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10 Best Maternity Trousers For Mums-To-Be

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Finding the right pair of trousers when pregnant can be a difficult and stressful task.

Why force yourself into a tight pair of trousers when there's a wonderful, comfortable pair of maternity trousers out there for you? Maternity trousers come in a range of styles, designs and price ranges and will leave you looking good and feeling unrestricted during your pregnancy.

From maternity trousers that will let you lounge on the couch in comfort to sleek black tailored pants for special events, the world of maternity wear has got the perfect pair of trousers to suit the needs of every mum-to-be.

Maternity trousers, like maternity jeans, generally come in three styles, under the bump, over the bump and trousers with side panels that stretch to accommodate your growing bump. The type you choose will depend on personal preference and the level of security or flexibility you are looking for. Over the bump trousers have a band that sits over your belly to give you added security and support. Under the bump trousers sit below your growing tummy and will keep you feeling cool and less restricted. Trousers with adjustable side panels give you the control to ensure they fit perfectly. Regardless of the design, the best maternity trousers will be super comfortable, grow with your bump and be stylish and flexible enough to wear throughout your whole pregnancy and even once your baby is born.

The best time to buy maternity trousers is when your current trousers no longer fit or are starting to feel uncomfortable. If you feel restricted when you sit down in your current trousers or have trouble buttoning them up, then it might be time to consider one of the great options on our list. Whether you're a working mum-to-be or have a runway level fashion sense to maintain, there are a huge range of maternity pants available to meet your needs.

We're sure you'll find maternity trousers that you love on this list and in the mission of keeping you as relaxed and comfortable as possible during your pregnancy and beyond, we've also put together lists of the best bedside cots and nipple creams.

Our Top Choice

Seraphine Over Bump Maternity Chinos‍

These straight leg chinos are our favourite maternity trousers because of their versatility and flexible fit. Their smart casual look means they are perfect for a huge range of occasions from work, to doctor appointments, to lunches with friends. They are made with a blend of soft stretch cotton and eco-friendly Tencel fibre meaning they will keep you cool and comfortable. The stretchy, soft jersey band goes over your bump with a comfortable, secure fit that will see you through your entire pregnancy.

  • Price: £55
  • Over the bump chinos

Best For The Workplace

Mija Over The Bump Maternity Trousers‍

These elegant maternity trousers will become an everyday staple for the working mum-to-be. They have an over the bump band that will accommodate your growing bump at every stage of pregnancy. They are straight legged pants with a wider fit and a cut that does not crease so whether you're in the office writing briefs or dining out after work, you're sure to look the part. These pants come in a range of lengths so you can find the perfect fit for your height.

  • Price: £19.90
  • Over the bump band

Best For Relaxing On The Couch

Seraphine Khaki Summer Slouchy Maternity Trousers‍

Another great choice from Seraphine, these maternity trousers are perfect for relaxing in style during your summer pregnancy. They are made of stretch viscose to keep you cool and comfortable. The pants are fit with an elasticated waistband and drawstring ties which let you adjust these stylish maternity trousers to find the perfect fit. These trousers will fit comfortably during your entire pregnancy and we're sure you'll be wearing them well after your baby has arrived too.

  • Price: £39
  • Elasticated waistband with drawstring ties

Best For Everyday Wear

GAP Maternity Insert Panel Girlfriend Chinos‍

These straight leg maternity pants will have you feeling fresh and on trend during your pregnancy. They have insert panels to accommodate your growing stomach while giving you a secure button and fly closure to give you a sense of security and normalcy during your pregnancy (yes, you are pregnant but you can still wear button-up trousers). The trousers include belt loops and rear pockets and we think they are the perfect, practical pair of chinos for everyday wear.

  • Price: £44.95
  • Insert panels for accommodating your growing belly

Best For A Professional Look

JoJo Maman Bebe Charcoal Under Bump Tapered Maternity Trousers‍

Whether you're attending a meeting or a job interview, these are the best maternity trousers for when you need a more professional look. The waistband is worn under the belly and is elasticated to give you flexibility and a comfortable fit that doesn't get in the way of your killer style. The slimming front and back creases, and tapered leg on these maternity trousers will have you looking and feeling like the professional that you are.

  • Price: £35
  • Under the bump elasticated waistband

Best For Stylish Mums-To-Be

Missguided Maternity Cigarette Trousers With Split Hem Black‍

We've found that maternity wear from ASOS tends to take mum-to-be fashion to the next level and these skinny maternity cigarette trousers are no exception. Your everyday wear will be levelled up in this pair of split hem pants. Their elasticated waist and slim fit will have you feeling totally comfortable while looking your best. Plus they'll fit you from bump to baby, what more could you ask for when you buy a pair of trousers?

  • Price: £20
  • Elasticated waistband

Best For Special Occasions

Seraphine Tailored Black Maternity Trousers‍

These tailored, black, maternity work trousers are another wardrobe essential for the working mum-to-be who finds herself in a  more formal setting. The tailored fabric with added stretch will comfortably fit, and complement, your figure throughout your entire pregnancy.  The secure, elasticated belly band fits discreetly under your outfit, leaving you looking and feeling fabulous. These maternity pants are perfect for the office, a wedding or any special occasion where you want to look and feel good.

  • Price: £55
  • Over the bump elasticated belly band

Best For Comfort

JoJo Maman Bébé Navy Maternity Chino Trousers‍

If comfort is your number one priority, these navy blue maternity trousers are the ones for you. They have a wide waistband that can be worn over or under your bump and soft flexible cotton that will keep you comfortable and cool. These skinny fit chinos will become a wardrobe favourite because of their relaxed fit and how easy they are to throw on with a simple tee for a great, casual outfit.

  • Price: £29
  • Over the bump wide waistband

Best For Tall Women

ASOS Design Maternity Under The Bump Tall Ultimate Jersey Peg Trouser‍

These ASOS maternity trousers are the best maternity pants for mums-to-be who want a more budget friendly option that doesn't compromise on fit or style. They have long peg style legs and a low rise waist that sits under your bump comfortably. They will fit from bump to baby and are the perfect smart casual look for every occasion.

  • Price: £16
  • Low rise, under the bump waist

Best For Ethical Maternity Wear

Isabella Oliver Emma Ecovero Maternity Pants‍

These bestselling trousers from Isabella Oliver are as stylish as they are comfortable. They sit under your bump and the soft elasticated waistband means they will grow with your bump and last your entire pregnancy and beyond. These trousers aren't just comfortable and stylish, they are also made with sustainable and ethical production practices. These include low water consumption, low mileage and sustainably, ethically sourced materials. These are the best maternity trousers for mums-to-be who want style, a good fit and a more ethical choice.

Kidadl Best Buys selects the top parent-recommended products across the web for families of all ages. If you liked our list of the best maternity trousers you might find more ideas in our lists of the best swivel car seats and baby changing units.  

  • Price: £49
  • Under the bump elasticated waistband
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