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10 Best Maternity Jeans That Offer Comfort And Style

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We've all been there, the dreaded moment when we can no longer do up our jeans.

While no one loves a popped jean seam, for pregnant women this can be an exciting moment that signifies a growing baby who is well and truly on the way. Luckily for pregnant denim lovers, there are a million and one maternity jeans available that allow mums-to-be to enjoy their pregnancy in comfort and style.

As we've alluded to above, the best time to start wearing maternity jeans is when your normal jeans no longer fit or start to feel uncomfortable. Some even say that the best time to wear maternity jeans is all the time. According to a lot of women, once you start wearing maternity jeans, you'll never go back to regular ones because why would anyone squeeze themselves into regular denim when they can look just as good, and feel loads better, in a pair of maternity jeans.

Regardless of where you stand on the maternity jeans debate, there is a maternity option for every type of jeans lover. Whether you're a fan of the straight leg, boot cut or skinny jean, the world of maternity jeans has you covered. While it would make sense to have to choose larger sizes to accommodate your growing belly, it is actually recommended that you choose your pre-pregnancy jean size when buying maternity jeans as the design of the jeans will accommodate your bump, however, you still want the legs to fit you as usual.  

Maternity jeans usually fall into three categories, over the bump, under the bump and jeans with elastic side panels. The best style of maternity wear for you will depend on your personal preference. Over the bump jeans have a bump band that will keep you feeling secure and supported while rocking your favourite denim. The downside to these jeans is they can be more restrictive and warmer than other options. Under the bump jeans usually have an elastic waist band that fits under your bump, giving you a hip-hugging feel with less bulk and restriction. The trade off with under the bump jeans is that they might give you a less secure feel and if tummy flashes are a big no go for you, then under the bump might leave you feeling vulnerable. Elasticated jeans are the middle ground, they fit like regular jeans but have side panels, sometimes adjustable, that will expand with your growing belly.

We want to help you celebrate your beautiful, life-giving body and finding the right pair of jeans will be a nice way to help you maintain confidence and a feeling of normalcy during your pregnancy.

We're sure this list contains the perfect maternity jeans for every mother and to help you find ultimate comfort during your pregnancy and beyond, we've also made lists of the best pregnancy pillows and nursing chairs.

Our Top Choice

Seraphine Black Over Bump Super-Skinny Maternity Jeans‍

These are the best maternity jeans available, perfect for the pregnant fashionista, you'll be ultra comfortable and ultra confident in these black maternity jeans. Made of super soft, stretch denim, these jeans will give you a super flattering skinny fit from ankle to hip and the over belly band will fit seamlessly under your clothes.

  • Price: £49
  • Over the belly jeans

Best Organic Maternity Jeans

Seraphine Organic Cotton Under Bump Maternity Jeans‍

We all know the old saying, the only way to make maternity jeans better is to make them organic. Okay, we might have just made that saying up but these organic, under the bump jeans, will have you agreeing with us. The jeans are made with soft organic cotton that is flexible and stretchy for a great fit. The jeans have an under the bump jersey panel that will allow them to grow with your expanding belly.

  • Price: £52
  • Under the bump jeans

Best For Families On A Budget

New Look Maternity Blue 'Lift & Shape' Under Bump Emilee Jeggings‍

These New Look maternity jeans are made of super comfortable stretchy denim with sculpting seams for the perfect skinny fit. They are a more affordable option at just less than twenty pounds and are part of New Look's 'Kind' series, meaning they are a responsibly sourced, more planet friendly option, perfect for eco-conscious mums-to-be.

  • Price: £19.99
  • Under the bump jeggings

Best Straight Leg Jeans

JoJo Maman Bébé Mid Wash Straight Leg Maternity Jeans‍

These over the bump jeans are a more relaxed style for mums who aren't keen on skinnies but still want a slimming effect. The soft, stretchy cotton will keep you comfortable all day and won't fade after repeated washing. These jeans will complement every figure and will become a regular in your rotation of maternity clothes.

  • Price: £35
  • Over the bump jeans

Best For Dungaree Lovers

Seraphine Black Denim Maternity Overalls‍

These super stretch black denim overalls will be a maternity clothing favourite during your pregnancy. Available in blue and black, these jeans have an adjustable elastic side that ensures the overalls can grow with your bump. Maternity wear and bump style has never looked better.

  • Price: £59
  • Overalls with an elastic side for growing with your bump

Best For An Ultra Skinny Fit

Paige Verdugo Maternity, Nottingham‍

These mid-rise ultra skinny jeans are made with Verdugo's innovative Transcend denim, a soft fitting denim that moulds to the body. These super stylish jeans have elastic side panels for a super supportive, comfortable fit that will have you feeling like you're not wearing jeans at all.

  • Price: £185.99
  • Elasticated side panels

Best For Sustainable Practices

Isabella Oliver Super Stretch Maternity Skinny Jean‍

You'll be feeling good before you even put these jeans on thanks to Isabella Oliver's commitment to ethically made, sustainable maternity jeans. These jeans are a maternity must have with super soft, stretchy denim and an over the bump band that will keep you comfortable throughout your entire pregnancy.

  • Price: £75
  • Over the bump band
  • Ethically and sustainably made

Best For The Stylish Mum-To-Be

ASOS Design Maternity High Rise Stretch Kick Flare Jeans‍

These super stylish jeans are perfect for the trendsetting mum-to-be. They are super comfortable with a stretchy jersey bump band and include four pockets and a belt loop, extra points for practicality. These jeans are also part of the better cotton initiative, meaning you will look great and be supporting more sustainable cotton farming globally.

  • Price: £32
  • Stretchy jersey bump band

Best For Curvy Mums-To-Be

Bump It Up Plus Size Maternity Skinny Jeans ‍

These are the best maternity jeans for mums-to-be with curves. They will fit your beautiful curves seamlessly, leaving your feeling confident in your black maternity jeans. They come with practical additions including back pockets, belt loops and buttons that actually button up. These maternity skinny jeans are made from super stretchy denim and include a comfort panel to keep you feeling relaxed and unrestricted throughout your pregnancy.

  • Price: £29.99
  • Under the bump jeans

Best For Fashionable Mums-To-Be

GAP Maternity True Waistband Full Panel Distressed Skinny Jeans‍

If you don't miss a beat when it comes to fashion and want to stay on trend during your pregnancy, these GAP maternity jeans might be the best maternity skinny jeans for you. They are made of the usual super stretchy denim, have a button up fly and a distressed, indigo wash look that will keep your maternity fashion feeling on point.

Kidadl Best Buys selects the top parent-recommended products across the web for families of all ages. If you liked our list of the best maternity jeans you might find more interesting ideas to help prepare for your little one in our lists of the best baby changing units and wooden baby toys.

  • Price: £14.99
  • Full over the belly panel for support
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