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5 Best Organic Baby Food Products That You Can Feel Comfortable Giving Your Kids

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When you're welcoming a new addition to your family it feels like there are a million decisions to make; some big, some small. What stroller should you buy? Should you try reusable diapers? What's the best food for sensitive stomachs?

Did you know that the FDA doesn't actually regulate organic food, including baby food and formula? It can list criteria for companies to consider when deciding if something is organic, but it doesn't actually approve or test anything itself. In fact, private companies decide these certifications instead, which means that "USDA certified organic baby food" is almost an arbitrary title.

Across the Atlantic, the European Commission is the only party that can certify food as organic, which means that you can be sure that any European organic baby food brands you come across have met the relevant strict standards.

Brands like Germany-based Organic Baby Food 24 focus on curating a supply of the best organic baby foods and milk formula that you can trust, with ingredients you can actually pronounce and feel safe giving to your child. Along with its milk formula, it also offers other organic products, including dental care, bathing products and other solid baby food packed with even more nutrients. Use the code SEL10 to get 10% off your order.

Have met the relevant strict standards

Why Choose Organic Baby Food Anyway?

The food available on Organic Baby Food 24 (OBF24) is focused on keeping ingredient lists as simple, pure and naturally-sourced as possible. Baby foods listed as USDA certified organic may still contain pesticide residues, but all the baby food on OBF24 is pesticide free, additive free — including artificial colors and flavors – and GMO free.

Baby food doesn't have to be complicated, and with OBF24's delivery system, you can have the best organic baby food delivered straight to your doorstep. A happy baby makes a happy family.

OBF24 recommends you stick to one brand through all stages of your baby's development if your child is responding well to it and not having any issues. It goes without saying, but make sure to contact your pediatrician before making any changes to your baby's nutrition.

Best Formula For Ages 0-6 Months (Stage 1)

In the first six months of their life, babies typically double their birth weight, experiencing immense physical growth as they get used to the world. Because of this, you want to make sure they're getting all the right nutrients to support growth and repair. As they're not moving around yet, they just don't need as many calories to keep their energy levels up, which is why formulas for this age group are less calorie-dense than those they'll be eating later on.

Lebenswert Organic Infant Formula Stage 1

Lebenswert Organic Infant Formula Stage 1.

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Start your baby off in the best possible way with Lebenswert Stage 1. The non-GMO Lebenswert is engineered to be 100% pure, made entirely of organic ingredients derived from natural sources and farms that follow strict regulations, with no nasties like GMOs, added sugars or chemical additives and artificial preservatives.

Derived entirely from high-quality cow's milk, Lebenswert Stage 1 supports healthy digestion and offers the ideal nutrition for your baby,

  • For ages 0-6 months
  • Supports healthy digestion
  • 17.64 oz (500 g)
  • 1 box contains 37 meals
  • No additives
  • No genetically engineered ingredients
  • All ingredients from natural sources
  • Adheres to European organic standards

Best Formula For Ages 6-10 Months (Stage 2)

As your baby grows older, they're also becoming more mobile. They'll be moving around, grabbing onto things, starting to crawl, and hitting developmental milestones while staying awake for longer periods of time. Nutrition-wise, Stage 2 formulas are similar to Stage 1, but this extra movement and time awake means your child needs a more calorie-dense formula to support their energy levels than when they were newborn.

HiPP Combiotic Follow-On Formula Stage 2

HiPP Combiotic Follow-On Formula Stage 2.

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Keep your baby healthy with whey-based HiPP Combiotic Follow-On Formula Stage 2. Fortified with additional vitamins and minerals to develop a healthy immune system, packed with prebiotics and probiotics to support a healthy gut, and designed with Omega-3 and 6 fatty acids to help brain health, this formula is perfect for babies over 6 months.

This non-GMO formula is made of organic ingredients, is gluten free, has no added sugar and is constantly checked to make sure it continues to meet all relevant legal, health and nutritional standards.

  • For ages 6-10 months
  • Supports brain and gut health
  • 21.16 oz (600 g)
  • 1 box contains 44 meals
  • No additives
  • Non-GMO ingredients
  • All ingredients from natural sources
  • Adheres to European organic standards

Best Formula For Ages 10-12 Months (Stage 3)

Now your child is leaving infancy and entering toddlerhood, they're getting bigger and becoming more independent, seemingly moving from one place to another in the blink of an eye. At this point they've tried their first foods, so in Stage 3 their milk needs to be able to both fulfil their growing appetite and support their increased activity levels.

Holle Organic Infant GOAT Milk Formula Stage 3

Holle Organic Infant GOAT Milk Formula Stage 3.

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Holle Organic Infant GOAT Milk Formula Stage 3 is great as a supplement to solid foods or breast milk for children aged 10 months. Made from goat milk, which is typically higher in protein and more calorie-packed than cow's milk, it's a good alternative for any babies who can't tolerate cow's milk. The milk comes from goats that are required to only eat organic feed and spend time in pastures and organic fields.

The formula is filled with calcium and fortified with Vitamin D to improve calcium absorption and encourage healthy bones. Along with all the nutritious additions, you won't find any added sugar, artificial colors or harmful preservatives.

  • For ages 10-12 months
  • Supports digestive health
  • 114.2 oz (400 g)
  • 1 box contains 30 meals
  • No additives
  • No genetically engineered ingredients
  • All ingredients from natural sources
  • Adheres to European organic standards

Best Formula For Ages 12+ Months (Stage 4)

By the time your child is one they're probably eating solids, are very much on the move, and can now be officially referred to as a toddler! Typically children over a year old don't need Stage 4 formula, but for those who need a bit of a nutritional boost, the extra calories found in it from carbohydrates and fats is useful.

Holle Organic Toddler Growing-Up Milk Stage 4

Holle Organic Toddler Growing-Up Milk Stage 4.

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The Holle Organic Toddler Growing-Up Milk Stage 4 formula is perfect for picky eaters and ideal for toddlers who need extra calories, or an additional nutritional boost. It can be difficult to know if your toddler is eating enough of the right food, but Holle Stage 4 baby formula is the perfect way to make sure they are getting the nutrition they need; particularly if you struggle to get them to eat healthy solids. The formula contains calcium and Vitamin D for bone strength and organic maltodextrin for energy.

The great-tasting Holle formulas contain no artificial chemicals or additives, focusing an ingredient list without artificial flavors and chemicals, filled with names you can actually pronounce and recognize.

  • For ages 12+ months
  • Designed to complement solid foods
  • 21.2 oz (600 g)
  • 1 box contains 45 meals
  • No additives
  • No genetically engineered ingredients
  • All ingredients from sustainably grown, natural sources
  • Adheres to European organic standards

Best Solid Food Option

There are lots of organic baby food options available on OBF24, not just formula. Toddlers and older kids can enjoy the yummy flavors packed into its selection of snacks, oatmeal, cereal and fruit pouches.

12x Holle Fruit Pouches - Red Bee - Apple With Strawberry

12x Holle Fruit Pouches - Red Bee - Apple With Strawberry.

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Pureed foods like this are perfect for babies ages 8+ months. If you're on the hunt for organic options for some non-GMO baby food that you can bring out and about with you, these organic baby food pouches are the perfect size to fit in a changing bag or in your purse for some convenient on-the-go nutrition.

Lots of baby foods in stores are non-organic, packed with preservatives and chemicals, but the Holle Fruit Pouches are made entirely of real fruit, with delicious natural flavors and no added water or sugar. They're little pouches of nutritious goodness.

  • For ages 8+ months
  • Apple 82% and strawberry 18%
  • No artificial colors, flavorings or pesticides used in the maufacturing process
  • Convenient, portable snack

Get 10% off at Organic Baby Food 24

Get 10% off at Organic Baby Food 24

Baby food you can feel happy about

Organic Baby Food 24 sells only the best baby food and products, from natural, organic sources, sent straight to your door. In line with strict European Commission regulations, OBF24’s products contain no chemicals, additives or preservatives, meaning your child is getting the best versions of the milk and snacks they love, with no hidden nasty stuff.

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