11 Best Minecraft Toys, Games And Gifts For Kids, Tweens And Teens

Boy in stripe long sleeve is lying down in the set of lego blocks.

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Minecraft is a wildly popular video game, where players create extensive imaginary worlds using virtual 3D building blocks.

Players build solo or as part of a community, and play in 'creative' or 'survival' modes. Whether you're a video game novice or an avid gamer yourself, you might be surprised to learn just how beneficial playing video games like Minecraft is.

The creative benefits are clear to see, but this game even allows players to examine the design of the Pyramids or the Colosseum as they make their own architectural choices. The problem-solving aspects of the game get players to work collaboratively and with self-awareness. To know what will or won't be useful in a particular situation, players can only progress through independent research, and maths pops up frequently, as players calculate areas, divide shares among the group, and plan food supplies. Younger players also have to practise time management, if they have limited screen time, and some teachers are even bringing elements of Minecraft into their maths lessons in school! If players choose to host a server, they will develop administration and organisation skills, with the added pressure of needing to maintain updates and knowledge to not let their community down. They might even need to learn basic coding to keep things running.

If you know a child (or adult) that is hooked on the virtual Minecraft world, every Minecraft toy gifted will go down a treat. The franchise has grown over the last ten years to encompass all kinds of Minecraft toys for kids: Minecraft plush toys, Minecraft action figures, Minecraft joke books, robot toys and more.

The sheer amount of merchandise can be overwhelming, so we've selected 11 of the best Minecraft toys to make your life easier.

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Kidadl's Top Pick

While we think that all of these Minecraft toys for kids are sure to delight any child, if you're short of time this is our top pick based on price, age-range and components.

1. Game-band + Minecraft - Small

Multi function wristband that you can play minecraft anytime, anywhere.

If all your child wants to do is play Minecraft, this is an amazing gift that lets them save and transport their entire Minecraft world to any computer, anywhere they want to play. Great for socialising and game parties.

Main Features

  • Price: £15.97
  • Connect via USB to the Gameband App on any computer
  • Fast and durable hardware
  • Secure cloud back-up storage in case of loss
  • Comes with maps from Seth Bling, Hypixel and Dragnoz pre-installed
  • Customisable with messages and animations on the LED display
  • Small size band measures 15.7cm
  • Suitable for 7+

Best Minecraft Toy For Creativity

2. Mattel Minecraft Stop Motion Movie Creator

Amazing set of Minecraft stop motion creator perfect for aspiring to make movies.

Perfect for budding Peter Solletts, this stage set provides all you need to make your own stop-motion movies. Though it does have a hefty price tag, the creative opportunities are endless, and your child will develop important artistic and decision-making skills. We think this is one of the best Minecraft toys for creativity and longevity.

Main Features

  • Price: around £200
  • Interchangeable backgrounds and props for multiple scene options
  • Includes four mini-figures: Exclusive Spider Jockey (with Enchanted Bow), Exclusive Alex (with Diamond Pickaxe), Zombie and Zombie in Flames
  • Supplies a free mobile app and device holder for quality shooting
  • Suitable for 3+

Best For Quiet Time

3. Catch The Creeper by Stephanie Milton

Catch The Creeper by Stephanie Milton.

This book challenges readers to find hidden creepers, llamas, villagers and more in a beautifully illustrated collection of Minecraft scenes. But will the Creepers find you first?

Main Features

  • Price: £8.19
  • Hardback
  • Published and illustrated by Penguin Random House
  • Suitable for 6+

Best For Snuggling

4. J!nx Adventure Cave Spider Plush Toy

J!nx Adventure Cave Spider Plush Toy.

This Cave Spider is a soft, cute and slow version of the in-game terrors. Kids will love cuddling up to this Minecraft toy, bringing the characters into their everyday life.

Main Features

  • Price: £19.99
  • Measures 11 by 15 inches
  • Suitable for 3+

Best For Kitchen Play

5. Paladone Minecraft Build A Level Magnets

Fun and attractive magnetic minecraft icons, characters and badges perfect for designing such as fridge.

These official Minecraft magnets are great for kids to play with the Minecraft characters while avoiding clocking up screen time. Perfect for fridges, they're also a handy way of keeping an eye on your kids while you multitask around the kitchen!

Main Features

  • Price: £5.99
  • Features Steve, Alex, Creeper, monsters, blocks, badges and icons
  • Includes four sheets of magnets
  • Suitable for 6+

Best Minecraft Toy For Variety

6. Paladone Minecraft Playing Cards

Novel and original Minecraft card perfect for collection and playing.

If you're keen to get your child interested in more traditional games, this set of Minecraft playing cards is a useful crossover. Minecraft Rummy, anyone?

Main Features

  • Price: £6.99
  • Standard deck of 52 cards, with Minecraft-inspired characters and suits
  • 'Block of grass' design on reverse
  • Includes storage tin
  • Suitable for 3+

Best For Low-Price Lego

7. Lego Minecraft - The Zombie Cave

Set of lego zombie cave with complete ore elements of Minecraft perfect for creative building.

With a number of Lego sets to choose from, we've picked out three of the best Minecraft toys for a wide range of budgets. This Zombie Cave is at the lower end of the price scale, but fits some great features in.

Main Features

  • Price: £19.99
  • Buildable Minecraft cave, with an interactive TNT blast system to send the blocks flying
  • 241 pieces
  • Includes Minecraft action figures Steve, Zombie, Baby Zombie and Bat
  • Includes a ladder, furnace, torch, pickaxe, as well as lava, coals and precious ores
  • Measures 19x14x11cm
  • Suitable for ages 7-14

Best For Mid-Range Lego

8. Lego Minecraft - The Crafting Box 3.0

Set of lego Minecraft for rebuilding castle, farm and imaginative design.

This Lego Minecraft set is quite large and features a castle and a farm with a lake and vegetable garden, and can be reconfigured into different set ups to keep imaginations flowing.

Main Features

  • Price: £74.99
  • Includes Minecraft figures Steve, Alex, Creeper, Pig and Zombie
  • 564 pieces
  • TNT launcher
  • Larger than many Lego sets
  • Suitable for 8+

Best For All-Out Building

9. Lego Minecraft - The Fortress

Set of battle fortress Lego Minecraft for girls and boys .

At the top end of the price range for Lego Minecraft comes this awesome battle Fortress set, featuring lookout towers, barred windows, lake and farm areas, and openable prison door. With the Skeletons approaching, your child can create a Fortress with the best defence structure they can imagine!

Main Features

  • Price: £379
  • Includes figures Steve, Horse, Sheep, and three Skeletons
  • 984 pieces
  • Button-press gate-opening action
  • Includes flaming torches, cannons, armoury, hay bale
  • Suitable for 8+

Best For Real World Playing

10. Minecraft Steve Plush Toy

Cute and huggable soft stuff toy of Minecraft perfect for kid's cuddle toy.

Steve is the most popular protagonist in Minecraft, and this soft toy action figure is perfect for taking Minecraft off the screen and into your child's imagination.

Main Features

  • Price: £23.90
  • Good quality soft toy
  • 30cm tall
  • Includes Velcro-attached pickaxe
  • Suitable for 3+

Best For Teens

11. J!nx Minecraft Alex Cardboard Head

Authentic gear of Minecraft cardboard head with adjustable feature perfect for cosplays and roleplaying.

If your Minecraft fan is too cool for soft toys, this unisex headpiece is a great alternative Minecraft toy for bringing the great game outdoors. Teens can get inside Alex's mind like never before - by putting his head over their own!

Main Features

  • Price: £14.90
  • Cardboard headpiece
  • Some visibility restriction
  • Suitable for 14+ only

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