur!

If you're looking for the best kids teepee tents, we've got you covered. Based on our extensive research, these are the ten best children's teepees on the market - starting, as always with our Kidadl top pick. For more great furniture items to help kids unwind, check out our 9 Best Kids' Sofa Beds Perfect for Playrooms and Bedrooms and for the littlest ones, our 10 Best Nursing Chairs and Rockers.

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Kidadl's Top Pick

The Kidadl top pick is what we consider the best kids teepee on the market to be. Based on our research on value for money, practicality, quality and fun and imagination, this has to be our top pick.

1. Kiddiewinkles Outer Space Rocket Playhouse

Kiddiewinkles Outer Space Rocket Playhouse

As children, many of us parents probably used to make spaceships out of cardboard boxes. If we'd seen this stunning rocket playhouse instead, our jaws would have hit the floor. This may be one of the priciest options on our list, but it's a case of getting what you pay for. The attention to detail is superb - we particularly like the way the porthole windows have an astronaut spacesuit woven underneath, so a child can stick their head through and pretend to be dressing up. You can even get the tent personalised with the names of any wannabe astronauts on the front door. This is the Kidadl top pick anyway, but it comes specifically recommended if you're buying children's tents for play, rather than just simply for kids to chill in. I mean, who wants to merely kick back and relax in a space ship?

Main Features

  • Price: £231.34
  • Can be personalised with the name of the child you're buying for
  • This has won a Junior Design Award, and we can clearly see why

Best Teepee For Storage

2. SweHouse Teepee Tent

SweHouse Teepee Tent

Another great value option at £37.99. One of the best teepees for kids. A particularly nice feature with this one is the small pocket flap on the outside of the tent, which toys and books can be stored in. It should stop the interior from becoming too messy! Several reviewers suggest this tent looks particularly beautiful with some fairy lights strung around the top.

Main Features

  • Price: £37.99
  • A set of wooden poles and connectors come included for easy installation
  • The canvas material that the teepee is made out of is of a particularly high standard

Best Teepee For Under 5s

3. Chad Valley Dinosaur Play Tent

Chad Valley Dinosaur Play Tent

This isn't as restrained and classy as some of the other tents on this list. However, none of the other tents on this list allow your child to construct a den inside a dinosaur's belly, so it's swings and roundabouts. It's a simple pop up tent and folds away easily when not being used, so it couldn't be simpler to assemble and collapse. £16.00 is about as cheap as a tent like this can get without seriously compromising on quality. Certainly one of the best teepees for toddlers.

Main Features

  • Price: £16
  • Height 94cm; Width 230cm; Diameter 76cm
  • And, come on, that stegosaurus is pretty cute

Best Teepee For Born Travellers

4. IKEA Hemmahos

IKEA Hemmahos

We know how tired you must be of your child constantly nagging: "beloved parent/guardian, when can I have a Hemmahos?" Well, for around £30, their demands can finally be met. You don't need us to tell you all about IKEA, but their teepee tent offering is delivered with the same mix of charm, value, and slight kookiness as all their other products. The Hemmahos has a very cute and colourful caravan design, and is just about big enough for a parent to squeeze in alongside their child, should they be invited.

Main Features

  • Price: £27
  • Length - 130cm; Width - 80cm; Height - 120cm
  • It's a durable, well made, 100% polyester tent. Perfect for a road trip

Best Teepee Tent For Style

5. Moozle Teepee Tent

Moozle Teepee Tent

This pure white teepee tent is actually an extremely striking and really sophisticated design. However, in the eyes of a child, it's a blank canvas. This is an ideal teepee tent for kids who want to get creative with their teepee furnishings. Given the all-white design, it won't be too dark inside and can be made as cosy as desired. Over £100 is on the pricy side for a tent as simple as this one, but it's an ethically produced tent made from unbleached cotton and sustainably sourced wood. We think the poles with flags atop are a cute addition too.

Main Features

  • Price: £120
  • It comes with poles flags and tie included
  • Diameter 105cm, Height 185cm
  • Easily folded away

Best Teepee For Flower Power

6. Grattify Folklove Teepee

Grattify Folklove Teepee

How about this for eye catching?! The floral design certainly stands out, but up close it's so sophisticated you wouldn't immediately be able to tell this is meant to be a kids teepee tent, other than from its size. The tent comes with the option of either a black or white background for the flowers, and you can also order some optional extra floor mats or cushions to go with it.

Main Features

  • Price: £148.99
  • Length 110cm/Width 110cm/Height 160cm
  • Ultra fashionable design means this would look amazing in any child's bedroom

Best Teepee For Exploring The Big Blue Sea

7. Luca Pop Up Play Tent

Luca Pop Up Play Tent

We really like the underwater theme of this one - when the light shines through the blue walls, it's easy for the children inside to really imagine they're immersed in the ocean (though we're not sure about the teddy bear in the display picture - how well can they swim?)

Main Features

  • Price: £51.99
  • 2 cool entrance tunnels, and nice round windows to peer out of
  • It's robust and spacious enough for a couple of children to use

Best Teepee For The Imagination

8. Bazoongi Puppet Tree Play Structure Playhouse

The first word that came to mind when we saw this was 'quirky,' and upon further inspection... yep, very quirky. But we mean that as a sincere compliment.  This is one of the most magical, perfect dens for kids we've seen. A completely unique feature with the Bazoongi is that it comes with little hand puppets for children to use - you can poke them out the windows and do your own puppet show. That and the cute, compact tree design gives this an appealing fairytale kind of quality.

Main Features

  • Price: £55.99
  • 137cm height/102 cm width/102 cm diameter
  • It's easy to assemble
  • Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use

Best Teepee For Indoors And Outdoors

9. ScandiBorn Pavilion Play Tent

ScandiBorn Pavilion Play Tent

As you'd expect from a company called Scandiborn, their kids' tents are designed in a swish, minimalist, distinctly... well, Scandinavian fashion. As well as just being a cute, scaled-down bandstand type thing, this tent comes with retractable sides. This is a simple but surprisingly great feature; kids can roll down the sides if they want to make a den, or if the tent is outside in the summer months, they can be rolled up to let the sunshine in. The practicality of its design, and the fact it's appropriate for both outdoor and indoor use, makes this a perfect children's play tent.

Main Features

  • Price: £168.50
  • 110cm in diameter, height when erect approx. 170cm
  • Appropriate for outdoor use

Best Teepee For Families On A Budget

10. Kids Play Tent in Sky Blue

Kids Play Tent in Sky Blue

Another great teepee for kids from Scandiborn, and for a fraction of the price of some of their other offerings. The tent is done in a soothing shade of blue, and speckled with stars - it looks so lovely. It's super easy to put up and take down, and at under £30, if you're just looking for a basic yet high-quality teepee play tent, this is perfect.

Main Features

  • Price: £29.95
  • Comes with a little window to peep through
  • Width 100cm; Height 130cm

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