10 Best Laptop Bags For Kids, Tweens And Teens

School kids walking and talking wearing a backpack.

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What should you, or your kids, look for in laptop bags?

Well, ideally they'd have serious space (usually measured in litres), with compartments and pockets within which to store things like pens, folders, notebooks, wallets, and whatever else your kids may be headed to school with. Typically that also means gym kit, multiple textbooks, perhaps a ring binder or two, and a water bottle. The best bags for laptops will also have an internal laptop sleeve, often padded, and will frequently be water resistant so as to avoid any tech disasters.

It's worth keeping all of this in mind when searching for the best laptop bag, but design is also important, as is comfort and durability. Laptop rucksacks tend to err on the more expensive side, so you want to choose something that's high quality and will be able to survive the wear and tear of school or work commutes, which means lots of bashing and bustling around.

Our suggestions below tick all of these boxes. Bear in mind that many of them are for older teens and adults, and many would make ideal backpacks for university. If you're searching for backpacks for younger kids, check out our list here, and don't forget to peruse our list of the best water bottles: we all know that staying hydrated is the key to good work.

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Kidadl's Top Pick

1. Superbreak Plus - Jansport

Superbreak Plus backpack with internal compartment for laptop.

Multiple pockets? Padded back panel and shoulder straps? Side water bottle pocket? Made in part from recycled materials? Internal laptop compartment that fits a 15 inch laptop? Check, check, check, and double check. Jansport is a brand that has been designing and producing rucksacks of the highest quality for years, and this laptop backpack from them can be trusted to perform to their supreme standards. There's a front utility pocket with organiser (aka a place that individually holds and stores loose stationery), a side pocket for your water bottle, the main compartment is large enough to store multiple books and folders, and there's an internal sleeve specifically for a laptop. Plus, it's made in part from recycled materials. What child, tween, or teen wouldn't want the Superbreak Plus.

Main Features

  • Price: £42
  • Age: We recommend from 11+

Best Woven Laptop Backpack

2. Little America Backpack - Herschel Supply Company

Little America Back from Herschel with modern functionality.

Modern functionality marries iconic style with Herschel's best known backpack. Their custom striped fabric lines the bag, whilst magnetic straps and adjustable drawstring closures keep it tight shut. There's a fleece-lined and padded laptop sleeve which can fit 15 inch devices, as well as an internal media pocket with its very own headphone port. The front pocket also has a key clip for easy access, and the shoulder straps and back panel are both padded.

Main Features

  • Price: £95
  • Age: We recommend from 12+

Best Mini Laptop Backpack

3. Original Mini Top Clip Backpack - Hunter

Weatherproof and spacious Hunter mini laptop backpack.

In need of a laptop bag that still fits all the essentials but isn't too large? We give you the Hunter mini laptop backpack. Weatherproof, spacious, but still natty enough to mean your kids (or yourself!) don't end up bashing too many people with it.  Crafted from water-resistant nylon with a leather trim, this can hold a 12 inch laptop, and side pockets allow for storing bits and bobs as necessary. There's both a parachute clip and zip closure at the top for extra security, and adjustable padded straps. We also love this vibrant yellow - it may earn serious compliments.

Main Features

  • Price: £85
  • Ages: We recommend from 12+

Best Printed Laptop Backpacks

4. Seoul - Kipling

Lightweight but large backpack with a spacious interior.

Kipling's Seoul is a lightweight but large backpack with a spacious interior, handy top handle, plenty of pockets, and groovy printed design. It also, of course, has an internal laptop sleeve, and the Kipling monkey - but this guy's been jazzed up to be a robot monkey instead. There's a top pocket, there's a side pocket, and there's a front pocket that includes its own zipped pocket, mobile phone pocket, and pouch pocket for your wallet, plus a pen loop and key fob. Phew, we did say there were a lot of pockets. Safe, secure, and organised with adjustable backpack straps - what more could you want?

Main Features

  • Price: £93
  • Age: We recommend from 11+

Best Uni Backpacks

5. Out Of Office Backpack - Eastpak

Out Of Office Backpack is the best for university students.

Eastpak is another brand that has been around for years, and has something of a cult following in consequence. These bags are amongst the best to head to university with because of their brand following, their functionality, their multiple colour options (currently at 76), their quality. Eastpak are so sure these backpacks will last that the warranty on these is 30 years - so your kids can take it to university with them and then have it for years after as a way of rekindling the nostalgia. 100% polyester means it's 100% vegan, with a main compartment that's accessible via a zip-down front panel, and a front zippered pocket. The internal tech sleeve is padded and will hold devices up to 13 inches, and there's adjustable padded shoulder straps and back panel.

Main Features

  • Price: £57
  • Age: We recommend from 12+

Best Backpack With USB Port

6. Laptop Bookbag - Amazon

Laptop backpack with multiple compartments and USB port.

What's that, a laptop bag with multiple compartments and its own USB port? Yep, that's correct. This backpack has an internal laptop sleeve that holds a 15 inch laptop and a separate pocket that will hold a 9 inch tablet, just in case your kids are doubled-down on tech. There's a hidden back pocket too, for valuables, and a USB port by which to charge devices. Practical outer pockets provide storage for loose bits like pens and notebooks, and there are also separate internal pockets to organise belongings. Fabric is anti-scratch and waterproof, plus easy to wipe clean. A laptop bag that we all should want.

Main Features

  • Price: £32.99
  • Age: We recommend from 10+

Best Laptop Bags For Wet Weather

7. Unisex Backpack - Rains

Minimalist but modern unisex Scandinavian backpack.

Minimalist but modern, these Scandinavian backpacks are designed to withstand even the most brutal (or British?) storm. Sleek and simple in design, they're nonetheless functional, made from waterproof PU-polyester with adjustable shoulder straps and a heavy-duty carabineer clasp. An inner zip pockets help organisation, and there's a 13 inch laptop sleeve. All zips have a waterproof aqua guard too, just to be sure any tech is sealed safely. Plus, there's a hidden phone pocket on the bag's backside.

Main Features

  • Price: from £68
  • Age: We recommend from 14+

Best Recycled Laptop Bags

8. Robin Backpack - Johnny Urban

Waterproof roll-top laptop bag boasts a laptop sleeve.

A roll-top laptop bag consisting of polyester made entirely from 100% recycled plastic bottles. It's waterproof thanks to protective coating, with 2 outer pockets and an inner compartment secured by zippers and velcro that also boasts a laptop sleeve. Subtle padding offers protection for your belongings and comfort and security for you, plus it looks sleek, as it's uncomplicated by strapping or bulk.

Main Features

  • Price: £49.95
  • Age: We recommend from 12+

Best Classic Backpacks For Students

9. Kånken - Fjällräven

Iconic Kånken backpack with a padded 15 inch laptop pocket.

We couldn't possibly have a list of the best laptop bags without including this classic. Created in 1978 to help mitigate the back problems that affected Swedish school children, the Kånken backpacks have since become iconic.  Material is hard-wearing and lightweight, and there's a foam seat cushion which is stored in the back pocket to prevent belongings from poking into the wearer's back. There are two side pockets and a zippered front pocket, the front logo is reflective, and there's a padded 15 inch laptop pocket.

Main Features

  • Price: from £88
  • Age: We recommend from 10+

Best Leather Laptop Bag

10. Portrait Backpack - The Cambridge Satchel Company

 100% leather with top handles Portrait Backpack.

Okay, these are a more expensive option, but they're an investment, and a beautiful gift for any tween or teen to benefit from for years to come. They can also be personalised with both the owner's initials or super cute symbols including a moon and lightning bolt, making this bag doubly special. There are adjustable leather straps and double buckle fastenings on the bag's front for a timeless look. The bag itself is 100% leather with top handles, it comes with a dust satchel for storage and protection, and will store a 13 inch laptop no problem.

Main Features

  • Price: £195
  • Age: We recommend from 11+

Kidadl Best Buys selects the top parent-recommended products across the web for families of all ages. If you liked our suggestions for children's laptop bags then why not take a look at our best laptops, or for something different take a look at our best kids' stationery.



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