9 Best Pregnancy Pillows That You'll Love

Pregnant woman using a pregnancy pillow

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For many women pregnancy is uncomfortable, particularly towards the end.

Carrying a baby is exhausting and it does take its toll on your body. Aches and pains are common in pregnancy, while other ailments like heartburn can make sleeping difficult unless you can get comfortable.

Specially designed to support your changing body shape during pregnancy, a pregnancy pillow could be the answer to some of these problems. Whilst there is no official time when you should start using a pregnancy pillow, the general recommendation is that they can become useful around 20 weeks into your pregnancy. Not only are they helpful in getting a better night's sleep, they can also be used as extra support during feeds once your baby has arrived.

When you've got a newborn on the way you will probably want to catch up on as much sleep as you can, so discover how you can sit comfortably and curl up with a book or and catch some Zs at night with our list of the top pregnancy pillows.

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Kidadl's Top Pick

All these pregnancy pillows are highly-recommended, but if you need to order something quickly then we reckon this pillow from Theraline is the best pregnancy pillow for helping you sleep and alleviating pain.

1) The Original Theraline Maternity And Nursing Pillow

The Original Theraline Maternity And Nursing Pillow.
Image © Theraline

Mums-to-be love this maternity pillow for its unrivalled comfort. It's filled with tiny micro beads, meaning the shape adapts to your specific body shape and provides support where needed. This pregnancy pillow is machine washable, and can also be used as a feeding pillow further down the line so we reckon it's well worth the investment.

Main Features

  • Price: £49.99
  • Filled with micro-beads to adapt to your body
  • Can also be used as feeding pillow

Best For Families On A Budget

2) Rohilinen Orthopaedic V Shaped Support Pillow

Rohilinen Orthopaedic V Shaped Support Pillow.
Image © Rohilinen

This V-shaped pregnancy pillow provides good support for the shoulders, arms and back. It's not specifically a pregnancy pillow but if you're only contending with mild discomfort and just want a little extra comfort, then it's ideal. Some parents also use it for feeding once the baby's born too, so it's a real bargain for a basic pillow.

Main Features

  • Price: £12.99
  • Hollowfibre filling
  • Available in 20 colours

Best C-Shaped Pregnancy Pillow

3) Chilling Home Pregnancy Pillow

Chilling Home Pregnancy Pillow.
Image © Chilling Home

We love how soft this pregnancy pillow is. You can use it in various different ways to support your back, legs and abdomen, and it's easy to remove the filling so you can adjust the shape where necessary. It does take up quite a lot of space though, so if you share a bed with anybody they may not be as pleased, and it could cause storage problems in the future.

Main Features

  • Price: £33.99
  • Filling can be removed to adjust shape
  • Soft material

Best V-Shaped Pregnancy Pillow

4) Mamas & Papas Pregnancy & Nursing Pillow

Mamas & Papas Pregnancy & Nursing Pillow
Image © Mamas & Papas

This V-shaped pillow a solid option if you haven't got the luxury of having a large bed, because of its narrow design. It bends the way you want it to, so it can support your back or legs easily, and the washable material is lovely and soft for that added comfort. As well as for feeding, new mums have also used it as a nesting cocoon for supervised baby naps.

Main Features

  • Price: £39
  • Narrow design
  • Bends easily for your comfort

Best Wedge Pillow

5) Little Chick 4 In 1 Pregnancy Support & Baby Nursing Pillow

Little Chick 4 In 1 Pregnancy Support & Baby Nursing Pillow.
Image © Little Chick

It may look small and simple, but this wedge pillow is amazing for supporting your bump and back. It's small enough not to get in the way but is the perfect shape to support your bump or back at night. Later on, you can use it for propping up your baby or even as a back support while sitting in a chair, so we think this is great value for money.

Main Features

  • Price: £19.54
  • Anti-bacterial, breathable material
  • Compact design

Best For Breastfeeding

6) Chicco Boppy Pregnancy and Baby Nursing Pillow

Chicco Boppy Pregnancy and Baby Nursing Pillow.
Image © Chicco

This is a great breastfeeding aid that can also be used to support the bump, back or legs during pregnancy as well. Parents like how firm it is and that it doesn't lose its shape, which is ideal for breastfeeding as you want your baby to be well-supported. It's also brilliant for helping your baby practise tummy time and sitting up when they're a few weeks or months older. This one is undoubtedly more useful once the baby arrives, but it is still handy to have during your pregnancy. If you don't want or need a huge amount of support during pregnancy, then we think you'll find this pillow amazing value.

Main Features

  • Price: £19.99
  • Can be used for feeding, prop and tummy time for baby
  • Handy back support during pregnancy

Best Full Body Pregnancy Pillow

7) Bbhugme Pregnancy Pillow

Bbhugme Pregnancy Pillow.
Image © bbhugme

If you're desperate for some decent sleep following nights of discomfort and don't mind spending a bit more money, then this full body pillow will provide instant relief. It's been specifically designed for pelvic pain so if you're unfortunate enough to be dealing with this, then you'll be pleased to know that this pillow has really helped pregnant women with the same issue. It is expensive, but it does keep its shape and is super comfortable, so we reckon you won't regret buying one.

Main Features

  • Price: £138.50
  • Designed to relieve pelvic pain
  • Moulds to your body

Best U-Shaped Pregnancy Pillow

8) Queen Rose Pregnancy Pillow

Queen Rose Pregnancy Pillow.

This is another one of those pregnancy pillows that may take up most of a double bed (sorry, partner!) but it does provide maximum body comfort. U-shaped body pillows are perfect for sleeping on either side in the night, supporting various parts of the body, and we love the velvet covers that make it extra snuggly for sleeping. For its size and quality, this body pillow is a great price as well.

Main Features

  • Price: £45.90
  • Velvet cover
  • Firm pillow

Best For Sleeping On The Left

9) Dreamgenii Pregnancy Pillow

Dreamgenii Pregnancy Pillow.
Image © Dreamgenii

Research has shown that sleeping on the left-hand side during pregnancy encourages your baby to get into the optimum position and maximises blood flow between the mother and baby. If you want to sleep in this position as much as you can, then this body pillow for pregnancy helps you achieve that as well as supporting your back and knees. This one can also be used to help support the baby when breastfeeding so it is another buy that will last you beyond the birth of your baby.

Main Features

  • Price: £44.99
  • Helps you sleep in the comfiest fetal position
  • Comes in a plastic bag with a handle so it is easy to transport

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