9 Best Nursery Decor, Furniture And Accessories To Create A Stylish Space

Best Nursery Decor, Furniture And Accessories To Create A Stylish Space.

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Your baby may be too young to appreciate a well-decorated bedroom, but renovating the space your child will grow up in is an important bonding ritual.

It is a worthwhile endeavour for you, too; you'll be spending a lot of time in there over the first months of your baby's life, so it's worth making it a space you will enjoy spending time in.

It's a good idea to have your baby's nursery decorated about three months before they are due. Besides the essentials (a cot, chest of drawers, changing table and nursing chair for starters), wall art, rugs, nursery ornaments, storage options and furniture all make a big difference to the feel, comfort and convenience of a baby's room. IKEA and Habitat are firm favourites when it comes to the latter. John Lewis, Next, Argos, H&M and Jojo Maman Bebe are great places to pick up nursery décor, rugs and soft furnishings.

The kind of nursery themes you choose will depend on your personal taste. Some themes and colours have come, over the years, to be associated with particular genders. Whilst we think that designating some things suitable for a baby girl nursery décor and others only suitable as boy nursery décor can be a bit arbitrary, we understand that some parents may wish to create a gender-neutral space. The best way to achieve this is with universally-loved patterns and colours; cream or white walls, for example, or furniture decorated with moons, stars or animals.

We've gathered together a range of the best nursery décor we could find so you can make your baby nursery an inviting, comfortable space. Take a look below to find what you might like for your baby nursery room.

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Kidadl's Top Pick

1. Snuz SnuzKot Skandi Baby Cot Bed

Snuz SnuzKot Skandi Baby Cot Bed.

A cot is a great place to start when deciding on your nursery interiors; it's the most essential piece of baby furniture you will buy and will provide a focal point for you to work around in the room. This beautifully-designed cot from award-winning Scandi nursery brand Snuz is chic and practical: it grows as your child does! The mattress base slots into three different heights and the bars can be removed to create the perfect toddler bed. We really like the neutral design, too; you'll have your very own Scandinavian nursery in no time!

Main Features

  • Price: £349.99
  • Age: 0-4+

Best Nursery Lighting

2. Tommee Tippee Penguin Night Light

Tommee Tippee Penguin Night Light.

At £40, we recognise this penguin night light is a little pricy, but it's among the best nursery lighting we could find. It's something of a two-in-one: the cute little penguin sits atop a portable egg lamp that can be used by your little one as they get older to light their way to the bathroom! Both lights emit a soft, warm glow and have several different brightness settings. The portable light is made from a tactile silicone that's super soft to the touch and lasts for 10 hours after charging. And perhaps most importantly, we love the sweet penguin design - can you blame us?

Main Features

  • Price: £40
  • Age: 0+

Best Nursery Wall Art

3. Personalised Children's London Bus Picture Print

Personalised Children's London Bus Picture Print.

Not on the High Street is a great place to look for unique nursery accessories; we think this personalised wall art would make such a great addition to any nursery room wall. The London bus design feels sweet, nostalgic and patriotic without being too twee and we love the fact that you can add your child's name. A great idea to start with for nursery room decoration!

Main Features

  • Price: £28
  • Age: 0+

Best For Baby Changing

4. East Coast Nursery Botanical Changing Mat

East Coast Nursery Botanical Changing Mat.

We love the chic botanical design of this changing mat, which, as well as being practical, will operate as a stylish piece of gender-neutral decor for your nursery. This budget-friendly changing mat is well padded and made from phthalate-free PVC. Lightweight, hardwearing, fully waterproof and easy to wipe clean, too. Win.

Main Features

  • Price: £9.99
  • Age: 0+

Best Nursing Chair

5. IKEA POÄNG Rocking-chair

IKEA POÄNG Rocking-chair.

A rocking chair makes for the perfect nursing chair; timeless, comfortable and with the in-built ability to gently rock your baby to sleep. This IKEA chair is already a popular feature of many homes and it's easy to see why; the slick, neutral design looks good whatever the decor, the birch frame is nice and sturdy and the leather is super easy to wipe clean. A worthy purchase.

Main Features

  • Price: £215
  • Age: 0+

Best Decorative Mobile

6. Happy Weather Baby Mobile

Happy Weather Baby Mobile.

Our list wouldn't be complete without a mobile, and this one is particularly adorable. It doesn't have the fancy features of an electric mobile, but it has a more appealing home-made feel to it, and the smiling cloud, sleeping sun, star and rainbow in lovely muted colours make for such a sweet, whimsical design. Made from organic cotton and threaded over a bamboo ring it's one of the more sustainable nursery ideas, too.  

Main Features

  • Price: £45
  • Age: 0+

Best Rug

7. Dihya Child's Cloud Rug

Dihya Child's Cloud Rug.

Baby nursery rugs are one of the nursery ideas that can really pull a space together, as well as add an element of cosiness to the room. This cute little rug would make the perfect addition to a cloud-themed nursery: it's nice and soft, made from 100% cotton and available in cream or grey, so you can pick the one that best suits your colour scheme. We're such a fan of cloud decorations in general; they add a naïve sweetness to a space and have the added benefit of being completely gender-neutral.

Main Features

  • Price: £34
  • Age: 0+

Best 2-in-1

8. Argos Home Small Jungle Safari Ottoman

Argos Home Small Jungle Safari Ottoman.

There's such a great range of Argos nursery furniture, but we particularly like this jungle print ottoman. It operates as a spacious storage unit whilst also providing a comfortable seat: a perfect space-saving option if you have a small nursery room! It's a well-designed piece of furniture; it's big enough to hold plenty, the bright, eye-catching design will add a pop of colour to your baby's room and the safety hinges will prevent it closing painfully on little hands. Certainly one of the super practical nursery ideas.

Main Features

  • Price: £45
  • Age: 0+

Best Nursery Hooks

9. Jabadabado Star Hooks

Jabadabado Star Hooks.

If you're looking for more gender-neutral nursery ideas, we find star nursery accessories make a great option. These sweet little star-shaped hooks look great and come in a handy set of three; perfect for hanging baby clothes, cloths, blankets or anything else you might need to grab quickly when caring for your little one. They would also match wonderfully in a cloud nursery room.

Main Features

  • Price: £13.99
  • Age: 0+

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