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10 Best Kids' Wardrobes To Suit Every Bedroom

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Choosing a look or a style for your child's bedroom can be hard, there's such a wide and varied range of kids' bedroom furniture for sale out there that you may not know where to start.

Buying a kids' wardrobe doesn't have to be complicated, though. Most wardrobes come with enough room for hanging clothes and have ample storage for other items - so you've just got to decide on things such as which colour or material you'd like, whether you want drawers inside the wardrobe or separate, and so on.

It's also important to make sure that you measure up the space in the bedroom to see which size wardrobe will best suit the room, along with considering the fact that whichever wardrobe you end up going for - you'll want to secure it firmly to the wall for safety purposes.

With that in mind, you're ready to start shopping! We've rounded up a selection of the 10 top kids' wardrobes for sale on the web so that you don't have to. All of the wardrobes on the list below vary in style, features, and price - but are all of a good quality that we'd highly recommend. Check them out below!

If you enjoy the suggestions on this list and are looking for more kids' furniture inspiration - why not take a look at our best kids' bookcases or our best kids' armchairs to add an extra special touch to the bedroom?

Our Top Choice

Isabelle & Max Armoire - Wayfair

This super modern and stylish white 3 door wardrobe is both large and has plenty of storage room for all of your child's needs. It combines interior hanging space (ideal for large amounts of clothing) with six interior shelves that can be used for folded items - perfect for children. It even has a large open shelf on top of the doors that you can slot in some foldable boxes, store teddies, books, photo frames, or toys. Sturdy and easy to build, the 3 door wardrobe also features classic round doorknobs and is a great colour that will fit the theme of any room, boy or girl - and suit a wide range of ages.

  • Price: £232.99
  • Size: H186 x W130 x D54cm
  • Made with manufactured wood

Best Wardrobes For Young Children

Juno 2 Door Wardrobe - Argos

Great value for money and featuring a simple yet stylish design, this 2 door white wardrobe will make a great addition to your child's bedroom furniture. It has 2 rails inside (one high and one low with a maximum weight of 10kg) to separate the clothing, and is great for smaller kids to be able to hang up and pick out their own clothes - whilst doubling the space for you. It can be self-assembled at home in no time, and has two plastic knob handles that are easy to grip and open. It's also recommended that you attach the wardrobe to the wall for safety purposes.

  • Price: £90
  • Size: H166.8 x W65.5 x D49.5cm
  • Made with FSC certified wood

Best Wardrobes With Neutral Design

Caprio 2 Door Nursery Wardrobe - Mamas&Papas

Part of the modern Scandi collection, this 2 door wardrobe comes in white with a wood coloured base and handles - lovely neutral colours that are sure to look great in any bedroom. The arched legs and round corners make for a fresh, fun design - and the whole thing is super easy to assemble at home. The full-size wardrobe also has plenty of room for storage, with two removable hanging rails for when your child grows that can also fit adult clothes. There's even an extra draw at the bottom for additional space!

  • Price: £379
  • Size: H178 x W90 x D56cm
  • Designed and developed in house 

Best 1-Door Wardrobe

Camden 1 Door Shelved Wardrobe - Argos

Available in either pink, white, or grey - this two-tone 1 door wardrobe is sure to appeal to the masses and is a great and practical piece of kids' furniture. Not only does it look stylish but it provides children with enough space to hang clothes (holding up to 8kg) with two adjustable hanging rails, and use the other half of shelving for toy storage, books, or even folded items. Tested to the latest safety regulations, the wardrobe is ideal for usage from children and features a round plastic door handle that can be opened with ease.

  • Price: £130
  • Size: H187.3 x W84.1 x D49.6cm
  • Made with Acacia wood effect

Best Wardrobes For A Luxurious Design

Obaby Stamford Double Wardrobe - Cuckooland

Pick from either warm grey, country pine, or white - and admire this gorgeous double scroll-design wardrobe. This piece of furniture will become a centrepiece of the bedroom, and features an elegant and unique design that's great for both nurseries and children's rooms. The 2-door wardrobe opens up to reveal 3 drawers, 3 shelves, and 2 hanging rails - plenty of space for organisation and ideal for whatever you need to store. It also features recessed handles that children won't be able to get caught on - and can be self-assembled at home quickly.

  • Price: £395.95
  • Size: H175 x W110 x D50cm
  • Made with solid wood

Best Wardrobes For Families On A Budget

BRIAN & DANY Portable Cartoon Wardrobe DIY Modular Storage Organizer

This unique and innovative cartoon wardrobe is great for little girls - bright pink with adorable cartoon animal designs on the doors. It comes with 8 separate cubes that can be designed and connected in any formation that you'd like - separated, stacked, or combined. They're so easy to install, and deep enough that they can fit clothes and anything else you'd like to store away. With a hanging section that can support up to 10kg of weight - you may also be pleased to know that the panels are waterproof, dirt-resistant, and can be easily wiped clean. They're also light enough that they won't cause any harm and have hole handles for convenience.

  • Price: £38.99
  • Size: H147 x W75 x D47cm
  • Made with PP plastic, steel, and resin

Best Wardrobes For A Simple Look

Vox Maxim Wardrobe - Cuckooland

This modern white wardrobe will match the theme of any bedroom and will make a great addition to your home. It features a single door with an internal hanging rail and an additional shelf inside, and 4 open shelves in the other half that is great for toys, books, baby supplies - or whatever else you want to store. It also has no handles but simply holes in the door to pull open so that nothing can get caught. Easy to self-assemble, this Vox Maxim wardrobe looks expensive and is sure to get years of use.  

  • Price: £195
  • Size: H179.5 x W88.5 x D55cm
  • Made with laminated chipboard

Best Wardrobes For A Modern Look

Obaby Nika Double Wardrobe - Kiddies Kingdom

Available in either grey and white, oatmeal, or just grey - this Obaby 2 door wardrobe looks both modern and stylish. It has two hanging rails that make for plenty of storage for clothes, and an additional handy pull out drawer at the bottom that makes extra room for folded clothes. Sure to compliment the room with its neutral tones, the 2 door wardrobe even features brushed metal handles for an added touch of luxury and soft-close doors to avoid noisy slamming.

  • Price: £197.99
  • Size: H170 x W85 x D50cm
  • Textured oak wood effect finish

Best Half-And-Half Wardrobes

Wilcox Children's Wardrobe - Robert Dyas

This white half-and-half set of wardrobe and drawers features a stylish brown wooden top that is sure to fit right into any bedroom. You'll be able to store a mixture of clothes hanging up on the strong metal rail and folded clothes in the 6 drawers to make the most of the space - with the added convenience of an extra interior solid shelf. The classic and simple design can be enhanced and even features brushed steel knobs for a special touch. It's also scratch-resistant and sturdy - sure to last for years to come.

  • Price: £309.99
  • Size: H127 x W77 x D53.5cm
  • Made with FSC certified materials

Best Wardrobes For Variety Of Colours

Tutti Bambini Rio Wardrobe -Kiddies Kingdom

Whether you go for white, white/dove grey, or dove grey/oak - this 2 door wardrobe will fit into any bedroom with its lovely neutral colours. With a hanging rail, a full-width drawer, and a shelf - you'll have plenty of storage options for all your child's bits and bobs. The easy to put together wardrobe has a simple yet classy design - and is even available as a  kids' wardrobe set with other matching furniture if you'd like the whole collection!

Kidadl Best Buys selects the top parent-recommended products across the web for families of all ages. If you liked our suggestions for children's wardrobes then why not take a look at our best kids' single beds, or for something different take a look at our best kids' table and chairs.

  • Price: £179
  • Size: H175 x W75 x D48 cm
  • Made with MDF
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