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10 Best Maternity Coats For Expecting Mums

Pregnant woman cradling belly outside.

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Finding a solid winter coat is a challenge at the best of times.

When a growing baby bump is added to the mix, finding the perfect coat might seem like an impossible dream. We know the struggle, but rest assured you don't have to sacrifice style or comfort to stay warm this winter.

The right maternity coat will help prepare you for all of the chilly fun that comes with being pregnant during winter in Britain. Your maternity winter coat should keep you warm, dry and looking fabulous whilst you and bump tackle the cold weather.

It's great to see how many maternity brands and options there are available, however, the massive choice can make finding the option that is right for you a mammoth task. We want to make sure you're prepared for winter with the coats you need for every occasion. We've put together this list that features the best coats for pregnant women ranging from rain jackets to coats for fancy nights out.

The best maternity coat will be designed to fit you during pregnancy and beyond so that you can get the most out of your spend. Ideally, the coat will have a panel that can be added to accommodate your baby sling once your baby is born. The coat should be made of the appropriate materials to keep you warm and we highly rate coats that are made of water resistant materials.

Keeping you and bump warm isn't the only important work your coat must perform. It also needs to fit well and make you feel good, letting you enjoy your pregnancy with style.

We're sure this list contains the perfect maternity coat for every expecting mother and to help you find more comfort and style during your pregnancy and beyond, we've also listed the best pregnancy pillows and the best nursing chairs and rockers.

Our Top Choice


Seraphine Slate Eco-Down 3 In 1 Winter Maternity Coat‍

Seraphine Slate Eco-Down 3 In 1 Winter Maternity Coat

What's better than a jacket that looks great, keeps you warm and diverts 27 plastic bottles from landfill? This ultra warm 3-in-1 jacket from Seraphine is not only good for you and your baby, but also for the planet. The coat is made using 27 recycled plastic bottles and eco-down. It has a warmth level four rating, perfect if you find yourself in the midst of a freezing cold British winter. The coat and hood are lined with faux fur and have a detachable trim so you can look stylish while staying warm. The coat is designed for pregnancy and beyond and includes a zip-on kangaroo panel that is perfect for when you've also got baby to keep warm too.

  • Price: £159
  • Level 4 warmth rating

Best For Lifetime Use

Seraphine 3 In 1 Winter Maternity Parka‍

Seraphine 3 In 1 Winter Maternity Parka

Seraphine's 3-in-1 maternity coat range features jackets that are designed to last "for bump, for baby and forever". Investing in one of these coats is a great option as they have everything you need to stay warm and comfortable during a winter pregnancy and beyond. The level three warmth rating and weather resistant outer lining will keep you warm and dry in cold climates. The adjustable drawstring ties let you control the fit at your waist and the coat has plenty of room to accommodate your growing bump. Once your baby arrives, the winter coat has a zip-off panel designed to be worn with a baby sling.

  • Price: £149
  • Level 3 warmth rating

Best For Extra Warmth In Winter

JoJo Maman Bébé 2-In-1 Padded Maternity Coat‍

JoJo Maman Bébé 2-In-1 Padded Maternity Coat

This padded maternity jacket is trimmed with faux fur for a stylish look that will keep you warm while pregnant during winter. The coat has a removable panel that will accommodate your changing shape and can also be worn over a baby carrier once your new arrival is born. This winter coat will let you enjoy winter with style and we're sure it will be a winter wardrobe staple long after your due date.

  • Price: £89
  • Faux fur trim

Best For Families On A Budget

ASOS Design Maternity Waterfall Parka With Borg Lining‍

ASOS Design Maternity Waterfall Parka With Borg Lining

This ASOS Design piece is perfect for the stylish mum who wants a maternity winter coat that will fit during pregnancy and beyond. The coat has a super secure zip up and press stud fastening design and is lined with borg to keep you extra warm. The drawstring waist lets you control the fit and the side pockets are perfect for keeping your hands warm, and storing baby essentials once baby is in tow.

  • Price: £65
  • Zip up, press stud fastening

Best For Busy Mums

ASOS DESIGN Maternity Raincoat‍

ASOS DESIGN Maternity Raincoat

This raincoat's high collar and fixed hood are designed to keep you and bump dry during even the wettest of days. It will fit you while you're pregnant and afterwards, and as an added bonus, the side pockets will help keep your valuables dry during a downpour, perfect for the mum who is always out and about!

  • Price: £55
  • Fixed hood raincoat

Best For Eco-Conscious Parents

GAP Maternity Upcycled Puffer Jacket‍

GAP Maternity Upcycled Puffer Jacket

Another solid option for parents with sustainability on their minds, this maternity winter jacket's shell, fill and lining are made of 100% recycled materials. Plus, GAP is working towards making the whole jacket, including buttons and zippers, from recycled materials. The jacket fits at mid-thigh and its long sleeves and water resistant performance insulation will keep you warm on chilly days. It has a big hood to keep your head warm and front slant pockets to keep your things safe.

  • Price: From £124.95
  • Shell, fill and lining made of 100% recycled materials

Best For Working Mums To Be

GAP Maternity Wool Blend Wrap Coat‍

GAP Maternity Wool Blend Wrap Coat

This wrap coat is the perfect maternity wear for the working mum-to-be who needs to maintain a professional look that doesn't compromise on style while pregnant. Made from a polyester and wool blend, this coat will keep you warm throughout your pregnancy. Its lapel collar and front tie belt will have you looking the part of the professional, fabulous, mum-to-be that we know you are.

  • Price: £124.95
  • Polyester wool blend

Best For Keeping Mum And Bump Dry

Seraphine 3 In 1 Rain Resistant Pack-Away Maternity Coat‍

Seraphine 3 In 1 Rain Resistant Pack-Away Maternity Coat

This 3-in-1 maternity winter coat, made of premium water resistant fabric, is perfect for mums-to-be who are on the go and need something to keep them dry during an unexpected shower. This coat conveniently folds away into a small pouch, perfect for popping in your handbag to have at the ready when needed. The coat includes Seraphine's classic zip-off kangaroo panel to accommodate your baby sling once your baby is born.

  • Price: £69
  • Made from water resistant fabric
  • Folds into a small pouch

Best For Special Occasions

Seraphine Marina Maternity Coat‍

Seraphine Marina Maternity Coat

You'll be feeling especially royal in this beautiful maternity coat from Seraphine. As far as maternity clothes go, this wool tweed bouclé, worn by the Duchess of Cambridge, has to be as elegant as it gets. This coat is designed to fit whether you're pregnant or not and will have you looking as fabulous as Kate Middleton at whatever occasion you find yourself at.

  • Price: £275
  • Worn by Kate Middleton

Best For During And After Pregnancy

Be Mammy Women's Maternity Coat BE20-174‍

Be Mammy Women's Maternity Coat BE20-174

This lightweight coat is made of breathable polyester and has a removable panel that zips to the coat, perfect for accommodating your growing pregnancy. You'll feel equal parts comfortable and glamorous in this trench coat and we're sure you'll love being able to unzip the panel and rock this coat post-pregnancy.

Kidadl Best Buys selects the top parent-recommended products across the web for families of all ages. If you liked our list of maternity coats you might find more ideas in our lists of the best breastfeeding pumps and nursing bras.

  • Price: £52.99
  • Removable panel to accommodate your bump

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