7 Best Pram Parasols To Keep Your Baby Safe In The Sun

Best Pram Parasols To Keep Your Baby Safe In The Sun.

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Every baby loves having a nap in a pushchair, rocked to sleep by the gentle motion of the pram.

It is important, therefore, to remember to keep your baby protected from the sun as they snooze, and a pram parasol is one of the best ways to do so. It also helps provide something for your baby to focus on, so that they don't get too distracted by surrounding lights or sounds, and can focus on the task in hand, namely drifting off to a recuperative sleep.

A pram parasol is also a far more breathable option than a cover or blanket, as these can cause your baby to overheat quickly as a result of their dark colouring, often without you realising. Good ventilation and opportunity for sun shade is therefore of vital importance to keep your baby sleeping safe and sound.

The Lullaby Trust, a charity that works to promote safer sleep practice for babies, advises steering clear of any blankets, cloths or coverings for a pushchair or buggy. They recommend using a clip-on sunshade or parasol for prams, and keeping on top of your baby's temperature by feeling their chest or the back of the neck. Ultimately, they recommend keeping your baby out of direct sunlight as much as possible, but if you are likely to be out, a pram parasol is a good way of maximising sun protection.

If your family are also looking for other forms of sun shade, we at Kidadl have listed the best baby beach tents and shelters for safe fun in the sun, as well as fantastic baby sun hats for your baby to wear when taking on the sun's rays.

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Kidadl's Top Pick

All of the pram parasols on this list are great, but if you're short on time this is our top pick based on its high factor rating and its wide shape providing more shade.

1. Zamboo Parasol Umbrella For Pram, Stroller, Pushchair And Buggy

Zamboo Parasol Umbrella For Pram, Stroller, Pushchair And Buggy.

This pram umbrella ticks all the boxes for sun protection for your little one. It has a factor rating of UV50+ (the highest rating there is) for protecting your baby from harmful UV rays, and is great because it can be clipped onto both the carrycot and the seat of any stroller pushchair. At 73cm in diameter, it's also broad enough to cover your baby with space to leave, and is wider than most standard pushchair parasols. The adjustable three pivot point clamp ensures it has a universal fit, the stem moves flexibly to different angles, and there's a smart push button which quickly opens and closes the parasol. We're also particularly taken by this parasol because it works not only as a sun shade but also to repel water, so it's perfect for different kinds of weather, and is therefore a great multifunctional tool.

Main Features

  • Price: £21.99
  • UV50+ sun protection rating
  • Adjustable clamp and flexible stem
  • Water resistant

Best Pram Umbrella For Families On A Budget

2. Universal Pram Parasol

Universal Pram Parasol.

This pushchair parasol is an absolute steal. It will fit almost any pushchair thanks to its adjustable clamp and flexible shaft, meaning that the parasol will accommodate to almost any angle.  The parasol offers a UV protection rating of UPF50, so you can rest assured that your baby won't burn under its shade.

Main Features

  • Price: £9
  • Adjustable clamp and flexible stem
  • UV protection rating of UPF50

Best For The Prettiest Pushchair Parasol

3. Buddy & Hope Green Spot Flounce Stroller Parasol

Buddy & Hope Green Spot Flounce Stroller Parasol.

Obviously factors like sun shade and protection are of vital importance when considering a parasol for your pushchair, but we can't deny that having a pretty parasol has an appeal. This umbrella will help keep your baby in the shade, thereby ensuring there's no risk of overheating. It has a UPF50+ sun protection rating and its universal design is made to fit most prams, thanks to the secure clamp that fixes the parasol to your buggy's frame. We love the green polka dot design and frilly edging.

Main Features

  • Price: £17
  • Adjustable clamp and flexible stem
  • UV protection rating of UPF50
  • 100% polyester

Best Bugaboo Pram Parasol

4. Bugaboo Universal Parasol: Black

Bugaboo Universal Parasol: Black.

Bugaboo is a pushchair brand with an almost cult-like following, thanks to its exceptional products and high quality prams. This parasol is designed for any Bugaboo pushchair, and even comes in colours that coordinate with the Bugaboo pushchair line if you want to be super snazzy. The parasol easily attaches to the pram, and three pivot points offer maximum protection for your baby, no matter where the sun sits in the sky, did we mention it also has a sun protection factor of UPF50+?

Main Features

  • Price: £39.95
  • Made for the Bugaboo pushchair range
  • UV protection rating of UPF50
  • 3 pivot points for optimal sun protection

Best Grey Pram Parasol

5. Winload Pram Parasol

Winload Pram Parasol.

Sometimes you have a particular colour in mind, and once your heart's set on it, it's difficult to be persuaded otherwise. If grey is that colour, either because you have a grey pushchair and are keen to coordinate, or because it's a neutral tone you feel most drawn towards, this is the parasol for you. Like many of its competitors, this has a UPF sun protection rating of 50+, and the umbrella will provide 360 degrees protection for your baby when sat in their pram pushchair. The detachable clamp and adjustable stem ensures maximum flexibility and coverage at all angles and when your baby no longer needs this as a pram parasol, it can be used as an umbrella in its own right. The fabric is also lightly water repellent, so your baby should be protected from any light showers, and the parasol folds compactly away when you no longer need it.

Main Features

  • Price: £21.99
  • UV protection rating of UPF50
  • Folds compactly away
  • Detachable clamp and adjustable stem
  • 360 degrees shade from the sun

Best Silver Cross Parasol

6. Silver Cross Wayfarer/Pioneer Pushchair Parasol, Linen

Silver Cross Wayfarer/Pioneer Pushchair Parasol, Linen.

If you haven't heard of the brand Silver Cross yet, a little history: it was founded in 1877 and has been associated with the Royal Family ever since, producing their bestselling heritage pushchair alongside more contemporary prams and furniture. This pram parasol in the colour way 'linen' is in keeping with their brand heritage: stylish but sleek and smart. The parasol clicks on and off with a simple button mechanism, making your life easier (especially if you're one handed and holding your baby!). The stem is chrome finished, so is strong but flexible, allowing for coverage at almost any angle, and the parasol releases quickly thanks to a quick fire mechanism. It also folds away nicely when you no longer need it.

Main Features

  • Price: £39.95
  • UPF50+ sun protection
  • Quick release mechanism
  • Sturdy but flexible chrome stem
  • Durable clamp attachment

Best White Pram Parasol

7. For-Your-Little-One Baby Parasol

For-Your-Little-One Baby Parasol.

White is the colour of the summer, after all. Light and airy, there's also a reason why white is the recommended colour to wear on hot days: it reflects the sun's heat away from you (or your baby), keeping you breezy even in sweltering weather. We love the broderie anglaise pattern of this parasol in particular, which is designed to fit all and any prams. There's a quick release mechanism so you can easily attach or detach the umbrella without faffing over a cumbersome clamp, and the arm is flexible, designed to provide maximum shade. There are also rubber pads on the clip's inner layer to specifically minimise any slipping or scratching against your buggy's frame. Perfect.

Main Features

  • Price: £15.99
  • Broderie anglaise pattern
  • No-scratch or slip rubber grips
  • Quick release mechanism

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