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9 Best Online Courses For Children And Parents To Pick Up New Skills

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It's always fun picking up a new skill, but there are often two issues getting in the way; knowing where to start, and figuring out how to squeeze it into an already jam-packed life. What if your child is off sick and has to miss a class? What if they struggle to keep up, or grasp the basics quickly and end up bored of the pace?

Udemy is a popular choice for children and adults alike to start learning a new skill from home. It offers over 175,000 expert-led online courses developed for every age; some specific for kids, some for parents, and some that you can enjoy together. Parents just need to set up an account and start exploring the huge variety of course options available.

Kids and adults alike can find a course they'll love on Udemy.

From guitar and dance lessons for music lovers, STEAM courses for your aspiring artists and mini mathematicians, to parenting courses that'll teach you how to best help your kids, there's a diverse range of courses to choose from across a variety of subjects, so there's bound to be one that piques your interest. Taught by experts, you know you're in good hands. In fact, many course leaders offer ongoing support as your progress, and some courses even offer final qualifications and a certificate at the end.

It's no wonder Udemy has taught over 46 million students; it's simple, user-friendly and cost-effective. Prices vary depending on the course but some are as low as £10.99, and there's even a selection of free courses to choose from too.

Best of all, you can learn at your own pace, in your own time, from the comfort of your own home, which means there's no excuse not to start learning a new skill today.

Best For Wannabe Tech Whizzes

Programming For Kids And Beginners: Learn To Code In Scratch

Learn how to code via software engineer Daniel Ciocîrlan.

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If you've got mini tech whizzes in the family or even have an interest in coding yourself, why not try this UDEMY course and learn to program. Your instructor is software engineer Daniel Ciocîrlan, who'll show you how to create animations, visual effects and clones of popular games like Pac-Man using Scratch, all while you pick up the basics of complex computer science concepts.

Developed by MIT, Scratch is a programming language that uses blocks, rather than numbers and letters. After the course you're expected to find learning text-based programming languages much easier.

  • Who it's for: beginners aged 7+
  • What you need: a computer (any type is fine)
  • Course includes: 7.5 hours of on-demand video, 9 downloadable resources, lifetime access


Best For Aspiring Artists

Art For Beginners: Drawing And Watercolor Painting Animals

Learn how to draw and use watercolour paint from artist Em Winn.

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Painting with watercolours is one of the many skills that looks super easy, until you try. With this UDEMY course led by teacher, art instructor and artist Em Winn, you'll see that all it takes is some patience and an expert nudge in the right direction.

As you study online you'll be taught the skills and techniques you need to produce striking watercolour paintings, along with tips on the pre-painting drawing process too, creating 11 vibrant paintings in the process.

  • Who it's for: children aged 5-13
  • What you need: watercolour paper, watercolour paints, paintbrush, permanent marker, crayons, felt tips, pencil, rubber, paper towels, salt, small paper plate, bowl of water
  • Course includes: 3.5 hours of on-demand video, 1 article, 10 downloadable resources, lifetime access


Best For Parents

How To Improve Your Child's Self Esteem

Learn how your child's brain works from psychologist Gregory Caremans.

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Psychologist and neurocognitive and behavioural expert Gregory Caremans from the Brain Academy has developed a course that gives parents the tools you need to really understand your children and raise them to have as happy and healthy a mind as possible.

He'll teach you all about your child's brain, helping you understand their behaviour and what the impact of your parenting is on them. You'll gain knowledge about how to grow your child's self esteem, the importance of nurturing their talents, and how to help them grow and develop a stable world view.

  • Who it's for: parents of children aged 0-17
  • What you need: no materials required — just yourself
  • Course includes: 3.5 hours of on-demand video, 3 articles, lifetime access


Best For Public Speaking

Top Tips From A Seven-Year-Old...(And Her Dad)

Learn how to be a confident public speaker with Rossa Walker.

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Whether it's giving an end-of-year presentation or simply just raising your hand to speak in class, knowing how to speak confidently and clearly is a skill worth developing at any age. Taught by 7-year-old public speaker Rossa Walker, with a little help from her personal development and habits expert dad TJ, your child will learn how to become a good public speaker on this UDEMY course.

You'll pick up tips on how to organise your thoughts, how to practise your presentations, how to relax before any public speaking, and how to speak in a range of situations, from presentations to YouTube videos.

  • Who it's for: children aged 4-12
  • What you need: a phone camera or webcam to record speaking
  • Course includes: 1 hour of on-demand video, 4 articles, 2 downloadable resources, lifetime access


Best For Future Authors

The Ultimate Mystery Writing Course For Kids

Learn how to write mystery stories from author Steve Reifman.

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Teacher and award-winning children's mystery author Steve Reifman will teach your aspiring authors how to write a complete, suspenseful mystery that'll keep readers gripped at every twist and turn.

He'll teach you the building blocks for a great mystery, sharing how to develop multidimensional, interesting characters, how to leave 'clues' in your story, how to create a list of suspects and their motives, and more general practical advice on the writing process itself, all using tools pulled from both his teaching and writing careers.

  • Who it's for: children aged 8-12
  • What you need: writing or typing utensils
  • Course includes: 3.5 hours of on-demand video, 28 downloadable resources, lifetime access


Best For Mini Music Maestros

Complete Ukulele Beginner Course

Learn the basics of ukulele from musician Jakob Puchmayr.

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Ukulele is known as one of the easier musical instruments to learn, and with this UDEMY masterclass taught by vocal coach and ukulele and guitar teacher Jakob Puchmayr, you'll grasp the basic ukulele techniques and learn how to play your first songs.

You will learn how to hold, tune and strum the ukulele, how to practise effectively, and then dive deeper into chords, strumming patterns, and developing your ability to play 12 songs.

  • Who it's for: beginners of any age
  • What you need: a ukulele, tuner or tuning app, and you may be more comfortable with a footstool
  • Course includes: 5 hours of on-demand video, 1 article, 63 downloadable resources, lifetime access


Best For Staying Active

20 Moves In 20 Days: Beginning Ballet Barre

Learn 20 ballet moves from dance expert Lindsey Dinneen.

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If you've ever wanted to learn ballet but weren't sure how or where to start, this UDEMY course taught by dance expert and coach Lindsey Dinneen is perfect. You'll learn 20 ballet moves in total, and are encouraged to take the pace exactly as you need.

Dance expert and coach Lindsey Dinneen will teach you 20 essential, energising ballet moves and a warm-up routine. She will go through each move slowly and clearly, making sure you take the time to develop the correct form and avoid injury. Lindsey teaches all 20 steps at her in-person Ballet Dance 101 course, which means once you've finished, you'll be dancing at a beginner's ballet dancer level.

  • Who it's for: beginners of any age
  • What you need: access to a stable surface (barre, chair, countertop etc.), comfortable clothes that allow for movement, socks or ballet shoes
  • Course includes: 2 hours of on-demand video, 1 downloadable resource, lifetime access

Try one of Udemy's 175,000 courses

Try one of Udemy's 175,000 courses

Learn a new skill from the comfort of your own home

Udemy is the world's largest destination for online courses. Whether you're looking to learn a new skill, gain career insights, or improve your personal life, Udemy has a course for you. With over 175,000 expert-led courses covering everything from guitar, to coding, to yoga, Udemy has the perfect program for anyone who wants to learn something new and achieve their goals.


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