10 Best Nappy Bins To Buy Now

Hannah Bowyer
Dec 23, 2023 By Hannah Bowyer
Originally Published on Jul 06, 2021
Best Nappy Bins To Buy Now.
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Gone are the days of your baby's room smelling like a garbage can after a nappy change.

Being a parent is a lot of hard work, especially when your baby is still in the nappy phase and you feel like you're changing nappies one hundred times a day. A nappy disposal bin will make life as a new parent much easier, giving you a hygienic, smell-free disposal option that means you won't have to make a trip to the bin every time your baby has to go.

Nappy disposal bins are the perfect solution for trapping the not-so-pleasant odours that come from your baby's dirty nappies. While you can always take your child's dirty nappies straight to the big bin outside, we think nappy bins are the way to go to save you hassle and give you one less thing to do. There is a whole world of nappy bins that are designed to trap odour, address the hygiene issues of nappy disposal and make life as a parent easier in general.

The best nappy bin will make disposal easy, keep nasty smells at bay and ideally will be designed so you don't have to deal directly with the dirty nappies when you do eventually take them out to the regular bin. This means the nappies will be individually wrapped or contained in a sturdy liner. Nappy bins are usually smaller in size than regular bins and come in a range of sleek designs that allow them to blend in easily into your home.

When choosing a nappy bin, the best nappy bins will be made from durable materials that won't absorb the smell. It is also great if you can find a nappy disposal bin with a child lock, particularly as your baby begins to walk around and explore.

Even the best nappy disposal system can start to smell if not properly taken care of. It is important to empty them when they are full and clean them regularly. Depending on the nappy bin you choose, make sure to line them with bin liners that fit the nappy bin properly.

With so many nappy disposal options available, we've done the hard work for you and made this list of our favourite nappy bins. The nappy bins on our list have genius technology and easy to use designs, so you can rest easy knowing that no nasty smells will be seeping out of your nappy disposal system. Whether you're using cloth nappies, need a bin on the go or want somewhere to store your dirty nappies at home, we've got a nappy bin that will suit your needs and make your life easier. We've even included a nappy bin that fits in your purse, meaning you're ready for any situation that may come your way.  

If you're looking for ways to make life with so many nappies more convenient, hygienic and better for the environment, why not check out our list of the best eco nappies that help you do your bit for the planet, and the best biodegradable baby wipes that are eco-friendly.

Kidadl's Top Pick

While all the nappy bins on our list come highly recommended, if you're short on time, here's our top pick based on price, size and design.

1. Ubbi Diaper Pail‍

Ubbi Diaper Pail.

Having a nursery that smells like dirty nappies will be a thing of the past thanks to the Ubbi Diaper Pail. This award winning pail  is made of steel and has rubber seals that trap unwanted smells, keeping your nursery and nostrils fresh. We think the construction, size and design of this bin make it best nappy bin out there. The pail holds up to 55 nappies and while it has a higher price point, Ubbi says that you'll save in the long run not having to buy special bin liners for this bin. The pail has a childproof lock so your baby can't go exploring through their dirty nappies and a slide mechanism to make it easy to use. You can use any bag you want including garbage bags or reusable cloth liners for this great nappy bin. The nappy bin comes in a range of colours so you can style it perfectly to fit your nursery.

Main Features

  • Price: £69.99
  • Holds up to 55 nappies

Best For Environmentally Conscious Parents

2. Angelcare Nappy Bin And 4 Refill Cassettes‍

Angelcare Nappy Bin And 4 Refill Cassettes.

This Angelcare nappy disposal system is one of the most popular nappy bins in the UK thanks to its great features and super affordable price point. The Angelcare nappy bin features air-seal technology that traps bad smells and keeps your nursery odour free. This nappy disposal system has a push and lock design to make nappy disposal easy. The multi-layer film used to line the Angelcare nappy disposal system contains odour barrier technology and keeps the nappies contained so you'll never have to touch or smell them again. We love that this bin is a more environmentally friendly option as by not wrapping the nappies individually, the nappy system uses up to four times less plastic.

Main Features

  • Price: £27.99
  • Includes 4 refill cassettes

Best For Added Hygiene

3. Tommee Tippee Twist & Click Nappy Bin And 6 Cassettes‍

Tommee Tippee Twist & Click Nappy Bin And 6 Cassettes.

Tommee Tippee nappy bins claim proudly to be the only nappy bin that individually wraps nappies. You'll understand why that's such a big deal when you try this genius nappy bin. This new system is designed with convenience, hygiene and minimising environmental impact in mind. You simply open the bin, pop in the dirty nappy and twist until you hear a click that signifies the job is done. The built-in plunger does the work for you by pushing the nappies to the bottom of the bin, making space for up to 30 nappies. Every nappy is wrapped with a multi-layer antibacterial film that kills 99% of germs for a safe, odourless nursery. It's great to see the Tommee Tippee Twist And Click Bin couple the hygiene and convenience of their system with an environmental focus. We all know nappies are a major waste contributor so to reduce its impact, the Tommee Tippee bin uses a refill chassis made of 98% recycled plastic and the clickwrap system ensures only the right amount of nappy liner is used for each wrap to help reduce waste.

Main Features

  • Price: £42.99
  • Holds up to 30 nappies

Best For Families On A Budget

4. Rotho Babydesign Nappy Pail‍

Rotho Babydesign Nappy Pail.

This super simple nappy bin is easy to use and practical, perfect for parents looking for a simple solution with a small price tag. This nappy disposal system will fit neatly in your bathroom or beside a changing table. It is compatible with any liner so you won't be out of pocket buying expensive custom liners for this bin. The bin's robust lid is designed to keep smells inside and your nursery fresh. The bin is smartly designed to open with one hand so there'll be no more dropped nappies on your nursery floor. It comes in a range of colours and its classy polished finish will look great in any home.  

Main Features

  • Price: £11.60
  • 10L capacity

Best For Twins

5. Korbell Nappy Bin 26L Plus‍

Korbell Nappy Bin 26L Plus.

This Korbell nappy bin is designed to make nappy changes easy. The elegantly designed bin will fit seamlessly in any nursery and can hold up to 65 nappies at once, perfect for families with lots of nappies to change or parents who don't have time to get to the bin every day. The liner lasts for approximately 580 nappies, that's roughly 11 weeks of use. Once full, the liner is designed to be easy to remove and change so the trip to the bin will no longer be such a dreaded experience. We love that this nappy bin is opened using a foot pedal, a big win for germaphobes and parents who always have their hands busy. The nappy bin has a safety lock to keep small hands out and bad smells in and its double-sealed design and scented liners will also help to keep your nursery smelling fresh. This bin comes in three different sizes to meet the needs of every family. Korbell bins are so easy to use that you'll often see them as the nappy disposal of choice at major events around the UK.

Main Features

  • Price: £42.99
  • 26L holds up to 65 nappies

Best For Easy Nappy Changes

6. Skip Hop Nappy Bin‍

Skip Hop Nappy Bin.

This practical nappy bin by Skip Hop will meet all of your dirty nappy needs and more with its parent centric design to help make life easier at the changing table. The bin is made of steel meaning it will keep odours trapped inside without absorbing them. Its dual air-seal system will keep your nursery smell fresh and it is compatible with regular kitchen or garbage bags so you won't have to go hunting for specially designed bin liners. We love a bin with a childproof lock and this bin meets that test plus it has a storage compartment for all nappy changing essentials. The storage section can also fit the skip hop wipes holder which is sold separately but will also help to make change time a breeze.

Main Features

  • Price: £75.00
  • 35.5w x 22d x 71h

Best For Removing Odour

7. Tommee Tippee Sangenic Tec Nappy Disposal Tub‍

Tommee Tippee Sangenic Tec Nappy Disposal Tub.

This nappy disposal bin from Tommee Tippee takes the hard work out of dirty nappies. Its ingenious ' drop, twist, seal' design means each nappy is individually wrapped in an antibacterial film that destroys dangerous germs and reduces nasty smells. The Tommee Tippee nappy bin includes a citrus refill to keep the Sangenic Tec bin smelling good so it can fit up to 28 nappies, perfect for four to five days storage so busy parents won't have to keep making trips to the bin. This nappy bin requires Tommee Tippee Sangenic Tec refill cassettes so make sure to factor in this additional expense when choosing your nappy bin. These refill cassettes cost around £30 for six refills, that will each take care of approximately 66 nappies.

Main Features

  • Price: £37.85
  • Holds up to 28 nappies

Best For Families On The Go

8. Bambino Mio Wet Bag

Bambino Mio Wet Bag\u200d.

As the world becomes more eco-conscious, many parents are turning to reusable nappies to reduce their environmental impact. Parents using these nappies still need somewhere to store them when out and about and this wet bag is designed to meet their needs. It's super cute and comes in a range of designs that'll make you forget just what's waiting for your inside. The bag is waterproof and has a hanging loop to easily attach to your changing table. This cute bag will keep the smell of your dirty nappies contained while on the go and you'll feel great about the fact that these awesome bags help you reduce your environmental impact even more by removing your need for disposable wet bags.

Main Features

  • Price: £10.99
  • Holds up to 4 nappies

Best For Busy Families

9. Munchkin BagIt Portable Disposable Nappy Bin‍

Munchkin BagIt Portable Disposable Nappy Bin.

This innovative nappy bin is great for busy families who need a portable solution for storing dirty nappies while on the go. This nappy bin will fit into your purse to have ready when needed. It is super easy to use, you simply expand the bin when you've got a dirty nappy on hand, let it fill with air and it becomes a freestanding disposal system that will hold up to 30 dirty nappies. The disposal bin is fit with odour-trapping panels and a re-sealable lid to keep smells contained. The viewing track conveniently lets you see when the bin is full and you simply throw it in your regular bin, a no-mess, no-fuss solution. This disposal system comes with five bins so you'll be equipped to handle dirty nappies during all of your adventures with your baby.

Main Features

  • Price: £13.99
  • Holds up to 30 nappies

Best For Reusable Nappies

10. Bambino Mio, Nappy Bucket‍

Bambino Mio, Nappy Bucket.

If you're no longer disposing of nappies because all of yours are reusable, we've still got you covered for those busy days when you need a place to store your baby's dirty nappies before you have a chance to clean them. This nappy bucket from Bambino Mio will keep your house odour free until you find the time to wash your reusable nappies. The bucket has internal hooks to attach a laundry bag and is designed to be tipped straight into a washing machine so you won't need to re-handle the dirty nappies on washing day. This modern bucket will fit seamlessly into your laundry or bathroom and also includes a childproof lock to ensure your babyone stays out of their soiled nappies. We love this well designed nappy pail that will make the environmentally friendly choice of reusable nappies a little bit more convenient for busy parents.

Main Features

  • Price: £14.95
  • Holds enough nappies for a full load of washing

Kidadl Best Buys selects the top parent-recommended products across the web for families of all ages. If you liked our article on the best nappy bins and want more ideas for making life easier as a parent, check out our list of the best baby bouncers and the best baby bath seats and bath supports.

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